Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Commercial Geography in Urdu and English Sindh Board


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Geography Class 12 Sindh Board

The study of commercial geography means that you have to study the commodities of a specific place and their paths of transportation. As a student of class 12 you should know about the commodities of your country and its transportations. That’s why the Sindh board include this subject for class 12. It means that not only do you have to study the commercial geography of Pakistan but you have to prepare for exams. And to help we are here with adamjee notes for class 12 commercial geography in Urdu and English.

These adamjee notes will help you to ace your preparation of commercial geography in class 12 of the Sindh board. Let’s have a look that what these notes offer.

Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Commercial Geography in Urdu and English

Long Questions and Answers


Short Questions And Answers


As in commercial geography, you have to study Pakistan’s commodities in detail. For example, in the commercial geography about Pakistan you have to study the following chapter;

  • The establishment Of Pakistan
  • History Of Pakistan
  • Establishment Of An Islamic Democratic State
  • The Land Of Pakistan
  • The Culture Of Pakistan
  • Language Of Pakistan
  • Economic Planning And Development
  • Pakistan And Comity Of Nations

In all the above-mentioned chapters you have to study and prepare for your commercial geography exams according to the Sindh board syllabus. That’s why focusing on this point we are providing you the adamjee notes of this subject both in English and in Urdu.

These adamjee notes will help you to prepare your MCQs, short questions, and long questions. As all these questions collectively make the exam of commercial geography of class 12.

Furthermore, you can download all these adamjee notes in PDF format. And the notes of all the other subjects of class 12 are also available according to Sindh board pattern and you can get their PDF as well.