Best Novelty Baking Gifts for UK Bakers

Novelty Baking Gifts

Now improve your skills with this super selection of novelty baking gifts.

Your kitchen must have this selection because we have collect thing for almost every type or taste so that you can enjoy having these beautiful Novelty Gifts.

It contains novelty aprons and cake tins to humorous baking molds and utensils.

1. Ninjabread Cookie Cutters

Cut your cookies in new way with these different ninja action cutters, these cutters made with food safe plastic so can cut cookies without damaging your hands.

Your children will love it to seeing their cookies in different style and also you can give these cutters as gift because it come with a beautiful gift box.

Ninjabread Cookie Cutters
Ninjabread Cookie Cutters

About this item

  • Includes 3 Ninja Men biscuit cutters
  • Also include cookie recipe and a beautiful gift box
  • Made with food-safe ABS plastic
  • Safe to use

2. Personalised Wooden Chopping Board

Every kitchen needs a chopping Board let’s buy a fun chopping board that contain the text “oh crepe!” and at the bottom line engrave that you want a message or anything.

This will make your chopping board special you can give it to your love ones as a baking gift. If your girlfriend spent most of her time in the kitchen it could be a best baking gift for her.

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Wooden Chopping Board
Wooden Chopping Board

About this item

  • A round Wooden chopping board
  • Contain engraved word “Oh crepe!” and a message you want
  • Best gift for a baker, friends or family
  • Amazing on Display

3. MUFFIN TOPS Cupcake Moulds

If you want to add fun in baking buy these different style muffin tops, we all have seen muffin tops before but not like this, it’s a jean style cupcake pants and available in different colors. Amaze your friend or family by giving them this amazing gift

MUFFIN TOPS Cupcake Moulds
MUFFIN TOPS Cupcake Moulds

About this item

  • 4 muffin tops in each pack
  • Comes in colorful gift box
  • Includes baking tips inside
  • Fill these jean-style pants with your favorite cake batter

4. Anti-Gravity Cakes Book

Anti-gravity cakes book contains many tips to make a cake in fun way, this book will help you to make your cake in way, it will look like the gravity-free.

Now bake sweet cakes and amaze your love one, It will be a great fun for your children because children loves to seeing amazing things like that.

Anti-Gravity Cakes Book
Anti-Gravity Cakes Book
  • Bake cakes that don’t make gravitational sense
  • Awe-inspiring and often amusing
  • Fantastic way to create a show-stopping conversation piece

5. Blueberry Muffin Baking Cups

Blueberry muffin baking cups made for those who loves baking or eating muffins because it’s made of silicone berry boxes sized perfectly for baking muffins.

Pic this beautifully designed boxes and enjoy baking muffins with them or you can give this gift to your love ones.

Blueberry Muffin Baking Cups
Blueberry Muffin Baking Cups

About this item

  • 4 pure silicone baking cups
  • Give fresh look to your table
  • Best gift for family or friends

6. Crosscut Cake and Salad Saw

You have seen many of cake cutters but now cut cakes in fun way with this saw, this saw looks like a carpenter’s hand saw, this will add too much fun in cake cutting. It will make every one laugh when you cut the cake with this saw.

Crosscut Cake and Salad Saw
Crosscut Cake and Salad Saw

About this item

  • This saw contains sharp serrated edge
  • Measurements: 12” long and x 3.5” tall
  • Shaped like carpenter’s saw
  • Features: durable, food-safe and dishwasher safe

7. Vintage Cupcake Holder Set

Rotatable cupcake holder set is really fun for cupcake lovers because it’s made in way to look beautiful, now bake sweet cupcakes and serve with this cupcake holder that can hold 8 cupcakes.

It’s perfect for every event because it give new look to your table. Serving cupcakes with this stand will amaze your friends and family.

Vintage Cupcake Holder Set
Vintage Cupcake Holder Set

About this item

  • Made with stainless steel
  • Chrome-plated to give you and elegant finish
  • The Wheel is free to rotate
  • It can holds 8 cupcakes

8. Jaffa Cake Gin

Jaffa cake gin has amazing taste best for those who love eating cakes because it can be use with cakes or can be simply enjoyed with ice and lemonade.

A best gift for your love ones buy this Jaffa cake gin for your family, friend or enjoy this at any time.

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Jaffa Cake Gin
Jaffa Cake Gin

About this item

  • Welcome to your new favorite gin
  • distilled with fresh oranges, orange peel, cocoa powder
  • Best gift for anyone