Can You Make Instant Pudding with Water Instead of Milk?

can you make instant pudding with water

Pudding is a delicious and great dish that we all know about. This dish is made from milk. Think about what you are going to do when you do not have milk and you want to make pudding.

So the question that must come to your mind is that Can You Make Instant Pudding with Water Instead of Milk?

Well, you have to be creative to make pudding with water without milk. Would a pudding made with water taste good? It’s up to you and you won’t know the taste until you make pudding.

Let’s see if you can make pudding with water instead of milk. What are the alternatives to milk when making puddings?

Can You Make Instant Pudding with Water Instead of Milk?

can you make pudding with water

Yes, you can make pudding with water instead of milk but you have to keep the amount of water low. Milk contains a lot of fat and protein.

This amount of protein and fat helps to make the pudding thick and creamy. On the other hand, such component is not found in water.

If you want to make pudding with water instead of milk, you have to use less water. Because using water makes your pudding runny.

Water-based puddings are generally recommended to use 30% less water than milk. Only then will you be able to get the same consistency as milk pudding in water-made puddings.

Does It Taste Any Good?

It all depends on what ingredients you are adding to the pudding, and what taste you like. Certainly, water pudding will not be as creamy, smooth and rich as milk pudding. But still the pudding made with water has some taste.

Another thing that is found in water made puddings is that puddings made with water will be transparent. While milk contains a lot of protein and fat, pudding made from milk will be opaque.

Puddings made with water also have the advantage that you can use different types of fruit in it to create good effects.

For example, you can mix pudding with Strawberry. You can add cheese cake to this pudding to make it softer and jello type which will look amazing.

Pudding with Water Will Be Less Creamy, Consider Add Ins

avocado banana chocolate pudding

If you make the pudding with water, it will be less creamy. So you will think of adding some more things to make it creamy. Which makes your pudding creamy, smooth and rich.

In this article we will tell you in full detail about what you can add to make water pudding more creamy. Using these ingredients, you can make your water-based pudding creamy, smooth and rich.

Add Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer In Pudding
Coffee Creamer In Pudding

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You can also use coffee creamer in water pudding. This will make your water pudding smooth and taste almost the same as milk pudding. Coffee Creamer is available in both liquid form and powder form.
In the liquid state it is a very creamy concentrated milk while in the powder state it is a coconut base.

A coffee creamer is very helpful in this situation. The biggest advantage of this is that you can add as much coffee creamer as you like to the pudding.

If you have enough liquid creamer, you can add it after cooking the pudding. But the pudding needs to be warm. If you have coffee cream powder, use it when cooking in pudding.

Because if your pudding is low in water, it will be difficult to mix powdered coffee creamer in it.

Add Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk in Pudding

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You can also add powdered milk to the water pudding. We advise you not to mix powdered milk directly into the pudding.

Instead, first dissolve the powdered milk in water and then add it to the pudding.

Keep in mind that mixing powdered milk increases the sweetness. It is therefore advisable to add one or two teaspoons less sugar to the pudding.

Never add powdered milk to the pudding at the end. Because powdered milk needs plenty of water to rehydrate. Due to which it does not blend properly in pudding.

Add Extra Cocoa

cocoa powder in Pudding

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Maybe you want to make chocolate pudding and you don’t have any additional ingredients to add, so you can add cocoa powder inside.

This will enhance the taste of the pudding so much that you will not feel that the pudding is made of milk or cocoa. Instead of adding cocoa powder directly to the pudding, you can make a loose cocoa paste.

Then add this paste to your pudding. If you add cocoa powder directly into the pudding, lumps of cocoa powder will form in the pudding. This will affect the taste and texture of the pudding.

Add Heavy Cream or Veggie Cream

If you have water, you can make pudding by mixing heavy cream in it. Mixing heavy cream in water gives you a kind of milk.

Heavy cream is actually made on the surface of the milk. If you want to get heavy cream from your milk, you can get it in a few days.

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Nowadays milk is almost homogenized. You can’t get heavy cream from it. If you want to get heavy cream from milk, you have to get cow’s milk from the farm.

You can also use veggie cream like heavy cream. This cream is mostly used in kitchens as it is commonly used in making sauces etc.

In addition, more than half of whipped cream cartons are made from veggie cream.

Using both creams, you can make creamy, smooth and rich puddings, which you will love to eat.

Other Milk Substitutes in Pudding

If you do not like any of the above, add it to the pudding. So we will tell you more about the things that you can add to the pudding not only to improve the taste. You can also make the pudding creamy and thicken the texture.

Well, who’s to say that puddings are limited to milk substitutes, the ingredients used.

Below is a list of some of the items that you can use as an alternative to milk to not only improve the taste of the pudding but also make it thicker.

All of these items will contain nuts and plant milk. By adding them you can improve the flavor of the pudding.

Add Coconut Milk to Make Instant Pudding with Water

Coconut Milk in Pudding

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Coconut milk is thick and very creamy. If you are going to add it to the water pudding. So you have to add a little more water inside the pudding.

After using it, your pudding will get a special taste. Which you can name chocolate flavor, any fruit flavor like vanilla, cream, and whatever.

You can add pineapple to your pudding to give it a pineapple flavor. By adding pineapple you will get pina colada pudding.

Use Cashew Milk to Make Instant Pudding with Water

Cashew Milk in Pudding

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Cashew milk gives you a nutty flavor as well as the best milk substitute for making puddings. Cashews are a creamy nutty fruit. So it will give your pudding a good texture.

You can Add Rice Milk to Make Instant Pudding with Water

Rice Milk in Pudding
Rice Milk in Pudding

Rice milk is a good plant milk. It is a good alternative to milk while making puddings. If you don’t want to add nuts or coconut flavor to your pudding, you can use rice milk.

Rice milk is slightly thinner than other milks. So if you want to thicken the pudding, you should use less of it.

Try to Use Soy Milk to Make Instant Pudding with Water

Soy Milk in Pudding
Soy Milk in Pudding

Soy milk is a vegan milk that is easily available. It is also cheaper than other milks. This milk is available in different flavors and different levels of sweetness.

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If you have no other milk available to make pudding, this may be a good alternative.

Oat Milk

Oat Milk in Pudding

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Oat milk has good consistency and also gives the necessary thickness while making puddings. You can use it as a substitute for soy milk.

But keep in mind that this is a fairly new product that may not be available wherever you are.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk in Pudding

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Almond milk not only has a good texture but also has its own flavor. Which will make your pudding chocolate flavor, vanilla or caramel flavor.

If you are thinking of making fruit pudding with this milk, this milk may lose its flavor in the pudding.

Many substitutes for milk for making puddings are described in full detail in this article. Now it is up to you to decide what milk substitute you are going to use to make the pudding.

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