Do Raccoons Eat Termites? What Animals Eat Termites?

Do Raccoons Eat Termites

Termites belong to the phylum of Arthropoda. And these parasites are not human friendly due to their wood-eating habits. As they can harm to unprotected wooden material of your building severely. Not only this, but termites and their droppings can cause severe health issues to humans. So to get rid of them, we wonder about their predators. But what about raccoons? Do raccoons eat termites?

However, the precise answer to this question is that raccoons can eat termites. But termites are not their favourite food. And they don’t look for them specifically. However, termites are a good source of proteins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients and minerals.

However, termites have a significant number of species as they have more than 2750 species around the world. And they are present almost in all countries of the world. But as they are not useful for humans instead of that they can harm the furniture of your building. So let’s have a look at the fact that how nature controls their infestation.

If you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article as this article will serve you all information about raccoons eating termites. Not only this, but we also have a look at what other animals eat termites. So let’s start.

Do Raccoons Eat Termites?

Raccoons are wild animals and belong to opportunistic omnivorous animals. As they can eat both plant and animal based matter but depends upon the availability. Not only this, they can eat food after scavenging from the trash of your yard.

That’s why for several people, raccoons are a nuisance. But their eating almost everything ability can make them helpful to control the population of many animals in the wild. And termites are also one of them. However, raccoons are not their natural predators, but they can eat when termites are readily available.

Not only this but raccoons in your area can also keep such pests away from your house. But, they cannot cope with their infestation, so for that you have to follow some other methods which we will discuss later.

Moreover, in many countries, humans used to eat termites. As they are a good source of several essential nutrients and minerals. For example, termites are a good source of proteins, calcium, zinc, amino acids, iron, and other necessary fatty acids. And because of this ability, they have a wide range of use in the medicine industry.

However, these termites are eaten in countries like Africa, Asia, and South America. And mostly those people eat them who have severe malnutrition. Moreover, you can eat termites after steaming them, smoking, frying, and even you can eat sundried termites as well.

What do Raccoons Eat?

Raccoons are opportunistic omnivorous animals that can scavenge food from the trash as well. And being an omnivorous animal, they can eat both plant and animal based matter.

However, as every animal has to adapt itself according to the environment. And thus, raccoons also do the same thing as they prefer to eat that is readily available. However, the following is the detail about what raccoons commonly prefer to eat.

Usually, raccoons prefer to eat fruits, eggs, insects, nuts, seeds, fish, frogs, rodents, snakes, etc.

Moreover, raccoons can hunt animals as well for their food. But it depends upon the situation. Because they can hunt only when their prey easily available to hunt. However, if other food is available, then they don’t focus on hunting. That’s why they are known as opportunistic omnivorous.

What Animals Eat Termites?

In the food chain of the ecosystem, every insect has predators, and the termites are no exception. So let’s dig into the predators of termites.


However, birds are on the list of termite predators. Kookaburra and woodpeckers are especially looking for termites to prey on them. But, many other bird species are also used to eat termites.


Ants are also among the predators of termites. As sometimes, they invade the whole colony of termites for their meal. However, termites are not the only option for ants as they can eat other things as well.

Oogpister Beetle:

These predators especially prey on termites. As termites and ants are their primary food.

Other Predators:

However, termites make a healthy meal for many other animals as well. Like, lizards, skinks, gooseberries, geckos, nematodes, primates, aardvarks, bats, armadillos, anteaters, etc.

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What Attracts Termites into The Home?

However, termites are no more welcome in any home due to their wood-eating habit. But as we see sometimes, termites harm our furniture, and we have no idea about it. So let’s have a look at the fact that what attracts termites into a home.

Wood: as wood-eating is their primary habit, so the presence of wood causes the attraction of termites in the house. However, this is not the case every time because only dry and damp wood attracts the termites.

Moreover, you can bring termites into your place by bringing infected wood with termites. That’s why check your wood before getting it to your site.

Moisture: this is another reason to attract termites into your home. However, the moisture can be due to any reason, like the leaking of water pipe or any other drainage that can cause moisture in your place.

However, not only this but any other openings like cracks in windows and doors attract termites in your place.

Final Words:

At the end of the day, as we know, raccoons can eat almost any available food, and termites are no exception during the hours of hunger. Thus, raccoons can also eat termites. Not only raccoons but a number of other animals also prey on termites. As birds, ants, reptiles, amphibians, and even humans as well.