Poison Birds with Antifreeze | Will Antifreeze Kill Birds?

poison birds with antifreeze

Antifreeze is a cooling agent for engines and use when engines reach extreme temperatures. And we use this after mixing water in it. However, antifreeze consists of chemicals like ethylene glycol. As we use it for cooling engines but it has a sweet taste.

Because of this, it attracts several birds and animals. But it is poison for all birds and animals. Not only this, if a bird or animal eats a poisoned bird or animal, then this poison also expose to those birds and animals. And can kill them also.

Moreover, if someone wants to get rid of birds, then they can use it. As sweet taste of antifreeze attracts birds and animals. So poison birds with antifreeze will be discussed and explain here.

Antifreeze consists of chemicals like ethylene glycol. And these chemicals, when absorbed into the bird’s body, produce poison.

And this makes birds drowsy, causes involuntary movements in the body. It also makes it difficult to breathe for birds. In addition, it causes kidney failure in birds.

And eventually leads bird’s death. However, it is too fatal that a small amount of it causes the death of birds.

Poison Birds with Antifreeze:

The mixture of antifreeze with water is used to keep engines of vehicles at moderate temperature. Therefore, it contains chemicals like ethylene glycol, which is a toxic chemical with a sweet taste.

Because of it, birds are attracted to it and can drink it without any hesitation. Not only this, many people use it to get rid of birds potentially. As it can kill them in a short period.

Therefore, if any bird drinks antifreeze, then it absorbs into its body via the gastrointestinal track. And from it, several toxic compounds form.

Then these compounds lead to the death of birds. However, the symptoms of it are vomiting, voluntary movements of muscles and eyes, difficulty in breathing, and watery droppings.

However, antifreeze cooling agents are of many kinds depending on their base chemical. As there is also a cooling agent who has propylene glycol as a base chemical.

And this antifreeze agent is considered harmful for birds as just like antifreeze with ethylene glycol. But, moreover, if you don’t want to harm any bird, even not unconsciously. Then you can use antifreeze with a base element like vegetables.

However, this antifreeze considers as the most ecofriendly with non-toxic nature. As it is made with the extract of vegetables.

Moreover, this antifreeze cooling agent is more effective for engines as compared to other antifreeze cooling agents.

Is Antifreeze Harmful for Humans?

Yes-antifreeze is harmful to humans. And can be fatal for them also. As many types of antifreeze have ethylene glycol and propylene as base chemicals.

And these chemicals are poisonous as well as when they interact with the human gastrointestinal track, they produce other toxic chemicals. However, antifreeze is not only dangerous to birds but also life risking for humans.

Is Antifreeze Harmful for Cats and Dogs?

dogs on the beach
dogs on the beach

Yes-antifreeze is also toxic for cats and dogs as for birds and humans. However, it is fatal for animals if they eat such a bird or animal dead after eating antifreeze.

As antifreeze have toxic chemicals which can be life-threatening for cats and dogs. Therefore, a small amount of it as like a teaspoon, can cause their death.

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However, it can cause severe problems to them within a short period. And this can make cats serious ill and even cause their death within a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 12 hrs. For dogs, this has a minimum time period of 12hours and a maximum time period of 24 hours.

However, the symptoms of ingesting antifreeze are irregular muscle movement, severe depression, and more urination than normal routines.

In addition, after consuming antifreeze, cats and dogs, dogs start consuming more water, which leads to more urination and kidney failure.

However, the symptoms of kidney failure are seizures, anorexia, ulceration, and comma.

How To Poison Birds?

Somehow, it became necessary to get rid of birds as they can cause severe damage to crops, etc. So pets control companies advise giving poison to birds or use avicides for this purpose.

Avicides are the list of all the substances used to kill birds. However, it is banned in many countries, but still, people use this to poison birds. As well as they use it to control the population of birds. However, all avicides make a bird suffer severely.

What Are the Best Birds Deterrents?

As many people use antifreeze to get rid of birds or other animals. But it would be a cruel death for them, that’s why I’m going to explain some of the best bird’s deterrents. So follow if you want to know about deterrents.

Bird Repellent Gel:

This gel is used to keep birds away from your territory. And you have to spread it on the surfaces where you don’t want birds to sit.

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As the sticky nature of this gel is makes uncomfortable to birds when they sit on such surfaces. So from next time they surely stay away from your place.

Bird Spikes:

Bird spikes are most used to keep birds away from any place. As you can use this in balconies, rooflines, windows, walls, etc.

And these spikes make it difficult for birds to see and find a settling place. However, bird spikes are good bird deterrents and do their work very well.

Decoy Birds of Prey:

Birds of prey are predators to many birds like pigeons etc. So to keep them away from a specific area use the statue of any bird of prey will be effective.

But one thing you have to do is to change the direction of the statue. As there are many birds like pigeons, that can remember their first position. And can find in a short that the statue is not a real predator.

Reflective Surfaces:

However, reflective surfaces are also one of the best bird deterrents. As these surfaces reflect light in such a way that they can scare off birds from your place.

Which Foods Are Poisonous to Birds:

Not only antifreeze but also many other foods are harmful to birds. Let’s have a look at these foods.


how to poison birds
poison birds with antifreeze

However, avocado is a delicious fruit for us, but for birds, it is harmful. And can be fatal for them. However, the reason behind it is that avocado plants produce a chemical known as persin to save the plant from fungi, etc.

But this person is highly toxic for birds. And can cause serious illness in them. Not only this, but it can cause their death.


As chocolates are a delicious snack for many of us, processed chocolate is harmful to birds and animals like cats and dogs. However, the reason is that processed chocolate has theobromine in it, which is a toxic element for birds and animals.

Caffeine And Alcohol:

Moreover, caffeine and alcohol are also not suitable for birds and animals. However, both two can also be fatal for both birds and many animals. So we also have to avoid offering them to birds and animals.

Wrap Up:

Poison birds with antifreeze is not a common act. As many people do this to get rid of birds. The reason is that antifreeze contains toxic elements like ethylene glycol and propylene etc.

Therefore, small amounts of these elements can cause death of birds and even animals like cats and dogs. Not only this, if animals or birds eat a dead animal because of antifreeze, it will also be fatal for them.

However, antifreeze made with the extract of vegetables is not harmful to birds or other animals. Moreover, it is more efficient than the other antifreeze.

Not only an antifreeze but there are also many other foods that are toxic for birds like avocado, chocolates, caffeine, and alcohol.