Do Raccoons Eat Lizards? What Animals Eat Lizards?

A pogona lizard sitting

Raccoons are famous because of their eating habits as they can eat whatever they get. And, because of it, raccoons can be a nuisance for the people in their area. But at the same time, they are able to survive in every environment. As they can eat plants, meat, fruits, flowers, marine life, etc. However, ever you think that do raccoons eat lizards? Because lizards can also offer meat and proteins to raccoons so let’s dig into it that can raccoons eat lizards?

And if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article as in this article we will explore this exciting topic.


However, raccoons can eat lizards as there is no issue to raccoons in eating lizards. Moreover, lizards offer meat and proteins to raccoons which they need for their excellent health. Not only lizards, but they can eat other reptiles as well.

Do Raccoons Eat Lizards?

Raccoons are omnivores animals that can eat both plant and animal base matter. However, not only they are omnivores, but they are also opportunistic animals. As they are always looking for a free meal or a meal which they can get with a little effort.

And because of it, they can eat whatever they get, for example, they can eat fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, small rodents, small reptiles, marine life, etc. Not only this, but their food depends on their environment.

For example, raccoons can eat whatever they get in the wild, like plants, vegetables, fruits, small rodents, birds, eggs, etc. And the raccoons that live around the water bodies used to eat marine life as their primary food.

And the raccoons that live around humans are evolved to eat human base food. For example, they can eat your pets’ food, and they can raid your garden for food and water. Not only this, they can raid your trash bins to scavenge food.

As raccoons can eat that such a variety of foods, they can eat according to the availability of food. That’s why eating lizards is not a big deal for raccoons. As they would like to eat them for the sake of proteins.

Because raccoons need proteins for the proper functioning of their body, that’s why they have to eat animals’ base flesh.

Furthermore, the raccoon’s stomach acid is so strong that it can kill every kind of salmonella germs on the skin of lizards.

However, lizards wouldn’t be easy prey for raccoons as lizards defend themselves by putting in a fight, and also, lizards are challenging to catch because of their running speed.

And for raccoons, it would be difficult to catch a lizard as they are obese. Not only this, but they are opportunistic animals and look for free meals. That’s why raccoons prefer to eat other available food rather than waste their energy in catching a lizard.

Several raccoons’ favorite foods don’t offer any resistance to them, for example, fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, flowers, etc.

What Animals Eat Lizards?

Not only raccoons but several other animals prey on lizards. However, not only animals but birds like eagles and hawks also prey on lizards. Moreover, the following are the Lizard’s predators that can eat lizards the most.

Birds of Prey:

As we know that birds of prey are those birds that are used to hunt other birds as well as the small animals. And lizards are one of the prey of birds of prey.

However, birds, including birds of prey, are owls, eagles, and hawks. These birds are the dangerous predators of lizards.

As all these birds have excellent eyesight to see their prey from the height and powerful sharp talons to tear up their prey. And lizards are not equipped with any protection mechanism.


However, snakes are also on the list of the biggest Lizard’s predators as several species of snakes include lizards as their primary food.

As snakes can be on the ground as well as on the trees, that’s why lizards have fewer chances to keep themselves safe from snakes. Not only this, snakes swallow their prey, and small lizards would be best the best meal for small snakes.


Red Fox

These animals are omnivores naturally and can eat bit plant and animal base matter like raccoons. But their food mainly consists of small animals like squirrels, rabbits, poultry, mice, rats, etc. And thus, they can eat lizards whenever they get to eat them.

However, the fox species that eat lizards the most are red and coastal foxes.


As numerous people love to keep cats as their pet animals, and also, the domesticated cats are not wild like the cats living in the wild. But still, domestic cats can hunt and lizards whenever they get a chance to do so. And thus, cats participate in the list of Lizard’s predators.

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Other Lizard’s Predators:

Not only above mentioned animals and birds are the Lizard’s predators, but there are several other animals and birds that prey on lizards. For example, bigger lizards, chickens, herons, ravens, roadrunners, toads, chickadees, etc.

What Can Raccoons Not Eat?

Raccoons are famous due to their versatile food and thus can survive in every environment. Not only this, the stomach acid of raccoons is so strong that it can kill off numerous bacteria of different foods. And help raccoons to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

However, there are still several foods that raccoons cannot eat. For example, rotten meat, as rotten meat contains bacteria that can cause illness in raccoons.

Moreover, onions and spicy foods are also harmful to the raccoons due to their acidic nature. Furthermore, avocadoes contain a poisonous compound in their leaves, skin, and plant called persin.

That’s why raccoons should’ve to avoid eating avocadoes. Not only avocadoes, but the foods like coffee, chocolates, etc., are also harmful to raccoons. And they don’t have to eat it.

A Final Thought:

However, if you are wondering that do raccoons eat lizards? Then the precise answer to this question is that yes, raccoons can eat lizards. But it is possible only when raccoons catch them. Because lizards are fast runners than raccoons.

Moreover, lizards are put in a fight when raccoons try to prey on them. But raccoons used to get food that offers no resistance to them that’s why raccoons prefer to eat other foods rather than lizards.

However, lizards are a good source of meat and proteins for raccoons as they need proteins for their proper body functioning.