Gold rush on the social networks


Picforfan is a social network founded in 2022 by Lois Martin

Description of PICFORFAN

The PICFORFAN social network was born with a view to satisfying both people who need to express themselves via networks and those who are looking to make ends meet. To better understand the idea of this project, it is appropriate to take a look at its context before presenting it.

1.Context of creation of the social network

The profession of influencer is one of the most coveted and most prominent today. Indeed, many Internet users, of all ages, dream of becoming icons and living from the services rendered online. This profession has strongly contributed to the rise of social networks of all kinds. PICFORFAN is a rather atypical social network because indeed, users access it to create content but not necessarily to become influencers.

2.Detailed presentation

PICFORFAN is a platform in which it is possible to share its photographic or videographic content. It is designed in a similar way to several other social networks. The interest is to share your highlights, meet people and make friends. It is a platform that is very popular with famous people but also by ordinary people. Nevertheless, PICFORFAN is a special network. The peculiarity of this social network is that it allows you to make money. While creating content.

Mode of operation of PICFORFAN

The PICFORFAN social network does not have a complex algorithm. In short, to access the platform, you must go through the home page to either register, or identify yourself if you are already registered. You can synchronize your account to your e-mail address in order to facilitate your accessibility to the platform. Once you are integrated into the network, you must stimulate the algorithm in order to have the maximum possible subscribers. By publishing content, you will be able to interest a large number of fans. They will be able to interact with you either by message by writing to you, or by exchanging content with you. The content is not censored. A control is nevertheless ensured by the team of the social network to avoid harassment and the proliferation of illegal content.
PICFORFAN is a partially free content publishing platform. Indeed, the total use of the network’s functionalities requires a lump sum payment. To attest to its relative partial free, we can highlight some basic features that do not cost anything such as creating a profile. On the other hand, access to a large part of the publications requires the payment of a sum of money.
This social network is available online regardless of your geographical location. Its platform is intuitive and simple to understand and use. In addition, the platform offers you two types of profiles. One is dedicated to people who want to watch other people’s content without publishing it themselves, and the other is dedicated to people who want to publish content to create a community of fans and make money quickly and attractively. The first profile is called user profile and the second of course is that of content creator.