Why Does My Bird Nibble on Me? | Birds Communicate Through Nibbling

why does my bird nibble on me

Most of us like to have birds as pets as they are cute, furry, and intelligent creature. And try their best to amaze with their different acts. A similar act nibbling, is one of them. So, let’s have a look on that why does my bird nibble on me?

However, if you have a bird pet or ever see someone’s place, you notice that birds try to keep touching their owners with their beaks. Sometimes they start beaking, and sometimes, under certain circumstances they might bite you.

So, in this article, I’m going to explore all types of bird’s behavior. Like nibbling, beaking, and biting. First, however, we will check that why and in which circumstance birds do this.

However, nibbling means taking small bites of anything. And if birds nibble you, then it means that they touch your skin or your accessories with their beaks.

However, most often, just playing with these things known as nibbling. And it is that act which almost all pet birds do to show affection and love.

Therefore, during this, they can do nibbling with your cheeks, with your ear as well as your fingers, etc.

Why Does My Bird Nibble on Me?

Birds nibbling with their owners is a common thing. Because birds have no hands and use their beaks for several purposes. And nibbling with beaks is one of such acts that birds do to show their love, care, and affection.

Not only this but birds use this act to explore things in their surrounding as well as your clothes, accessories, etc. And for that, birds use their beaks to check the taste, stiffness, etc., of anything. So therefore, they keep nibble on you and your stuff like clothes, cheeks, ears, accessories, etc.

However, birds nibble themselves for preening. Not only this, but they also preening their partners. As this act is used to clean their selves and boost their hygiene.

Therefore, nibbling on you will be an act of preening you. As birds do this to take care of themselves and their partners, they try to nibble you to show care about you.

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Not only is nibbling an act with which birds show affection, but birds also kiss you to show their love. Yes, and during kissing, they use their beaks and keep them against cheeks to show their love.

Moreover, birds also use their tongue in kissing. And they learn this in their childhood while mother bird feeds them in their mouths.

Why Does My Bird Bite Me?

My Bird Bite Me
My Bird Bite Me

However, nibbling is an act which birds used to show their love and affection towards their owner. But somehow, birds start beaking to get the attention of their owners.

However, the biting of birds is a serious case. And they do this due to specific reasons. So, let’s have a look at this fact in detail.


However, if your bird starts biting you, then this is a case of concern. But, birds do this in two cases. Firstly, they show this behavior towards strangers. And sometimes, if your bird pet is new in your house, they can show such an attitude.

However, you can teach them that they don’t have to do this. Moreover, there are several ways with which you can teach your birds.

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But, if your bird bites you, then don’t shout and try to behave gently. As, shouting and yelling kind of behavior might scare your bird.

Secondly, birds start biting you if they are afraid of something. So at first try to find such thing which makes them worry and afraid.

Breeding Season:

Biting of birds in the breeding season is an everyday act. As in this season, birds want to take care of their eggs and child.

So they start biting if they feel that someone try to approaching their nest and child. Therefore, in this case, you don’t have to worry about their biting. As after breeding season, they become normal as before breeding season.

Illness And Tiredness:

However, any disease or illness makes birds stubborn and start to act unusually. And the same behavior they show when they are tired. And want to take a nap.

Therefore, they may start biting in such conditions. But if you find these biting severe or violent, then try to stop gently. And try to consult with the pet behavior specialists.

How To Teach Birds Not to Bite?

My Bird Bite Me
My Bird Bite Me

However, birds naturally are not into biting but under certain circumstances, they do. For example, they will do if they don’t know that they have to bite or not.

So to stop them from biting, we have to teach them. And the one thing we can do is to teach them gently, just like a child. If they start doing such a thing, then at first put them down and relax them. As they might do this in fear.

However, some experts say that give your bird a safe thing to bite. But I discourage this thing. Because of this, they start biting at different things as they don’t know what is safe for biting and what is not.

So the best thing to stop from biting is to teach them. And discourage them when they bite you. As put them back into perch etc.


If you want to keep a bird pet or you already have one, then you indeed have to know about their behavior.

As birds don’t, have hands that’s why they use their beaks to express their feelings as well as to communicate with others. So if you are wondering that why does my bird nibble on me?

Then birds do this to their love and affection towards you. And sometimes they do this to tell their owner that they are hungry. So means bird nibble on you to communicate different things with you.

Moreover, if birds are scared or ill, then this nibbling may convert into biting. So you have to keep proper check and balance on your birds. So that no one bothers them.