Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Chemistry Sindh Board


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Chemistry Class 12 Sindh Board

Chemistry as a subject of studying elements and compound is an elective subject for both pre-medical and pre-engineering students of class 12. And according to the Sindh board pattern you have to prepare this subject for both traditional chemistry exams and university entrance exams as well. But this cannot be possible without the supervision of proper chemistry notes. To help you in the preparation of any chemistry exam we are offering you the best adamjee notes for class 12 chemistry. 

Class 12 chemistry is divided into two parts named inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Keeping in mind this division we also divide our adamjee note according to each part.

Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Chemistry

Chapter 1: Periodic Classification


Chapter 2: Ehydrogen


Chapter 3: S-Block Elements


Chapter 4: P-Block Elements


Chapter 5: D-Block Elements


Chapter 6: Introduction to Organic Chemistry


Chapter 7: Chemistry of Hydrocarbons


Chapter 8: Alkyl Halides


Chapter 9: Carbon Compounds with Oxygen Containing Functional Groups


Chapter 10: Chemistry of Life (Bio-Chem)


Chapter 11: Chemical Industries in Pakistan


Past Papers


Having notes for any subject is necessary as notes help you to understand the concepts better. Moreover, a set of proper notes should be divided into required portions according to the need of every category. Covering every aspect of the paper according to the Sindh board is also a sign of good and proper notes.

Fortunately, you can get all these properties in our adamjee chemistry notes for class 12. These notes will help you to ace the preparation of your chemistry exam according to the pattern and syllabus of the Sindh board.

These adamjee notes will provide you the following detailed notes of,

Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs

The first question of your chemistry exam will consist of MCQs. And to help you in the solution of this question we are giving you the MCQs of every chapter in our adamjee notes.

Explanation Of Theory

Long questions of your chemistry exam will consist of theoretical topics from the chapters. To help you in attempting these questions every single theoretical topic is well-explained. Not only this, but in adamjee chemistry notes, every theory topic consists of subheadings according to the requirement.

Home Assignments

You can get this portion at the end of every chapter of both organic and inorganic parts. These home assignments will help you to revise your learning about the specific chapter.


In adamjee chemistry notes for class 12, you can get the portion of miscellaneous at the end of the notes. This portion contains practice questions, differentiation of organic compounds by simple chemical tests, and past comprehensive papers.

All these portions are summarized into adamjee notes for class 12 chemistry. Moreover, you can download all these notes in PDF Format as well. Not only chemistry notes but you can also download a pdf of the adamjee notes for all the other subjects of class 12.