Do Chickens Eat Earwigs? Are Earwigs bad for chickens?

Earwig On Hand

Chickens are omnivore birds and can eat both plant and animal matter. However, they also like to peck whatever they get, and that’s why they are also known as opportunistic feeders. Because they are natural foragers ad keep foraging even if you feed them. However, chickens like to forage insects and bugs. And that’s why also control the population of insects and bugs around you. But what kinds of insects and bugs do chickens eat? Do chickens eat earwigs? As they are also bugs. So let’s dig in to it.

And if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article, as this article will look through all of the chicken’s facts to eat earwigs.

However, if you are a wonder that can chickens eat earwigs, then a precise answer to this question is that yes, chickens can eat. As there are specific reasons because of which chickens like to eat them.

But the most important is that they are omnivores, and earwigs are tasty snacks for them with some nutritional values.

Do Chickens Eat Earwigs?

Earwigs are bugs that belong to the family of Forficula auricularia and are also omnivore naturally. And that’s why they can eat small vertebrates and other plant material like leaves. However, being minor bugs, they are also the prey of several birds, like chickens.

As chickens are omnivores and can eat both plant base matter including seeds, fruits, vegetables, and animal base matter including insects and bugs. However, the insects and bugs that can make a tasty treat for chickens, including earwigs, etc.

Moreover, not only earwigs but chickens also love to eat maggots, mealworms, grubs, etc. As all these insects and bugs are a good source of proteins for chickens. And this is also a reason that why chickens are foraging for them as they have to fulfill their protein need.

Moreover, chickens help the ecosystem by controlling the population of insects and bugs. Not only this, but your backyard flocks also help to keep your place insects and bugs free. As these earwigs offer them no poison or any kind of stings like several other pests.

However, you may say that earwigs are on the list of favorite bugs for chickens due to these specialties.

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Are Earwigs bad for chickens?

However, a precise answer to this question is that, no, earwigs are not bad for chickens. As I earlier said that earwigs don’t offer any poison or sting to chickens that’s why they are not bad for them. However, they can be a complete nuisance for your plants and fields.

Because they eat plants, base matters the most. Not only this, they even can live inside the coop of your chickens. However, it would be strange for you, but they love to live inside the old wood and crevices.

What Bugs Can Chickens Not Eat?

However, not all bugs and insects offer a delicious treat to chickens. There are several other bugs that chickens cannot eat or are not healthy for them. So let’s have a detailed look at all such bugs.


Tick Insect on Green Grass

However, as we all know, ticks are used to sticking with their host’s body to suck blood from them. And chickens are no exception for them. As they can also stick on the body of your chicken.

Moreover, the common place for ticks to stick on the chickens’ bodies is under their wings. But if you see ticks on your chicken’s body, then try to remove them as soon as possible and do some authentic treatment to remove them from the chicken’s coop.

And for this, the best method is to caulk the crevices of your coop so that they don’t have a place to hide.

Mites And Lice:

Mites And Lice

These pests can also make the lives of your chickens miserable. As like ticks, they are also fed on the blood of your chickens. And they are nocturnal pests that can hide inside the crevices of the coop during the day and come out at night to feast on the blood of your chicken.

However, proper cleaning of the coop can keep them away from your flocks. Moreover, consult with the vet in case of severe infestation.


However, flies don’t harm chickens until they don’t have any wounds. As the flies are attracted towards the open sores, and can damage them. As flies feast on feces, that’s why they can cause serious damage to the open wounds of your chicken.

Moreover, proper cleaning of your chicken’s coop can keep them away from the coop. And also, try to change the bedding often to keep flies away.

How Many Bugs Do Chickens Eat a Day?

However, a chicken can eat bugs according to their needs and the availability of bugs. But as we know that only bugs cannot fulfill all their nutritional needs, that’s why we have to offer them other foods as well.

A Final Thought:

As chickens are omnivores with opportunistic nature, that’s why they try to eat whatever they get. And this is also a reason that they continue foraging after getting a portion of food from you. However, chickens forage insects and bugs to fulfill their protein need.

Moreover, this article explores that do chickens eat earwigs? As they are bugs and you can also find them in chicken’s coop crevices.

However, chickens like to eat earwigs, but they also help the ecosystem after controlling their population. Moreover, several bugs can cause harm to chickens, for example, flies, ticks, mites, etc.