Do Wolves Eat Coyotes? Which Are More Dangerous Wolves Are Coyotes?

Do Wolves Eat Coyotes

Coyotes and wolves belong to the same family called Canidae. Not only this, but both these wild animals are closely related to each other, and the reason is that wolves are the ancestors of coyotes. Moreover, they are related to each other to that level if they cross-breed, they can also breed with fertile cubs. But do you ever think about how both these wild species live their lives in the wild? Do they live peacefully, or are they predators of each other? As wolves are considered the wildest and furious animals, then do wolves eat coyotes?

Let’s have a look at all these questions about the living patterns of these two wild animals. So if you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article as in this article I’m going to explore it.

However, before moving to any conclusion, let me explain one thing that wolves and coyotes are not natural predators of each other. Moreover, wolves don’t like to hunt them and eat them as they cannot fulfill their nutritional needs like herbivores animals.

But, when there is nothing to eat, any situation is possible, and any incident can be expected. That’s why wolves can surely make coyotes as their meal when they are desperate for food, and there is nothing around it but coyotes.

Moreover, wolves can hunt coyotes in other different circumstances as well. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Do Wolves Eat Coyotes?

Yes-wolves can hunt and eat coyotes. However, naturally, they are not the predators of coyotes, but they can hunt coyotes in the following circumstances.

Firstly, wolves are the wildest and furious animals that can tear their prey apart in seconds. Not only this but wolves also keep following their prey until they hunt them. Usually, wolves live and hunt in groups so no prey can avoid them once they start following them.

So, if there is no food but coyotes around them, wolves will never hesitate to hunt them. However, coyotes are also predators for many animals, but they cannot cope with the wildness of wolves.

Secondly, the coyotes can prey on wolves accidentally. As wolves don’t want to share their food with anyone, but coyotes being cunning animals, try to betrayal wolves to get their food. So it is possible that during this time, wolf hunt coyotes.

Thirdly, wolves are also territorial animals. And they don’t like the presence of other animals there. So if both wolves and coyotes are in the same area, then there will be blood also.

Fourthly, coyotes are also predators for many animals, but they are not strong like wolves. Moreover, coyotes don’t live in groups frequently like wolves, making them wolves prey in appropriate circumstances.

What Animals Hunt and Eat Coyotes?


However, coyotes are closely related to wolves, and like wolves, they are on the list of top predators. But as we know, in the wild, each and every member has to fight for a living. For not only food but also for their safety as well.

That’s why in for many other wild animal’s coyotes become their prey. Following is the list of those wild animals which are the predators of coyotes. So let’s have a detailed look at it.

Mountains Lion or Cougar:


Do cougars eat coyotes? Being on the list of top predator’s mountains, lions also known as cougar, panther, and puma, can easily hunt coyotes if they are hungry. Not only this, but they are also the predators of foxes, large animals when they are in group, and other rodents as well.

However, they are known as mountain lions because they can reach at any height even they have an average weight of 136 pounds.

Brown Bears:


However, these bears are healthier than coyotes and can reach the height of 8 feet with their average weight of 700 pounds. That’s why they are known as the coyote’s predators because coyotes are the way to smaller than brown bears.

So coyotes will never win from brown bears to hunt them. That’s why brown bears are on the list of coyote predators because they never hesitate to hunt coyotes to fill their tummies.

American Alligators:

However, American alligators are the predators of many animals, including coyotes. As they live in water, they hunt wile any animal drink water from that place. As, coyotes are the way to smaller than American alligators with 20 to 40-pound weight, while an American alligator can be 1000 pounds.

And a coyote cannot protect itself if once alligator attacks on it. Not only this, but it is impossible for any other animal to protect itself if an alligator catches it.

How Do Wolves Hunt Coyotes?

Before discussing the main question, let’s discuss measure the physical conditions of both coyotes and wolves. As wolves are close ancestors of coyotes, they are heavy than coyotes. Not only this, but wolves are longer than coyotes as well.

Because of it, a wolf can kill a coyote when it has an appropriate chance. But as coyotes are weaker than wolves, they can run fast and save themselves from a single wolf. It is also a reason that why coyotes think that they are safer when they are alone.

As they are not used to live in packs like wolves. But at the same time, wolves think opposite to coyotes. As when they are in the mood of hunting coyotes, they do in groups. So that they can spread like that coyotes cannot find a way to escape.

However, as both these wild animals are closely related, that’s why normally wolves ignore coyotes and don’t bother them. But they can hunt them when there is no other food available. Moreover, they can kill coyotes for territory purposes as well. But at the end of the day, for coyotes to save themselves from the wolf’s attack is difficult and impossible when they are in a group.

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What To Coyotes Eat?

However, coyotes have many predators, but they are the predators of several animals as well. Coyotes are omnivorous, opposite to their strictly carnivorous ancestors. However, coyote’s primary food consists of meat, but they can also eat plant base material.

Small Animals and Birds:

Coyotes used to hunt small animals than them. They are the predators of rabbits, ground squirrels, cats, skunks, raccoons, and other rodents. However, coyotes are used to live alone, and that’s why they hunt alone as well.

It is also a reason that they hunt small animals which they can hunt alone. Moreover, coyotes are opportunistic animals also that’s why they prefer easy prey to hunt.

Similarly, coyotes can eat birds as well. As they are not picky about their food, they can eat birds like pigeons, doves, etc.

Large Animals:

As wild animal’s coyotes are good hunters as well, and they can hunt large animals too. But they have to make a pack of coyotes for that. And when they are in a group to hunt, they can hunt even a bison as well.

Plant Matter:

Plants matter doesn’t make a primary source of their food, but they can eat during needed hours. As coyotes can eat grass, carrots, fruits like apples, blueberries, and peanuts, etc.

Which Are More Dangerous Wolves Are Coyotes?

However, both coyotes and wolves are wild animals and belong to the same family. Moreover, both these animals have numerous similarities that it becomes impossible to recognize them without proper knowledge about them for you.

However, when we compare these animals based on power, wolves are way too dangerous than coyotes. However, there are certain reasons behind it. As wolves are heavier than coyotes, they also lived and hunted in groups, making it impossible for prey to escape.

Final Thoughts:

Do wolves eat coyotes? Until now, you get the right idea about that question. As wild life has its fascinating ways to amaze us. That’s why despite sharing the same family and too many other similarities, they are still predators of each other.

However, wolves do not eat and frequently hunt coyotes, but they do when there is nothing to eat but a coyote. Moreover, to make a hold on a territory wolf can attack coyotes. But the actual point is that during this attack, for coyotes to escape almost became impossible.