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Here gets a comprehensive collection of VU past papers midterm 2018, 2019, and 2020. Additionally, you will find mega file of VU midterm past papers related to all codes of CS books. So, you can get solved objective and subjective midterm solved past papers. Besides these old papers, we have also designed online objective tests and quizzes for your complete preparation. In addition to this midterm solved past papers, we also provide you with vu final term solved papers. Here, we uploaded the solved objective and subjective sections of vu past papers final term of year 2018, 2019, and 2020. You can simply download the mega file of these papers by clicking the respective segment under a particular code of CS books. If you are worried about final preparation of upcoming virtual university exams, get excited now. Here, we make the complete preparation of final exams easy and quick. As, there’s no need to search for midterm objective or subjective papers of past year final exams. We are providing you with all CS books solved midterm and final term past papers 2018, 2019, and 2020. So, download the given files for free and make a strict schedule of practicing these vu past papers. Learn them fully and understand the whole concepts. After this practice, you will be able to understand the paper pattern of final vu exams. And thus, it will help you to perform better in exams. Furthermore, check your knowledge level by taking online MCQs quizzes or tests. By attempting these quizzes, you can analyze your learning concepts.

CS001 Solved Papers

Computer proficiency license (CS001) also known as VU-CPL is a computer training course for all the candidates of computer science who are interested to enhance their knowledge about computer and computer applications. And, after learning this course, students will be able to perform routine tasks on computer with ease. All VU students of computer science can download the vu solved past papers of CS001 by clicking the segments below.

CS101 Solved Papers

Introduction to programming is a study of understanding, writing, and developing programs. Computer programming also involves the analysis of algorithmic processes, available resources, accuracy, and implementation. And, below is a list of past year solved papers of CS201, so click on them to download for free.

CS201 Solved Papers

Introduction to programming is a study of understanding, writing, and developing programs. Computer programming also involves the analysis of algorithmic processes, available resources, accuracy, and implementation. And, below is a list of past year solved papers of CS201, so click on them to download for free.

CS202 Solved Papers

Fundamentals of front end development deals with determining and developing visual interface of a website for users. And, this front end development uses graphical techniques to create an interactive web interface using different programming languages. Here is a list of CS vu past papers midterm and final term of CS202 that you can download for free.

CS301 Solved Papers

Data structures is the study of organizing, managing, storing, and modifications of data. In addition, it also deals with the study of data storing formats enabling efficient access to data. Download the related vu solved past papers of CS301.

CS302 Solved Papers

Digital logic design is the study of producing computer input and out operations by using and manipulating simple numbers. Moreover, it is a sub-discipline in computer, software, and electrical engineering. Below are links of solved CS302 past papers for the candidates of virtual university.

CS304 Solved Papers

Object oriented programming is a digital programming of objects containing data and codes. And, this digital programming is supported by several other programming languages like java, c++, JavaScript, PHP, and object pascal. Here is one click download solved past papers of CS304.

CS401 Solved Papers

Computer architecture is a set of all the essential rules and principles about the basic functions, organization, and implementation of the computer systems with the help of programming languages. Now, download the past year vu papers of CS401 given below, for free.

CS402 Solved Papers

Theory of automata deals with the study of automata or abstract electrical machines. In addition, automata theory also studies related computational issues of such machines. Below are the respective links of the past year CS402 papers.

CS403 Solved Papers

Database management systems is a set of computer software that are manipulating, retrieving, and managing data for database. In addition, it controls the basic structure and format of respective database data. Now, you can get all the solved vu past papers final term and midterm of CS403 by clicking the given segments.

CS408 Solved Papers

Human computer interaction is design research that deals with the development of human interactive web designs and interfaces. And, it also deals with the development of computer technologies that allow users to interact with computer in different ways. Below are the links of cs408 past year papers and online quizzes.

CS411 Solved Papers

Visual programming is a language that allows humans to develop computer programs by manipulating data visually or graphically rather than textually. So, it involves the study of illustrations of program elements. Here are past year papers of CS411 with online quizzes.

CS501 Solved Papers

Advance computer architecture includes the study of a set of principle methods and rules for setting up advance structure of computer systems. And, it uses advance computer programming languages and techniques to design advance architecture of computers. Click on the below segments to download respective old papers of CS501.

CS502 Solved Papers

Fundamentals of algorithms is a study of basic introduction to algorithmic processes and sets of rules that specify the respective algorithmic operations. Basically, the main purpose of this course is to provide students with basic and essential knowledge about computer algorithms. Here are solved old papers of CS502 for your further understandings and preparation.

CS504 Solved Papers

Software engineering involves the study of development of systematic computer applications or software. In addition, it also studies the basic principles of designing, developing, maintaining, analyzing, and evaluating software. Here are vu old papers of CS504 for software engineers.

CS506 Solved Papers

It is a set of two terms, designing of web and developing a new website. Web design and development is the study of creating and designing a website. And, it involves in the determining the functionality of website and interface of a website. Below is a list of vu final term past year papers and midterm papers of CS506 that you can download for free.

CS507 Solved Papers

Information system is a formal or organizational system that performs functions like collection, processing, storing, and distribution of information. Moreover, it is a system that interpret information and is designed by people and computers. Here is the list of solved vu old papers of CS507.

CS508 Solved Papers

Modern programming languages include Julia, Dart, Swift, and TypeScript. And, the main purpose of this computer course is to provide basic knowledge and understandings to students about these advance programming languages. Now you can download objective and subjective parts of vu past papers midterm and final term of CS508 by clicking on the respective segments below.

CS601 Solved Papers

Data communication involves all the processes by which data exchanges between source and receiver. And, data communicates with other devices thorough communication channels such as different wires or wireless channels. The solved old year papers of CS601 are given below, so download them for further practice.

CS602 Solved Papers

Computer graphics deals with the study of principle methods of creating, managing, and manipulating visual content. Moreover, it is a sub-discipline of computer science and has broad applications and implementations in the computer field. Here are vu papers of previous years of CS602.

CS604 Solved Papers

Operating systems are system software that controls and manages tasks on the computer software and hardware. And, without operating systems, computers cannot perform any task or operation. Basically, the main purpose of teaching this course is to guide students about the basics and importance of operating systems. There are vu previous year papers of CS604 for the computer science candidates.

CS605 Solved Papers

Software engineering involves the development of computer software and applications that perform particular functions. And thus, it involves the study of developing, managing, and implementation of software. Below are the links of previous year papers of CS605 and online quizzes.

CS606 Solved Papers

Compiler construction focuses on the study of relationship between machines and languages. Therefore, there are variety of useful techniques which are helpful in the compiler construction. Moreover, you can get further knowledge by downloading respective papers of CS606.

CS607 Solved Papers

Artificial intelligence is a course that concerns with the simulation of human processes of intelligence with computers or other electronic machines. And, it is also a basic knowledge for the candidates of computer science. Enhance your knowledge about artificial intelligence by practicing given CS vu past papers of CS607.

CS609 Solved Papers

System programming is sub-discipline of computer science concerning with designing, writing, and developing programs for computer system. These programs allow user to execute tasks more effectively and precisely. Here are all CS vu past papers final term and midterm of CS609, so that you can download them and practice them to know further about system programming.

CS610 Solved Papers

Computer network is a group of connected computers that share and circulate resources. Through computer networks, data circulate from one source to another easily. And, it is a connection of different computers that communicate data. Get the previous year solved papers of CS610 from the segments below.

CS614 Solved Papers

Data warehousing is a management system that mange as well as store data in required formats. Basically, data warehousing is a system of managing and analyzing data effectively. Below is a list of papers of CS614 that you can download for free.

CS615 Solved Papers

Software project management is a system of planning, leading, and managing software projects. And, it is a project management discipline that plan, implement, monitor, and control all the software projects. Here we provide you with previous year papers of CS615 that you can gat for free.

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