Where Do Pigeons Go in The Winter? | How Do They Survive Winter?

Where Do Pigeons Go in The Winter

Pigeons have been living with us for millions of years, and now they adapt themselves to live in cities as well. As in cities rather than the presence of few trees and more factories and industries pigeons still know how to survive in cities. But do you ever considered that where do pigeons go in the winter? In winters, do you see them flying freely in the sky like in summer? If not, then where will they spend their winter? Let’s discover it.

As the winter season can be crucial for these little birds, that’s why to keep themselves warm, and pigeons start to stay in their nest rather than flying as in summers. However, in areas where winter becomes unbearable, the pigeons can also migrate towards the hot areas.

Like other birds, pigeons are also come out of their nests in the presence of the sun during winters. But for most of the time, they stay in their nest. And because of it, we become unable to see them frequently in winters, like summers.

Not only this, but there are several changes that pigeons adapt to ensure a safe living in winter. And I’m going to discuss them all in this article. So if you are interested in exploring it, then navigate this article. As this article will provide you all the related information about pigeons living in winters.

Where Do Pigeons Go in The Winter?

However, before discussing where pigeons go during the winter or how pigeons spend their winter season, let’s have a look at whether pigeons get cold or not. Like all other birds, pigeons get cold in the winter season, and they can bear a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

But pigeons are hot blooded birds, it means that their body produces heat during the cold weather. And their feathers work to lock that heat so that they can keep their body heat up for a long time. That’s why pigeons keep their legs, heads, and beaks inside their feathers to keep them warm as well.

Now let’s discuss where pigeons go in the winter season or why there are fewer pigeons flying in the sky than in the summer season. However, because of the cold, pigeons start spending more time in their nests than flying outside.

Not only this, but pigeons can store their foods for a few days in their nests to spend more and more time in the nest. Furthermore, to avoid cold, pigeons can stay in shrubs, tree trunks, empty cavities, etc.

However, pigeons do not belong to the list of birds who hibernate in the winter. But instead of hibernation, they do the hyperthermia process. In this process, they lower their body’s temperature and metabolic rate to reduce their energy usage.

In this way, pigeons not only can save their energy but, at the same time reducing metabolic rates can make them live without eating for several days. And because of it, they can spend the cold days in the winter season.

However, many of us think that pigeons migrate during the winter season towards hot areas. But this is not true in most cases. As most of the time, pigeons don’t migrate anywhere, but they start spending their days in their living sites.

But, pigeons can also migrate when they become unable to bear the cold. And then they migrate to southern areas as it is considered that these areas are hotter.

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What Do Pigeons Eat in The Cold?

However, it is an interesting question: What do pigeons eat in the winter season as they don’t migrate during winter. Not only this, but pigeons used to eat more during the winter season so that after lowering their metabolic rate, they could survive for several days without eating.

However, pigeons can eat insects, seeds, grains, fruits, etc., in the winter. As, during winter’s finding food becomes difficult for pigeons, they can also switch their food to vegetables during the needy hours.

Moreover, insects are the savior of pigeons in winters. So they try to eat more and more insects in the colder season.

Can Pigeons Die from Cold?

However, the answer to this question depends upon the severance of cold. As pigeons are that weak birds to die if the weather becomes milder cold. As normally, they can bear a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only this, but as they are clod blooded, their bodies can produce heat in colder weather. And their feathers seal that heat for their survival.

But they can die if the temperature becomes too much low that they become unable to protect themselves. However, any bird can freeze to death when the weather becomes too harsh, and pigeons are no exception.

How Are Baby Pigeons Protected from The Cold?

However, in the winter season, pigeons usually don’t breed, and if they want to breed, they do this at a limited level. As in winter to protect baby pigeons become difficult for parents.

But if parent pigeons have to protect their babies, then do this by snuggling them under their feathers. Moreover, in the cold season, pigeons filled their nests with feathers to keep themselves and their babies warm.

And parent pigeons provide food to baby pigeons in the winter. They used to drink crop milk for a few weeks after birth, and after that, parent pigeons arranged food for them.

How To Tell If Your Bird Has a Cold?

Catching a cold in the winter season is common in birds. And birds also show several symptoms after catching a cold. For example, after catching cold, pigeons look lethargic, inactive, lose motion, eat less or no eating, etc. However, if you observe such symptoms in your pigeon bird, then make sure to visit your vet.

A Final Word:

As pigeons are a common sight during summer, even in cities, things change with weather changes. Because pigeons start spending most of their time in their nests. Not only this, but they lower their body temperature and metabolic rate to survive in the colder season.

However, many of us think that pigeons migrate during the colder season, but this is not true until the winter is bearable.