Case hardened: what is the point?

Case hardened

Case hardened is one of the first patterns in the game. The main merit of such a different, and most importantly beautiful color scheme, is the mechanical processing of metal by heating it together with combustible substances.

As mentioned above, there are quite a few case hardened skins, they all have their own identity, so it’s worth considering them one by one. There are plenty of different weapons with such print at the moment. Since 2013, many different types of skins with this pattern have been released in various cases, from knives to MAC-10.

The advantage of case hardened is its wear resistance, because the weapon is not covered with paint, but was hardened by the natural properties of the metal, therefore, in almost any capacity, it has a presentable appearance.


Arms Deal 2 Collection

This skin was released in the next Weapon Case (CS:GO Weapon Case, edition #2). One of the few relatively inexpensive, but very beautiful pistols. Five-SeveN costs only $8.5 on the Steam Market.


Collection Dust 2 2021

A less popular device due to its narrow focus in the game, but we could not forget it. MAC-10 is a brand new skin but has already gained popularity among collectors and players. This color scheme is achieved in the same way, namely with the help of high temperatures and coals. MAC-10 will cost the buyer $22.


Arms Deal Collection

AK-47 was added to one of the very first cases, namely the CS:GO Weapon Case. The rifle itself is hardened with charcoal and high temperature. The surface is covered with various shades: yellow, purple, and blue. The last color on the list is very much appreciated in the community, because of this, the all-blue AK-47 can cost much more than its identical samples. AK-47 will cost you from $135.


The bayonet is one of the very first knives in the game. The world saw this skin with the release of The Arms Deal update. You can see this knife in 11 cases released in the period 2013-2015. If you look at the design itself, you can see various shades of yellow, purple, and blue, the handle itself is unpainted, and has a calm military tone. The approximate cost is $450 on various marketplaces.

Bowie knife

Bowie knife was released along with Operation Wildfire, the skin itself was in the case of the same name. The handle of the knife has a deep black color, and the blade has various shades inherent in hardening. Quality affects the appearance only in the last stages of wear, then the layer of patina becomes more visible. This knife can be found from $300.

Butterfly knife

The butterfly knife was added with the start of Operation Breakthrough. It was possible to knock out this knife from the Breakthrough operation case. The blade of the knife is covered with patterns due to hardening, and the handle remained unpainted. In poor quality, the knife loses its metallic sheen. The price for this copy is $1000.


Falchion was added along with Operation Bloodhound. This knife is available in the Falchion case. The whole body is covered with hardening, as this knife is folding. There are no scratches at any stage of wear. Approximate price is $200.


For such weapons, everything is quite simple and their price depends on the amount of blue on the game side. As a rule, case hardened on the playing side is from 20 to 30 percent blue, this is a common indicator and is not appreciated. More interesting further, starting from 40 to 50 percent blue, the knife will already have a price above the market and is valued more. Above 60 percent – a knife with this pattern will be rare, but this is not the maximum. The highest indicator is 100% blue.