Why Do Chickens Have Wings ? | Why Are Chickens So Bad at Flying

Do Chickens Have Wings

Chickens are species that have an important role in our daily lives. As we are used to eating their eggs and meat frequently in our lives. But, ever you think that why do chickens have wings?

However, chickens are in the category of birds. But they cannot fly like them. Then for which purposes they use their wings.

All kinds of such queries I’m going to discuss here. If you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As in this article I’m going to discuss all these types of queries.

Scientific name of red jungle fowl is “Gallus Gallus domesticus”. And the domestic chickens which people have for their use are the breeding form of red jungle fowl. However, you may say that red jungle fowl are the ancestors of domestic chickens we have.

Moreover, the wings of domestic chickens are shorter than their ancestors. But they use their wings for specific purposes.

  • Firstly, they use their wings to protect their babies in specific circumstances.
  • Secondly, they use their wings to get a proper balance.
  • Thirdly, they use their wings for mating rituals also.

Why Do Chickens Have Wings?

However, chickens are ground birds. As they have strong legs for running and also their legs are well suited to grounds.

Moreover, they have strong beaks, which help them to get food from ground very well. So, now let’s have look that why chickens have wings?

However, for which purposes their wings help them. Moreover, there are a number of needs that chicken wings fulfill.

As, chickens use their wings to provide proper temperature to eggs during incubation. Because, a specific temperature is required during incubation and their wings help them to achieve it.

Not only this, but chickens use their wings to protect their babies in different situations. As, they use their wings to protect chicks in the rain.

However, they use wings to protect chicks from predators, from heat and coldness also. So, bird’s wings are a shelter for chicks even before their birth.

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Moreover, chickens use their wings to scare their chickens during the fight. As, during fight, chickens open their wings to look immense and furious.

And this trick helps them to dominate their enemies. However, it is an excellent method to show their anger.

Furthermore, it is dangerous to sleep on the ground at night. As, chickens have several predators which can hunt them at night if they are laying on ground. That’s why chickens use their wings to jump at some high place.

So that they can protect their selves from predators also. Not only this, chickens use their wings to take flight when predators try to attack them. As, only running sometimes is not enough to avoid predators.

Why Can Chickens Not Fly If They Have Wings?

However, a precise answer to this question is that chickens can fly. But they cannot fly as like other birds. And there are specific reasons behind it.

Firstly, chickens have small wings as compare to their weight. Secondly, their wings muscles are strong develop that they don’t allow chickens to take a long flight. However, these are not only the reasons that domestics chickens cannot fly.

As, due to selectively breeding for eggs and meat doesn’t allow chickens to fly. As, in modern times, people use different breeding methods to get more meat and eggs. However, in modern times it is a need of people to get more meat and eggs.

And a result of this, chickens get more weight and are less likely to fly. As their overweight doesn’t allow them even to think about flying.

However, it means that chickens with less weight can fly much better than heavyweight chickens. That’s why an average-weight chicken can get a flight of few seconds and can achieve a height of 10ft maximum.

However, chickens of different breeds can take a flight of different heights, As, different breeds have different weight amount.

Which Chicken Breeds Fly the Best?

As we already discuss that domestic chickens and bred chickens cannot fly better. The reason is that they are heavyweight and their wings are less likely to afford their weight.

However, it means that those chickens that humans selectively breed can be good flyers compared to others.

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Chickens, which are breed by humans, usually have less and sometimes very little ability to fly. Moreover, heavily bred chickens don’t bother to take a flight in their whole life span.

Moreover, the chickens with less weight can fly better compared to those who have more weight. Furthermore, “bantams” are good flyers due to their low body weight.

Not only this but also “Araucanas” chickens can fly better than other chickens. And the reason is that they are light body breed.

Do Backyard Chickens Fly Away?

The precise answer to this question might be yes or no. So, it means that backyard chickens can fly or cannot depend upon different circumstances.

For example, if you have fence of low height then they indeed fly away. Moreover, chickens can fly the fence if they get food on the other side of fence.

But, chickens cannot fly if they are heavyweight. And they also cannot fly if you clipped their wings. However, clipping chicken wings is not harmful as it helps your chicken not to cross the fence.

Do Hens Have Wings?

Hens are female chickens and also have wings. However, like chickens, hens also are not good at flying. And they can fly to small heights and distances also. Moreover, hens use their wigs to protect their body, their chicks, etc.

However, hens are used to fulfill the needs of eggs and meat in our daily lives.

Wrap Up:

Have you ever think about why do chickens have wings? This article is all about this fact, that for which purpose chickens use their wings.

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However, chicken wings provide necessary protection to their bodies from the extremity of weather. Not only this, but they can use their wings to provide shelter to chicks. As well as, their wings provide actual temperature to eggs during incubation period.

However, chickens have wings but they cannot fly better with their wings. As their wings are able to carry heavyweight and maintain a flight.

But, the chickens with less weight can roost to trees. And can fly to fences of moderate heights quickly.