Can Chickens Eat Elderberries? How To Feed Elderberries to Chickens?

Elderberries bunch

Elderberries are tiny black color fruit with a tart and bitter taste. And because of their taste, these berries are mainly used to preserve the foods, make jams, and other dishes. But these berries are essential in our lives due to their numerous healthy effects on us. However, not only for humans, but these elderberries are healthy for animals and birds as well. But can chickens eat elderberries? Let’s dig into it.

And if you are curious to know about this topic, then navigate this article. Because in this article, I’ll explore the advantages of feeding elderberries to your backyard chickens as well.


However, chickens can eat elderberries, and you have to feed them dried elderberries. But make sure that you don’t feed them unripe elderberries. Not only unripe elderberries but don’t feed the leaves and other parts of elderberries plants to chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Elderberries?

Chickens are natural foragers and can eat a variety of food. However, they are omnivores and are able to eat both plant and animal base matter. The food of chickens includes seeds, insects, worms, vegetables, fruits, etc.

However, the elderberries belong to berry, but they are used in cooking and preserving dishes because of their bitter and tart taste. But these berries are helpful due to their comprehensive advantages in the health department.

As these berries are helpful to cure constipation, joints, and muscles pain, headaches, fever, kidney problems, kidney problems, epilepsy, stress, HIV and AIDS, etc.

Not only elderberries but the flowers of elderberries are also helpful to cure different body conditions as they are also packed with numerous antioxidants and vitamins.

However, the elderberries are also beneficial to birds like chickens. And if you are a wonder that can they eat them or not, then the precise answer to this question is yes.

As your backyard chickens can eat them, we also have to feed them as these black elderberries provide several health benefits to chickens.

For example, these elderberries offer several different nutrients and minerals to chickens as calcium, vitamin C, fiber, and also contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, flavonoids, etc.

All these minerals and nutrients are helpful to maintain the good health of a chicken. However, moderation is the actual key to good health. That’s why we have to offer these blackberries in moderation to chickens.

Not only this but there are also several precautions which we have to take into account before feeding black elderberries to chickens. Let’s have a look at all precautions.

Firstly, don’t offer elderberries too much to your flocks as they are high in sugar naturally.

Secondly, don’t offer unripe black elderberries and any other part of their plant-like roots, leaves, stem, etc., to your chickens.

Because unripe elderberries and the other parts of its plant contain a compound named as glycoside, which is a poisonous compound and is harmful for both of humans and chickens.

However, dry elderberries are free from this compound because with heat, this compound is harmlessly released from elderberries.

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How To Feed Elderberries to Chickens?

However, it has seemed that chickens have natural love to eat berries. But as we know that elderberries are tart and bitter in taste. That’s why it is possible that chickens don’t show enthusiasm to eat these berries.

That’s why I’m going to explain the ways to feed elderberries to chickens.

Elderberries Bushes:

Chickens are natural foragers and used to peck on everything they get in their way. And if there is a tree of elderberries, then they would surely go there to try them. However, this is a natural way to feed elderberries to chickens.

But if you have elderberries bushes, then make sure that chickens don’t eat unripe berries and the other parts of this tree. And you can do this by limiting the access of your flock to these bushes.

Scatter Them in Their Coop or Way:

However, scattering dry elderberries in the coop of chickens or on their way to forage food would also be a good choice. As chickens are good foragers and used to do this for getting their food.

And if they get a healthy treat in their way or coop, then they would surely like to eat them.

Mixed With Other Foods:

However, this is an effective way to feed elderberries to chickens. As you can mix them with other foods of chickens, like vegetables, seeds, etc.

Not only this, but you can also sprinkle the powder of elderberries on different foods as well like fruits, etc.

A Final Thought:

If you want to know that can chicken eat elderberries, then a precise answer to this question is yes. However, not only can chickens eat them, but we have to feed them as elderberries are good for their health.

Moreover, there are several methods that we can use to feed these elderberries to chickens. For example, scattering them in their way, mixing them in other foods, or naturally allowing them to forage elderberries.

However, we have to feed elderberries in moderation to chickens as the dried elderberries are sugar enrich naturally. At the same time, the unripe elderberries contain the harmful compound.