What Do Pigeons Eat in The City? | What Not to Feed Pigeons


Pigeons are wild birds, but still, we see them around us in urban as well as in rural areas. However, in the wild, pigeons can eat what they want, and a lot of food is available for them in the wild. But what do pigeons eat in the city? Is there enough food available for pigeons?

In city areas, pigeons can eat seeds, fruits, pieces of bread, cheese, etc. As pigeons living with humans for millennia thus they can eat human food too. Not only this, but pigeons can eat insects and worms also if they find them anywhere around them.

But any kind of fast food doesn’t offer them any nutrition, so pigeons have to eat them in less amount. And if you have a pigeon, keep in mind not to feed them avocados, apples, chocolates, etc.

Pigeons serve humanity with their message delivering services in earlier days. And they are also known as an intelligent bird because they can remember you with your face.

Moreover, pigeons are also considering a sign of love and peace. So let’s discuss the food which they are used to eat in city areas.

As our city areas are most populated and there is less food for pigeons to eat. So it will be interesting to find that how pigeons manage to survive in the city areas.

What Do Pigeons Eat in The City?

In the city, pigeons not only can eat seeds, insects, and fruits, but they can also eat human food. As they can eat bread, cheese, cooked and also a leftover meal. Let’s discuss the pigeon’s food in the city in detail.

Seeds And Grains:

Pigeon eating Seeds And Grains
Pigeon eating Seeds And Grains

However, seeds and grains are also including in the pigeon’s food. And you commonly saw such peoples who used to offer seeds and grains to the pigeons. Not only this, but according to my observations, pigeons eat seeds and grains as their primary food in cities.

But, only seeds and grains are not enough for pigeons to live a healthy life. As seeds and grains contain nutrients but not all the necessary ones. So for healthy life and to fulfill all their nutritional needs, pigeons also have to eat other foods.

Throwaway Food:

In cities, we all know that there is less food for all birds to eat. And pigeons are no exception. As, our cities are highly populated and due to it food sources are shorten for pigeons in the cities.

But pigeons develop themselves according to their living areas, and they can eat any throwaway food and can eat cooked food also.

However, pigeons in the wild are not used to eat such foods. But pigeons in the city can eat throwaway and cooked food.

Fast Food as Burger, Pizza, And Fries:


It might be shocking for you that pigeons also develop themselves to eat foods like burgers, bread, pizza, and fires.

However, the reason behind it is that in fast food, ingredients like tomatoes, cabbage, bread, and pizza dough made of flour are edible to pigeons.

That’s why pigeons can eat them if they are hungry or get food like that.

Kitchen Waste:



Living with humans, especially in the cities, teach pigeons to eat any waste food. Not only this, but pigeons can scavenge food through your dustbin.

What Do Pigeons Eat in The Wild?

In the wild, pigeons can eat what they want. But, moreover, pigeons in the wild cannot eat such foods that are domestic pigeons used to eat.

However, the following foods pigeons can eat in the wild.

Seeds And Grains:

Different types of seeds are abundantly available in the wild, like sunflower seeds, grass seeds, etc. Similarly, grains like wheat, corn, oats, etc., are also available in the wild for pigeons to eat.



Unlike in cities, fruits are abundantly present in the wild. And they can freely eat any fruit except few which we discuss later. However, fruits are necessary for pigeons to get essential nutrients.

And if you have pet pigeons, then you should also add fruits to their food.


Like other birds, pigeons can also eat insects and worms. And in insects and worms, pigeons can eat spiders, etc.

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What Do Pigeons Eat in The Winter?

Finding food sources in the winter season is no less than a challenge for all birds. And the same for pigeons.

However, in winters, pigeons in the cities can eat the same food as in summer. As they adapted their selves to eat such foods.

Moreover, if pigeons face difficulty finding food, they prefer to migrate to get enough food sources.

What Shouldn’t You Feed to Pigeons?

As, pigeons in the cities can eat humans related food. But all foods which we can eat are not safe for pigeons. So let’s have a look at all such foods which we shouldn’t feed to pigeons.


Avocados contain chemicals that are harmful to pigeons. Unfortunately, not only to pigeons, but avocados are detrimental to all birds.

That’s why you should have to avoid offering avocadoes to birds. First, however, I want to clarify that the chemicals that are toxins to the bird’s avocado leaves produce them to keep parasites away.


Moreover, chocolates are also one of the human’s favorite snacks, which is toxic to pigeons. Not only birds but chocolates are not safe for animals like cats, dogs, squirrels, etc.



In our daily lives, we use many drinks having caffeine like coffee. But such drinks are also toxic to birds, and caffeine is a toxin for birds.

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Wrap Up:

This article is all about what do pigeons eat in the city, as they can eat insects, seeds, pieces of bread, pizza, fries, etc. However, wild pigeons are not used to eat bread, fries, pizza, etc., if we offer them. But the domestic pigeons, as living with us for millennia, mold themselves to eat human food.

However, there are many foods which we don’t have to offer them as chocolates, avocados, and other spicy foods. As all these foods can be fatal for them.

Moreover, if you want to feed city pigeons, make sure you offer them healthy food. And also change their diet menu after two or three days. So that they can get proper nutrition for their healthy life.