Can you freeze corn on the cob?

freeze corn on the cob

Have you ever wondered if you want to freeze the corn on the cob?If you have and don’t know whether or not you can freeze corn, this article will probably be of some help to you. Why Consider Freezing Corn? Well, there are at least two possibilities. The first is when you have too many fresh corn cobs from your garden. Second, when a supermarket where you normally buy corn is having a big sale and you want to buy far more ears than you can use in a reasonable amount of time (without the corn spoiling). Either way, you can freeze corn. There are at least a few ways to freeze corn, so I suggest you try each one for yourself, see the results you’ll get, and choose your favorite method.

Freezing corn on the cob – simple process without blanching

This method requires almost no work. To start, take each ear of corn you want to freeze and cut off its sharp end below the cob (the husks and scraps of silk will stay in place). Now all you have to do is wrap each ear of corn individually in plastic or freezer wrap and place in the freezer. If you plan to keep them there for a long period of time, wrap each individual ear a few times or place them all in a freezer bag. When they are needed, you can defrost them in the microwave. Once they’re thawed, you can remove the skins and silk and they’re ready to eat.

Freezing corn on the cob with blanching

This method is definitely more time consuming than the one mentioned before, but it can be more successful in certain cases (e.g. if you want to freeze corn for a longer period of time, say a few months). First, start by removing all the silks and husks. Now take a saucepan, pour in water (up to about halfway up the saucepan), add two tablespoons of sugar and bring the saucepan to a boil. Then add the corn cobs to the solution, bring it back to a boil and let it cook for a few minutes until the corn cobs turn dark yellow. You may need to turn the cobs inside the pot so they heat evenly. The cobs are then placed in very cold water (possibly with ice cubes) so that they cool well. Then dry each cob and wrap it individually in foil. Place the wrapped flasks in a freezer bag and then in the freezer. This way you can take as many corn cobs out of the freezer as you need at once. Thaw them on the counter or in the microwave.

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Freezing corn kernels

This method is very similar to the last one, so be sure to read the above description before reading this one. First, remove husks and as much silk as possible. Then you need to bring a half-full pot of water to a boil, add the prepared cobs, bring to a boil again and hold in boiling water for a few minutes (usually 4-6 minutes). After that, the corn cobs are placed in ice cold water for a few (6-8) minutes and then drained. Now it’s time to cut the cores off each cob. You can do this with a sharp knife. You can also remove them in any other way depending on your preference. If necessary, separate the cores into individual cores. Then it’s time to put those kernels in a ziplock bag (or a bag that you use for vacuum sealing), removing as much air as possible from the bag (a straw might help) and sealing it tightly. Now all you have to do is label the bag and you can put it in the freezer. Thaw the pouch on the counter or in the microwave.


As I mentioned earlier, there are at least a few different ways to freeze corn. Try them all and pick the one that gives the best results. As you can see, the answer to the question can you freeze corn on the cob? affirmative.