Substitutes For Egg in Chicken Breading

Substitutes For Egg in Chicken Breading

An Egg is one of the cheap price thing that everybody can afford. It is easy to cook, fries and use in making meals. Sometimes, the Egg is not like it due to its smell. In addition, an eggs use for different purposes. In chicken breading is mostly use for sticking bread.

An Egg is the basic need of every human due to its properties. It is full of proteins. Moreover, it’s taste good. But sometimes, peoples are allergic to an egg. They often find some replacements in chicken recipes. I am here to answer which substitutes for egg in chicken breading we can use.

Substitutes For Egg in Chicken Breading

Let’s solve the problem of egg allergic people:


The Cream is the best substitute if we don’t want to use an egg. Firstly, took the chicken and then dip it into the cream. Secondly, put some crumbs or dry bread in some bowl. Put the chicken in bread crum bowl then fry it.

Buttermilk – Yogurt

The Buttermilk is also a good replacement of an egg. But because of its less thickness sometimes we add some flour or powder it to make it sticky. Yogurt is already thick so it is the best substitute.

Tomato Paste

We can use tomato paste instead of an egg for breading. Moreover, it is the best because of its taste, and fragrance.

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Olive oil – Even oil

Olive oil and Even oil are like a mashed an egg if we use it. After dipping in oil put the chicken in a bread bowl wrap it. So, the chicken is ready to fry.

Cornstarch and Water

Constarch and water combination is the best replica of an egg in breading.

Applesauce And Flour

To make chicken in recipes crunchy applesauce and flour is good in taste. We can use it easily and it is easily available at home.