What Is Emmentaler Cheese Substitute

Emmentaler Cheese Substitute

Emmentaler Cheese is one of the creamy buttery and rare cheese. It is also commonly called Emmenthal cheese. And, it is famous in different countries due to its mildness, and creamy form. Moreover, Emmentaler cheese contains nutty taste with a fruity aroma. What is Emmentaler cheese substitute? This question is very common. So, I am here to answer.

The holly surface cheese is similar to a cheery-like surface. This cheese that contains a semi-hard texture called Emmentaler cheese.

Although this cheese is finds in France, the USA, and Germany. In addition, this cheese is famous Swiss cheese due to its some famous characteristics

Emmentaler Cheese Substitute Requirements

Emmentaler cheese is made from the milk of cows. However, there is no artificial product use in Emmentaler cheese.

This cheese is available in both forms vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. In these both forms are a bit different in ingredients.

Emmentaler cheese is less salty. Sometimes it is fatty cheese because it contains too much fat. These are the basic requirements for Emmentaler cheese replacement.

What are the Best Substitute for Emmentaler Cheese

Here we discuss Emmentaler cheese replacements below:

Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere Cheese for replacement
Gruyere Cheese for replacement

Gruyere cheese is a creamy cheese. Therefore, it is the best substitute for Emmentaler cheese. Due to Gruyere cheese aroma, good nutty flavor, and texture. Moreover, Gruyere cheese gets from the cow’s milk therefore its fragrance is sweet.


Jarlsberg is a mild and semi-soft cheese. We get from the milk of cows. Although this cheese is famous as a Swiss cheese. Jarlsberg is similar to Emmental due to its melting and sweetness.

French Comte

The French Comte is a buttery cheese with a cool caramelize aroma. In addition, this cheese can easily grate and uses in different dishes as slices.


The rich and fruity smell of cheese is fontina. It is famous due to its creamy quality. Fontina is similar to Emmentaler cheese due to its semi-hard texture.


Raclette Cheese
Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese are available in the form of a wheel. We cut it, grilled and used it in different dishes. Moreover, its melting point raclette is a good replacement for Emmentaler cheese.