Is Fabric Softener the Same as Detergent?

Fabric Softener vs Detergent

However, both fabric softener and detergent use for clothes. If you are curious about is fabric softener is the same as detergent?

Then this article will explore this idea. To navigate it if you want to know about the difference between fabric softener and detergent.

However, the purpose of using fabric softener and the detergent for cloths is different. As detergent use to clean the clothes.

Detergent has to clean your clothes from dirt, sweat, any stain on them, etc. Moreover, detergents have more chemicals and enzymes to wash your clothes.

But fabric softener is way different from detergents. As it is uses to keep the fabric strong even after multiple items of washing. Not only this, but it also helps to keep the material fresh and provides a fragrance.

Is Fabric Softener the Same as Detergent?

The precise answer to this question is no. A fabric softener is not the same as a detergent. Because detergents used to remove dust, sweat, stains, oil, and all debris.

But the fabric softener uses to keep clothes in good condition even after multiple washing items and it helps to keep clothes soft and fresh.

Moreover, both fabric softener and detergents are like the pair of conditioner and shampoo, respectively. As, we do shampoo to hair to clean them, and then we do conditioner to keep our hair soft, shiny, and fragrant.

Similarly, we use detergents to wash our clothes and get rid of all types of unnecessary germs. And then, after washing clothes, we use a fabric softener to keep them fresh, soft, and fragrant.

So, fabric softener and detergent both using for clothes, but their purpose of using is different. Therefore, fabric softener is not the same as detergent.