Can Birds See Infrared? Can Birds See in The Night?


Infrared radiations or infrared light has a wavelength greater than the visible light wavelength. And this is the reason because of it we are unable to see infrared light. But what about birds? Can birds see infrared? Let’s explore it.

However, birds have excellent eyesight even some birds like birds of prey can see their prey from a height. But like humans, birds are also unable to see in infrared light. And the reason is the same is that their eyes don’t have receptors to process infrared light, similar to human eyes.

Moreover, several animals can see in the infrared rather than birds. So let’s have a detailed look at them. So if you want to know why birds are unable to see infrared while some animals can see infrared, then go through this article. As this article will serve you like a book about it. So let’s dig into it.

Can Birds See Infrared?

However, birds have different eyesight than humans. Because birds can see four cones of colors while humans have three primary colors. And that’s why birds can see more colors than humans.

And this is the reason that why birds have better eyesight than us and at the same time. Not only this, but birds can also see ultraviolet light, and this is the reason that they are able to find their prey on earth from a height.

As birds of prey, these birds can see their prey from height, even flying. And because of their UV vision, birds become able to detect their prey even in the dark.

But still, birds are unable to see infrared. As infrared light has more wavelength than visible light. And birds eyes are not developed to see infrared light like human’s eyes.

However, there are few animals that can see infrared light, for example, snakes, frogs, fishes, and blood-sucking insects etc.

In blood-sucking insect’s mosquitoes are on the top of the list who can see infrared light. As seeing infrared is the way that helps mosquitoes to find their prey even in the dark. However, bedbugs can also see infrared.

Can Birds See at Night?


However, a precise answer to this question is yes, as birds can see at night. But the quality of their vision depends upon that either the birds are diurnal or nocturnal.

Diurnal birds are those who are active in daylight hours and move to their nests to sleep and take some rest for the next day with dawn. And such birds don’t have any activity for the night rather than resting and sleeping. So, their vision at night is different from nocturnal birds.

As, they can see in the night but not as they used to see in the daylight. As diurnal birds, their vision is poor at night, but still, they can see better than humans at night. However, birds like pigeons, parrots, hawks, eagles etc., are diurnal birds.

The nocturnal birds are those who are active during the night hours as owls. Being nocturnal birds, these birds have good vision to see in the dark than diurnal birds. As they have to find their food in the night. That’s why they have sharper night vision than diurnal birds.

What Color Birds Cannot See?

Birds are tetrachromats it means that they have four primary colors to see that are UV, green, blue, and red. However, we humans have three primary colors to see that are red, blue, and green. And because of it, birds not only can see all colors, but they can see a wide color range than humans.

However, there is a myth that birds cannot see blue color. But this is not true because birds can see blue color, and there is no color that birds cannot see. Moreover, even a crow with black color apparent to humans, seem colorful to birds.

However, colors are beneficial for birds in their lives. As the color of a fruit tells them either its ripe or not. It means that from the color of a fruit they can know either it is edible or not. Moreover, birds migrate when they observe the change in color of foliage.

What Color Is Most Attractive to Birds?

As birds can see more colors than humans, that’s why several people use different colors to attract them in their yard to enhance the beauty of the yard. Not only this, you can use several colors to attract birds for bird’s feeders.

However, if you want to attract hummingbirds in your yard, the best color you can choose to attract them is red. As these birds are attracted towards the red color. However, you may say that red color is the most favourite color of hummingbirds.

Moreover, if you want to attract bluebirds and jays in your yard, you can use blue color. As they are attracted towards blue color the most rather than that any other color.

And if you want to attract goldfinches and warblers, you can use yellow as their target color. Furthermore, to attract birds that eat from the earth you can use brown color.

However, by using different colors, you can attract different birds in your yard and increase the beauty of your yard with their chirping sounds.

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What Colors Are Birds Afraid Of?

As birds are attracted towards some colors the most rather than the other colors, birds are afraid to form white color. Because this color gives them signals of danger, that’s why birds are afraid from this color. That’s why it is suggested that you don’t wear a white dress when you have to feed birds.

Moreover, any color with movements can scare birds as it signals that someone is coming towards them.

A Final Thought:

As birds can see in the ultraviolet region, that’s why sometimes this question arises in mind that can bird see infrared? But unfortunately, birds cannot see infrared light like humans. As their eyes are not developed to perceive the infrared light.

However, birds vision is sharper than humans because they can see in the ultraviolet region as well. And this ability helps them to find their prey on earth even from a height.