Do Birds Get Constipated? | How Can We Treat Them?

do birds get constipated

Constipation is a severe disease and is also known as the mother of all diseases. However, we humans can face it very quickly due to low fiber in food, consuming less water. Moreover, constipation happens if you stay in travel continuously for few hours.

However, constipation can harm us in many ways, like it can cause hemorrhoids, with this it also can give us very uncomfortable stomach feeling. But not only just humans but animals can also face the same problem. Not only just domesticated but also wild animals can face it.

But what about birds? Do birds get constipated? What would be the reasons? How can we deal with it properly? Let’s dive into the article to know all about such questions.

However, birds can also get constipated due to the low presence of fiber in their food. It also happens because of consuming less water after a meal. Moreover, constipation happens due to the deficiency of exercise.

As exercise is necessary not for us but at the same time, it is necessary for animals as well as for birds. However, it also happens because of the deficiency of oil in the food, and it leads to difficulty in defecating. But, we can help our birds to get rid of it by providing them essential aid.

Do Birds Get Constipated?

Yes, birds can get constipation because of specific reasons. However, it would be due to low fiber in food, drinking less water, doing less exercise. Moreover, in bird’s constipation occur due to the gastroenteritis as well as because of kidney problems.

However, birds can get blockage from the intestine as well as they can get crop impaction. Before sending their food to the stomach, most birds store it in the crop, also called pre-stomach.

And pigeons make milk from “crop” or pre-stomach to feed their babies. Moreover, many birds regurgitate food to feed their babies.

However, there will be many reasons for crop impaction, like if birds eat something unusual. Like plastics, long grass, large seeds, stones, etc. Crop impaction is more dangerous than an intestinal blockage.

However, constipation may not need a vet visit if you treat it well at home. As providing enough freshwater, proper exercise, providing enough fiber in food, etc. But a crop impaction may need a vet visit as it is more dangerous than constipation.

How To Treat a Constipated Bird?

do bird get constipated
do bird get constipated

If you notice your pet bird’s constipation on time, then you can cure it at home on your own. However, you can help your bird to get rid of it with the availability of high fiber food, enough exercise, freshwater, etc. But if your bird constipation is not curing after it, then you have to visit your vet.

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Providing few drops of vegetable oil also helps your bird for easy defecating. But you can do this directly through the cloaca so that pooping would be easy for them.

Sometimes during constipation, birds poop collects around their bottom then don’t try to rub it. Instead of it, use wet tissue paper as during constipation it can cause rashes around their bottom.

Another reason for bird’s constipation is the lack of exercise with heavy food. So keep in mind daily exercise for your bird to avoid such situations.

How Can We judge The Healthiness of Bird Through Its Poop?

Birds poop can tell us a lot of things about bird’s health. A healthy bird’s poop consists of a bit darker color compare to what “he” or “she” eats. And the second part of poop consists of off-white color with urates, as birds can’t pee. If this is the condition of your bird’s poop, then your bird is healthy.

But, different situations of poop show a different story about bird’s health. Like, increment in bird’s droppings, presence of blood in droppings, presence of more fluid, presence of strong odor, etc. However, any change in bird’s droppings rather than normal is consider abnormal. And need to cure.

However, abnormal droppings may show different diseases like intestinal disease, kidney problem, liver problem, any kind of bacterial infection, etc. So, in this case, you have to consult with your vet or give a visit if necessary.

As A Bird Owner, How Can You Deal with Bird’s Poop?

Being a pet bird owner, you can deal with it with different methods. For example, you can keep a rough washable or changeable sheet in their living room.

However, it will benefit you as you can check the situation of their droppings and so you keep an eye on their health through dropping situations.

Secondly, if your pet bird is new in your home, then he or she will surely disturb you via pooping here and there. But it’s a common thing as birds are naturally wild. However, you can use wet tissue paper to remove it or water pressure to wash it away.

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Moreover, you can train your pet bird about where to poop. As many people teach their birds about doing number one or number two at specific places. However, it will be challenging to teach at the start, but you can take a guide about it. In addition, you can train them after doing their task in a specific place with a treat. And this act will help you to train your pet bird quickly.

Wrap Up:

If you are curious about, do birds get constipated? Then yes. As, just like humans, not only animals but also birds can get constipation and primarily due to the same reasons.

Like, due to low fiber in food, dehydration, lack of exercise, etc. But in birds, it is also due to gastroenteritis, lack of oil in food, due to kidney problems.

But we can cure it at home if the conditions are not severe. We can do it by providing enough amount of fresh water, proper exercise, and food with good fiber.

However, we can cure vegetable oil and provide your pet bird a few drops of vegetable oil. As it will help them in easy defecating.