Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites & Cake Tins Collection for UK Bakers

Mary Berry Gifts

There are several methods of cooking food, but baking is the most common and delightful method. It is the more precise way of preparing food as it uses dry heat, which is usually done in special kinds of ovens. Interestingly, it is an ancient method that relates to early civilizations. But, it improves a lot today just because of using new techniques and appropriate baking tools. For instance, Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites and Mary Berry Cake Tins Collection are of great importance in this regard.

Mary Berry is famous for her high-level baking skills and techniques. She might be world-renowned food and baking expert and thus known as the Queen of Cakes. Baking is enjoyable when you use suitable and proper tools. So, follow Mary’s baking recipes with the stunning Mary Berry Cake Tins Collection and Bake wares.

Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites

If you want to get into baking? Or, already bake but want to bake completely outfit your kitchen with the ultimate package of kitchen Favourites, then luckily you are at the right place. Now, upgrade your baking expertise with the Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites. Surely, it will enrich your baking proficiency.

This collection of Mary Berry Baking Gifts encloses Mary Berry Cake Tins, Mary Berry traybake tins, Mary Berry apron, Cook wares, and all the baking accessories as well. Obviously, you have no need to purchase all the items mentioned below, but hopefully, this content helps you a lot in choosing the right bake wares.

No doubt, it is an amazing Gift Collection for your loved ones. Thus, use this package of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites as a gift for your baking lover friends, and it will definitely delight them. In addition, it gives a stylish look to your kitchen baking utensils.

1. Mary Berry Loaf Tin

From birthday parties to wedding celebrations and holidays, we celebrate these beautiful moments over a slice of a cake. Thus, cakes usually take center stage on the refreshment tables at important events.

To bake a better quality cake with a smooth structure, Mary Berry cake tin is something that is important. Because to bake a cake, you have to put it into a cake tin.

Mary Berry Best Kitchen Favourites

As the cake tins are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes, so you have to be selective in choosing the right cake tin. You can find all the desired features in the Mary Berry Loaf Tin, which is specially developed with Mary Berry, ”the Queen of Cakes”.

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This fashionable package covers all the standard sizes of cake tin that we can use again and again. In addition, each cake tin is labeled on its base so that you can see at a glance which tin you are reaching for.

mary berry kitchen favourites
mary berry kitchen favourites

Features of this item:

  • High-quality baking tin
  • Made of strong carbon steel to give you years and years of great service
  • Also coated with non-stick layers for easy release of all your bakes
  • Available exclusively to Lakeland customers
  • Other tins are also available in the same range
  • Product of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites

2. Mary Berry Sandwich Cake Tin

Use Mary Berry Sandwich Cake Tin for perfect and even results every time. It will allow you to bake amazing Sandwich Cakes. Whether it is a rich chocolate bake or a classic sponge, it works perfectly.

Just because of its steel construction and non-stick coating, it gives even heating results and superior cake release. And, you can release your food flawlessly and intact. Because of its non-stick coating, it allows you to cook with little or no addition grease for proper results.

Moreover, it has the finest coating layers which ensure that every batch of sandwich cake is the same. And, this coating also distributes heat evenly and makes the pieces a dream to clean.

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mary berry cake tins
mary berry cake tins

Qualities of this item:

  • High-quality baking tin
  • Made of sturdy carbon steel
  • Resistant to wrapping in the oven
  • Safe up to temperatures of 230°C or 450°F
  • Latest non-stick coating for exceptional food release
  • Effortless clean-up and dishwasher safe for added convenience
  • Perfect, even heat performance
  • Product of Mary Berry Cake Tins collection

3. Mary Berry Deep Cake Tin

Whether you love the creativity of baking and decorating a cake, making something as beautiful as it is delicious. And, if you love desserts, cakes or sweet treats that are universally appealing. Then, this deep cake tin is an ideal choice for you.

It is perfect for the making of delicious fruit and sponge cakes, also including impressive wedding and birthday party cakes. Additionally, with its loose base and a double non-stick coating, it ensures easy release of your delicate cake.

Top Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites

Generally, every baker wants the flat and even rising of cake. And, it doesn’t have to run over the edges or sink in the middle. Also, it bakes evenly throughout with just a hint of a crust at the top and edges.

If you are also looking for a deep baking tin, then you are at the right place. Here’s a collection of Mary Berry Cake tins that will surely enrich your baking expertise.

mary berry collection
mary berry collection

About this item:

  • High-quality baking tin
  • In addition, it is made of non-stick coated carbon steel
  • Its diameter is 20cm
  • Heat resistant up to 230°C
  • Also dishwasher safe
  • Product of Mary Berry Cake tins collection

4. Mary Berry Traybake Cake Tin

Mary Berry, as an author, Television Presenter, celebrity chef, and general baking expert, knows a thing or two more about baking. From lemon meringue pie to traybakes, her sweet treats are just amazing, and her Victoria sponge is wonderful.

That’s why she is well known as the Queen of Cakes. So, try the Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites and enhance your baking skills like Mary. From roasting to baking, no kitchen is complete without this Mary Berry traybake tin. No doubt, a good quality tray bake cake tin is a kitchen staple.

And, if you have a passion for achieving the baking expertise just like Mary’s, then follow her recipes with the Mary Berry traybake tin, and thus success is guaranteed.

There is a quite difference between entry-level and premium quality baking trays. So, review all the features of traybake cake tins before selecting them to purchase. Of course, this selection influences your baking art. Here is a Mary Berry traybake Cake tin for you that is ideal for pies, cakes, and brownies of all shapes and sizes.

mary berry kitchen favourites
mary berry kitchen favourites

Features of this item:

  • Perfect for all your 12” x 9” tray bake recipes such as brownies or flapjack
  • The metal hard, non-stick coating both inside and out retains its superior food release
  • Also dishwasher safe
  • And, oven safe up to 230°C
  • The larger tray size is L38cm, W30cm
  • And, the smaller tray size is L35cm, W25cm
  • Product of Mary Berry traybake tins collection

5. Mary Berry Storage Tin

The Mary Berry storage tin is a set of 3 cake tins. It is a fashionable box that will surely add a stylish look to any home kitchen. And, each container comes in favorable colors of cream and pastel, with a beautiful goose and fern design.

Now finish off your kitchen in style with this set of ceramic storage tins, ideal for adding a touch of vintage-inspired style to your kitchen. Interestingly, these storage tins are part of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites. And, these create an eye-catching addition to any home kitchen.

Moreover, the mixture of designs will look lovely on your counter and coordinate perfectly with the rest of the baking collection. Mary’s storage tins are just amazing for the keen bakers who take pride in the kitchen accessories they use to prepare and present the delicious bake.

Whether you have a plan of giving away cookies, cakes, biscuits, or any bakery products to your family friends, then it is a really heart-warming present for them.

Mary Berry Storage Tin
Mary Berry Storage Tin

About this item:

  • Each Storage Tin is 17cm in the height and 11.3cm in the diameter
  • Furthermore, each container has a capacity of up to 1.7 liters
  • Featuring air-tight silicone seal lids
  • These storage tins are Ideal for the storage purpose of any bake goods
  • Product of Mary Berry cake tins collection
  • But, these are not dishwasher safe

6. Kenwood Mary Berry Hand Mixer

No matter whether you are whipping egg whites for meringues, beating them for a delicious omelet, or blending cake ingredients, this wonderful hand mixer will surely an efficient friend.

The Kenwood hand mixer is a product of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites. And, it will surely save your time and efforts. So, make your all mixing tasks easy with this wonderful item.

Both Kenwood and Mary truly believe that happiness is home made. And, the Bread, cakes, meringues, biscuits, and home-bakes all taste better, yet it doesn’t need any hard work.

The Kenwood hand mixer comes with a tidy cord clip which ensures that it stays wrapped around the handle of the mixer when you pack it away. Also, it has a 5-speed setting plus pulse function. Furthermore, there’s a simple switch makes it easy to click through the speeds as your beating ingredients combine.

And, if you need a short burst of top speed, just push the switch forward for a pulse. In addition, the motor will operate for as long as the pulse is held in position.

Kenwood Mary Berry Hand Mixer
Kenwood Mary Berry Hand Mixer

Qualities of this item:

  • Stainless steel beater with 280W powerful motor
  • Makes mixing easy and provides superb results
  • Having 3 variable speeds and a pulse function makes light work of any folding, mixing, or whisking
  • Compact design for easy storage, even in smaller kitchens with detachable beaters for cleaning
  • Product of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites
  • But, its detachable beaters are hand-wash only

7. Mary Berry Mixing Bowls

Now, make the mixing of multiple mixtures in one session with the wonderful collection of Mary Berry Mixing Bowls. It is a set of 3 stainless steel mixing bowls also including lids and silicone non-slip bases. Thus, you can make your mixing and whisking as easy as possible.

These bowls are lightweight than glass and ceramic bowls, which makes them easy to handle, even ideal for young bakers.

Also, these are available in 3 different sizes, inner measurements with quart and liter markings for easy measuring. And, the spout allows easy pouring, and the fitting lids of all the bowls keep your food fresh.

Moreover, these are perfect for preparing cake muffins, pancake batters, bread dough, whisking eggs, cake mixtures, and much more.

Mixing Bowls
Mixing Bowls

Features of this item:

  • Coming in 2.2, 4.3 and 4.8 liter sizes with non-slip bases
  • Moreover, it is a nest for storage
  • Also dishwasher safe
  • Mirror-polished interior with lids
  • Part of Mary Berry with Lakeland range

8. Mary Berry Cups and Spoons

Add some great British baking glamour to your breakfast with egg cups and spoon set, the Mary Berry collection. This set will definitely add an elegant vintage look to your table.

And, this set includes china egg cups with porcelain handled spoons. These cups and spoons are designed beautifully.

Perfectly, it is designed to fit on your breakfast table. Surely, you can use this decorating piece as a beautiful present to give to your family friends.

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Mary Berry Cups
Mary Berry Cups

About this item:

  • Set includes 2 egg cups and spoons in a gift box
  • The height of the cup is 20.4cm, its width is 15.8cm, and its depth is 6.3cm
  • The cup is made of porcelain
  • The spoons are made of stainless steel with a fine feather detail
  • Part of Mary Berry cake forks collection

9. Mary Berry Apron

This cotton kitchen Mary Berry apron features a trendy goose print design with varying mint green ties which will make a fashionable statement in your kitchen.

Its large useful pocket is ideal for holding recipes and other bits and bobs. Also, the suitable metal fastener at the neck and double-wrap waist ties give a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, it has a beautiful fern design and creates an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

mary berry kitchen favourites
mary berry kitchen favourites

About this item:

  • Made of 100% cotton with the beautiful fern design
  • Also have neck and waist strap of suitable length
  • Washable
  • Don’t wash it with clothes of dark colors
  • And, don’t dry it directly in the sunshine

Product of Mary Berry Kitchen Favourites