Can You Eat Raw Mushrooms? Here’s What You Should Know

can you eat mushrooms raw

Mushrooms taste delicious in light salads and are very healthy. But, can you eat raw mushrooms? Here, we will describe all about this question and also clear other queries related to raw mushrooms.

Everyone knows that toadstools are not good for the body and can even have life-threatening effects. But what about non-toxic mushrooms that people eat raw?

More and more mushrooms are no longer just fried, baked and steamed, they are also eaten raw. Particularly, salads are garnished with it. Usually, it is mushroom that romps among the green leaves and tomatoes.

Let’s explore this article to find an answer to the question, can you eat raw mushrooms?

Mushrooms are one of the few types of mushrooms that you can eat raw without hesitation. In nature, you can usually only find mushrooms in late summer and autumn when the mushrooms are in season.

You can enjoy mushrooms from cultivated cultures all year round. You should definitely pay attention to organic quality. This way, you can ensure that no pesticides have been used and that the cultivation has been carried out gently.

Before you go about the raw mushrooms, you should consider a few things:

Prepare Cultivated Mushrooms

Usually, these are not bad for the body either. Cultivated mushrooms such as mushrooms, and shiitake, oyster mushrooms or herbal mushrooms are suitable for raw consumption.

However, there are a few things to consider with these mushrooms. Of course, they also have to be cleaned very thoroughly.

Often it is even advisable to remove the upper skin of the mushroom with a sharp knife for raw consumption.

Freshness Is Important

In addition, the mushrooms should be as fresh as possible. Undamaged, plump mushrooms that have not yet shriveled are quite suitable.

raw mushrooms
raw mushrooms

You can also recognize a fresh mushroom by the cut surface: For example, the white mushroom should be as light as possible, then it is fresh.

Nevertheless, the mushrooms should rather be eaten raw in small quantities, as they can still cause intolerance and stomach upset. It is best to slice the mushrooms into thin slices.

Few Tips About How Can You Eat Raw Mushrooms

  • Be sure to brush and clean the mushrooms thoroughly before consuming them.
  • Chew the mushrooms carefully. They are difficult to digest and otherwise lie in the stomach for a long time.
  • Not everyone can tolerate raw mushrooms. If you are not sure, test smaller amounts beforehand. Bowel noises or gas may initially be a normal body reaction if you rarely eat mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms are very healthy and provide many valuable nutrients. Nevertheless, you should consume them in moderation so as not to strain your digestion too much.

Did You Know?

Interestingly, white and brown mushrooms hardly differ from each other. The white mushrooms taste a little more nutty, while the brown version has a stronger aroma.

Can You Eat All Raw Mushrooms?

is it safe to eat raw mushrooms
is it safe to eat raw mushrooms

If you make this statement, you probably mean only mushrooms from the supermarket, or at best, some types of boletus or very few wild mushrooms in small quantities.

Even the readily available oyster mushrooms in the markets are not recommended in their raw state.

It is absolutely wrong that you can eat all types of Raw Mushrooms. And, its main reason is that various mushrooms often cause poisoning.

This poisoning does not arise because the mushrooms were old or bad, but because you cannot consume every type of mushroom raw without running the risk of damage to health with sometimes long-term consequences.

In this article, you will find out which mushrooms you can eat raw without hesitation and which varieties you should keep your hands off in the raw state.

In addition, a small overview of possible symptoms and consequential damage of eating raw mushrooms.

Which Types of Raw Mushrooms Are Safe to Eat?

I have scoured a number of sources on the Internet and in my mushroom books. And, after long research, I only found a few really harmless types of mushrooms (with reservation) that you can eat raw.

Despite everything, they can cause digestive problems in sensitive people, especially if too many of the mushrooms are consumed.

I eat Raw Mushrooms in a maximum amount of 100 grams and have no sensitive stomach or intestines with regard to the digestion of the very high fiber food.

However, this varies greatly from person to person and depends both on the digestive capacity of the individual and on the available intestinal bacteria and bowel activity, as well as other factors.

List of Mushrooms That You Can Eat Raw:

  • Mushrooms
  • Boletus
  • Truffle
  • Ice mushroom
  • Reddish / salmon-colored gelatinous funnel
  • Kaiserling

Some mushroom pickers report that the following mushrooms are also eaten raw in very small quantities.

brown boletus growing
brown boletus growing

Under no circumstances would I recommend consuming these types of mushrooms or even do them myself, as these mushrooms can also contain small to moderate amounts of poisons with harmful effects on health or, in the case of raw chanterelles, for example, are extremely difficult to digest!)

  • Oyster mushrooms / oyster mushrooms(contain poisonous haemolysins, also not a good taste when you eat raw)
  • Chestnuts(also contain poisons when you eat raw!)
  • Chanterelles(very difficult to digest)
  • King oyster mushrooms(supposedly edible raw in very small quantities, but it is better not to avoid them raw)
  • Shiitake(difficult to digest, not good in taste when raw and allergic reactions are possible!)

I would take absolutely no unnecessary risks here. The oyster mushrooms, for example, are haemolytic in their raw state despite their relatively low poisonous content in comparison to other types of mushrooms. And, their poison leads to the destruction of red blood cells.

In general, only eat those Raw Mushrooms, which have many years of experience with scientifically based studies or precise evaluations of their ingredients and which are harmless in the raw state.

So, you should definitely keep your hands off all other raw mushroom varieties, as they could have extremely dangerous health side effects.

Why You Cannot Eat Every Mushroom Raw?

Mostly, mushrooms cannot be eaten raw, because at best, they only lead to severe digestive problems or contain many toxins that are only destroyed by heat.

Hemolysin toxins in the mushrooms, such as pleurotolysin are very dangerous toxins that lead to a breakdown of the red blood cells and, in the worst case, can be fatal.

There are also countless substances that can only be rendered harmless after the mushrooms have been properly cooked.

So, keep your hands off raw oyster mushrooms and chestnuts, even if some mushroom pickers only recommend tiny amounts of these varieties for consumption.

Personally, I prefer to rely on science here and only eat the mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and truffles raw to a small extent.

As further exceptions, the Kaiserling, the ice mushroom and the salmon-colored gelatinous funnel would come into consideration, but I personally have no experience with them.

Which Types of Mushrooms You Should Not Eat Raw

There are some types of mushrooms where raw consumption has very dangerous consequences.

is it ok to eat raw mushrooms
is it ok to eat raw mushrooms

Although, it is mostly very tasty mushrooms, if they are boiled or fried, in however raw state, these fungi are harmful and deadly even in some cases because of their high concentrations of poison. With some varieties, the devastating effect occurs even after small amounts.

The following types of mushrooms should never eat raw:

  • Red caps
  • Hallimasch
  • Pearl mushrooms
  • Flaky-stemmed witch bolete
  • Birch mushrooms
  • Parasol mushrooms
  • Edel Reizker
  • Morel
  • May mushroom
  • All kinds of deafblings!
  • Inks

Possible Symptoms After Eating Raw Mushrooms

First of all, mushroom poisoning is absolutely no “minor matter” and, in the worst case, can become life-threatening.

And, this applies not only to the consumption of real poisonous mushrooms, but also especially to the consumption of incompletely cooked or completely raw mushrooms, which are considered edible mushrooms, but must be boiled or fried well before eating.

But, in cases where edible mushrooms with poisonous effects were consumed in their raw state inappropriately and in the case of absolutely all poisonous mushrooms, a doctor must be consulted immediately in the event of corresponding symptoms and the emergency call should not be shy of here.

Possible symptoms and damage from eating raw mushrooms or not properly heated mushrooms that are considered edible mushrooms when cooked but are poisonous when raw:

  • Nausea
  • Vomit
  • Stomach pain and stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps
  • Arrhythmias and severe palpitations
  • Increased or decreased pulse
  • Significant fluctuations in blood pressure
  • Blue lips
  • Severe circulatory problems
  • Coma
  • Internal bleeding, especially the intestines and digestive organs
  • Dissolution of the red blood cells
  • Kidney failure, liver failure, organ donation may be necessary in some cases
  • In the worst case, death

Special Care For Inexperienced Mushroom Pickers

New mushroom pickers in particular and vegan raw food enthusiasts, can easily confuse mushrooms that are raw edible with raw inedible species.

Mushroom Pickers
Mushroom Pickers

So, mushroom pickers who have little experience and sometimes professionals among mushroom hunters should go to a mushroom advice center.

Since there are more and more vegans, especially raw vegans, who sometimes have nothing to do with mushrooms, but simply want to try everything raw out of curiosity, I can definitely advise them to learn some basic knowledge about this topic.

As a beginner, to be on the safe side, only take mushrooms from the supermarket in organic quality or high-quality conventional goods to eat raw.

But, going to collect mushrooms in the forest without experience and then also eat the Raw Mushrooms can backfire very badly!

Can You Eat Wild Mushrooms Raw?

Wild mushrooms can be infested with parasites, the best-known types are probably the classic tapeworm and the fox tapeworm.

wild mushrooms
wild mushrooms

But, the risk of tapeworm or fox tapeworm infection is relatively low in non-risk areas when eating raw mushrooms. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of this and eat wild Raw Mushrooms at their own risk and not harm anyone who is ignorant.

But mostly, wild mushrooms are poisonous when you eat raw. Therefore, you should always cook chestnut boletus, pearl mushrooms, chanterelles or honey mushrooms before you bite into them.

The latter, in particular is often responsible for mushroom poisoning in Germany. The fox tapeworm can also be transmitted via raw wild mushrooms.

So, this is another reason why it is important to cook them completely through with almost all types of mushrooms.

Can You Warm Up Mushrooms?

Contrary to popular belief, reheating mushrooms is not a problem. Keep in mind that the fungi directly cooled after the first boil as quickly as possible back down and then covered in the refrigerator store.

The next day at the latest, you should eat the prepared mushrooms and heat them to at least 70 degrees beforehand.

This Is How Healthy Mushrooms Are

Mushrooms are also tasty and edible raw. Since they are not exposed to heat during preparation, they retain their valuable nutrients and vitamins.

nutrients and vitamins
nutrients and vitamins

The mushrooms provide a lot of important fibers. They also stimulate intestinal activity and thus get the digestion going. In this way, toxins are swept out of the body quickly.

In addition, mushrooms are rich in minerals such as potassiumiron and zinc. The mushrooms are also rich in biotin, folic acid and other B vitamins. These active ingredients are said to have a positive influence on the complexion and hair.

At the same time, 100g mushrooms contain only 20 calories. This makes them very suitable as a healthy snack – cut into fine slices and refined with balsamic cream and garlic.

Final Words

You can eat Raw Mushrooms to a very limited extent, both in terms of choice and quantity.

As we discuss earlier, there are different types of toxins present in raw mushrooms. Although, there are also some varieties without toxic chemicals. But, you have to be very careful before eating them raw.

Mushrooms are very healthy foods. Some active ingredients in mushrooms can be an enrichment for health and wellbeing in terms of vitamin content, and minerals and trace elements.

As a raw vegan, you unfortunately cannot enjoy the full variety of mushrooms, because most mushrooms have to be thoroughly heated to destroy the toxins they contain before eating. So, here you find a comprehensive answer to your question can you eat raw mushrooms.