What is SEO Score? Explanation of recommended check tools and things to be aware of in order to increase your score

What is SEO Score

When you operate the site, what criteria do you use to make improvements?

I think it is difficult to improve the site without any indicators. Therefore, what we would like you to use for improvement is the SEO score, which is a numerical evaluation of the site.

Here, we will introduce a check tool for checking the SEO score of the site and what you want to be aware of in order to increase the SEO score.

In the first place, we will explain what you should be aware of in site management, so if you are involved in site management, please use it for site management.

What is SEO Score?

An SEO score is a private score used to determine a site’s search ranking.

SEO score can only be understood by search engines, and it is said that there are more than 200 evaluation items. Most of these assessments are private and we do not know your exact score.

Although it is impossible to know the perfect SEO score, you can score the evaluation of SEO measures by using a check tool. Based on this score, you will be able to take measures to improve your search ranking.

3 Recommended Tools to Check Your SEO Score

To check your SEO score, you need to use a checking tool.

Among them, the three check tools “MOZ”, “High Rating”, and “PageSpeedInsigt” have different areas of expertise, and by using each of them, you will be able to improve your site.

Understand the features of the three SEO check tools and make the most of them.

“MOZ” to score the SEO score of the domain

SEO check tool “MOZ” will be able to use various SEO tools by registering as a free member.

Although it is a site that has a worldwide reputation and reliability, one of the disadvantages is that it does not support Japanese. However, if you have knowledge of SEO measures, you can predict English to some extent, so it can be said that the value of using it is very high.

The three main tools you should use in “MOZ” are “Mozbar”, “Link Explorer” and “Keyword Explorer”.

“Mozbar” is a chrome extension that displays MOZ’s own domain ranking, page rank, spam score, and unlimited usage, making it a must-have tool for website owners.

“Link Explorer” can also obtain domain information such as original domain rank, spam score, and backlink URL in the same way, but unlike “Mozbar”, it has a usage limit of 10 times a month.

“Keyword Explorer” allows keyword analysis, although there is a limit of 10 times per month. The number of monthly keyword searches, SEO difficulty, etc. are quantified and can be used for SEO measures.

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“PageSpeedInsigt” for scoring the display speed

“PageSpeedInsigt” is a tool for measuring SEO scores provided by Google.

It mainly judges the page display speed of the site, and you can easily see the evaluation with a score of “0 to 100” and color coding.

It’s very easy to use, just enter the URL of the site you want to check in the box on the top page and click the “Analysis” button.

With just this simple operation, useful information such as current site speed judgment and improvement points will be provided separately for desktop and mobile pages.

If the site speed slows down, there are disadvantages such as an increase in the bounce rate of users and a decrease in search rankings, so improving the site speed is a major improvement point.

Especially regarding the bounce rate, it is said that the bounce rate increases by 32% when the site display time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds.

3 things to keep in mind to improve your SEO score

Here are three things to keep in mind to improve your SEO score.

  • Improve your content
  • Do internal SEO measures
  • Do external SEO measures

You can expect an increase in your SEO score by doing each correct measure, but there are also measures that you should not take.

If your site is not ranking well, I would like you to check once again whether your site is taking measures.

1. Improve the quality of your content

First, one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO score is to create quality content.

Quality content is essential to enhance user experience. If you put too much emphasis on SEO and only take measures for search engines, you will not be able to create high-quality content in the true sense of the word.

  • To differentiate itself from other similar sites for users
  • Provide useful information and create a highly satisfying site

By creating content with these points in mind, user convenience will increase and the evaluation from search engines will also increase.

2. Do internal SEO measures

The next step to improve your SEO score is internal SEO.

There are various internal SEO measures, and if you do one of them, the evaluation of the site will not increase.

According to Google’s guidelines, here are some examples:

  • Design your site with an easy-to-understand page hierarchy
  • Reduce load times by speeding up your site

Even in internal SEO measures, what must be emphasized is the convenience of users who visit the site.

Don’t forget that measures that ignore users by sticking too much to internal SEO will result in negative SEO as well.

In addition, there are some things that internal SEO should not do.

Typical examples are:

  • Installation of excessive external links
  • duplicate content
  • Duplicate metadata
  • Site speed is slow

If any of these apply to your site, please make corrections.

3. Do external SEO measures

The final measure to improve your SEO score is external SEO measures. External SEO is a measure to improve the reputation of a site by obtaining high-quality backlinks from external sites.

Getting links from high-quality sites will improve your search rankings, as search algorithms will see your site as a high-quality site.

External SEO measures cannot basically be taken by themselves. Google’s guidelines also prohibit acts such as using link programs and purchasing links for a fee, and these are judged to be malicious links.

If it is determined to be a malicious and fraudulent link, the search ranking will drop significantly, and in the worst case, the index will be deleted, and the site will not be reflected in the search results.

Please do not acquire illegal links as an external SEO measure.

Don’t get too hung up on your SEO score

If you are too conscious of your SEO score and make the wrong improvements, your site’s rating will drop. What matters is whether your site is useful to your users.

Search engines consider a good site to be one that provides original content that users are looking for, and one that has a user-friendly and easy-to-understand design structure.

If you only take SEO measures to increase your SEO score, you will end up with site management that does not face the users who visit the site, and as a result, it will lead to a lower SEO rating.

SEO score is just one metric. It is important to always create content with the users who visit the site first.


Numerical evaluation as an SEO score should be noted as one index for site management. Without a quantified rating, I don’t know how to improve my site.

However, if you only care about the SEO score numbers, you will end up with a site that leaves users behind, and as a result, the site’s rating will go down.

Keep in mind that the SEO score is only for reference, and proceed with site management and improvement.