Can You Eat Cilantro Flower? | Is It Good to Eat Cilantro Flower?


What is cilantro? Cilantro is an herb that contains leaves and flowers. Therefore, it is knowing as the cilantro flower. It is Chinese parsley that uses in Chinese recipes. Moreover, this herb can contain 50cm tall height. In addition, the color of its flower is white-pinkish. Mostly it is available in spring or the summer season.

Countries that like to grow different the colors of their flowers use cilantro flower seeds. Mostly, these seeds use in Asia, India, and Latin. Its ancestors are in the southwest. But now it is cultivating and harvest all around the world.

Cilantro flowers demand better soil and water for their growth. Moreover, in summer its growth is better because of good and appropriate sunlight. Can you eat cilantro flowers? Yes, we can eat it. It contains a lot of benefits that are good for our health. Likewise, cilantro flowers consist of Antibacterial and Antioxidant chemicals that are good for our health and body.

How We Can Use Cilantro Flowers?

The cilantro flower has a lot of uses due to its qualities. We can use it in different dishes for decorating after cooking. Moreover, we can use it with the pair of ginger, mint, yogurt, and coconut milk to make its paste by adding some spices for taste.

Likewise, cilantro flowers can use in chicken, meat, and fish recipe.

What Does Cilantro Flower Taste Like Be?

Cilantro flowers taste is just like curly parsley. Moreover, it is easily edible and contains a great taste and aroma. Most people do not know which part of the cilantro flower is edible. But here I am to answer this common question.

The cilantro flowers consist of roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. Its all parts are edible. No one is toxic. In addition, its flowers use for decorating after cooking for garnishing. The cilantro seeds and roots are use while we are cooking.

Cilantro contains a mild taste and is lacy. Most people’s perspective about it, as the cilantro flowers have sweet taste. Its petals are a bit citrus. Altogether, its roots, leaves, and flowers are stable all over the taste.

Can We Use Cilantro Flower for Medical Purposes?

Yes, we can use it for medical purpose as it contains a lot of medication factors. The cilantro flower contains vitamins and antioxidant chemicals that are necessary for our body. Moreover, it uses as a medicine for patients who are in insomnia and anxiety.

Commonly, it is known as an ironic medication for these diseases. The cilantro flower is an herb so mostly herbs use in medicines for treatments.

Is It Right Cilantro Flowers Contains Soapy Taste?

Yes, it is right. The cilantro flowers contain a lot of fat molecules and minerals. Therefore, most people consider its taste like a soapy taste. If you never check it how it tastes like. In this case you should check some dishes in which cilantro flowers are used.

Can We Harvest Cilantro Flowers in Home?


If you are not satisfied with the cilantro flowers that you get from some grocery shop, then there is a solution. Bought some seeds bough them in some clean garden area after preparing a soil for it. The time and temperature both are important for it.

Morning time is best for its harvesting. It is necessary to know how to grow and harvest cilantro seeds. If we want to use it in our different dishes. Pick the fresh flower of cilantro if you want to use it because dry flowers do not give proper look and taste. Moreover, it loses its flavor.

As temperature is warm it will grow soon and will give flowers homily. If we want to get again and again then don’t harvest its leaves. In this way, the cilantro buds will again grow.

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Is Cilantro Bolt If It Is How We Can Stop It?

Yes, it is bolting and most common and it is an irritating thing of the cilantro flower. Before its bolting, you should cut its stems and make its ground area neat and clean. Many peoples are annoying when cilantro bolting. They don’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, when we cut it its leaves lose its flavor and the texture. The cilantro flowers grow rapidly in hot season but the best growth of it in cool and moist a season. After one or two weeks you should plant it to stop its bolting.

Can You Eat Cilantro Bolts?

Yes, we can eat. But the most irritating thing about cilantro is its bolting. Moreover, it becomes less flavor and bitter in taste. When cilantro stops to producing flowers and seeds then it is bolting that is not good.

Here question is, can we eat bolting cilantro? Yes, we can eat but its leaves and flowers become less favorable.

How We Can Use Cilantro Seeds?


It is easy to eat cilantro seeds as we can use them in different vegetables soups. Moreover, after grinding we can make its seeds paste that uses in various recipes in cooking. The cilantro flowers seeds contain a good aroma that make the toasts, burgers delicious.

As all herbs contains a lot of benefits. Similarly, the cilantro herb also contains a lot of healthy factors that are good for human health. Because its seeds are round therefore, mostly cilantro seeds are known as coriander.

Traditionally, it uses in Indian recipes and mostly prefers curry. And in Chinese recipes, cilantro seeds paste uses in noodles.

How Cilantro Seeds Beneficial for The Human Health

Cilantro seeds contain a lot of benefits for health. Here, discuss few of them:

Firstly, cilantro seeds reduce our blood pressure and maintain it. Then we can use it according to our requirements. Cilantro seeds level the blood pressure. Moreover, it relaxes our human body’s vessels and nervous system.

Secondly, it uses to control the human cholestrol level. Moreover, it is the best solution or we can say it best home remedy.

Thirdly, if we talk about Ulcer then it also plays a key role for medication. Cilantro seeds contain many antioxidant chemicals that are the best for the human body.

For bone issue it is also best. Adding a small amount of this herb we can improve our diet and maintain our health issues.

Human body hair and skin also regrowth and glow by using cilantro seeds. Moreover, it contains such chemicals and vitamins that are necessary for the human body.

Digestive system problem can also treat and cure with cilantro seeds. If we use it in green form in our diets it also the best rather then seeds.

Eye care and Diabetes also includes in human health. We can treat it and cure it if we start to use cilantro seeds, stems, or leaves in our diets. In addition, we can take it by using it in our morning tea.

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Few Issues

Sometimes it does not suitable for all types of the human bodies. It may show allergic reactions. So, better to use it in one dish then next time add to another recipe.


Cilantro is an herb that is use in different recipes. They are mostly used in Indian and Italian dishes. It is also known as ironic medicine. Because cilantro seeds use in medicines and mostly in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia patients.