Can You Mix Canola and Vegetable Oil for Deep Frying?


Mixing of two oils for deep frying is not a bad concept. There are several oils that you can mix to fry your favorite dish. However, some oils are not good for mixing. By the way, many people ask questions about what oils they can mix for deep frying. So, in this article, I will explain, can you mix canola and vegetable oil for deep frying?

Before mixing any two oils for deep frying, you should consider the chemical compatibility, smoke point, and final flavor of the two oils.

A smoke point of any oil is the temperature at which oil begins to smoke or catches fire. Different oils have different smoke points.

So, try to mix the oils having high smoke points for deep frying. Let’s see, what oils are best for mixing for deep frying purposes?

Can You Mix Canola and Vegetable Oil for Deep Frying?

And, the answer to your question is yes. You can mix canola oil and vegetable oil for frying or deep-frying purposes. And the reason for this fact is that both these oils are chemically compatible. Both have originated from plant sources.

Canola oil is obtained from the rapeseed variety, and thus it is also a vegetable oil. While the vegetable oil is a mixture of many oils like soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and cottonseed oil.

In addition, their smoke points are also high. The smoke point of canola oil is almost 375-400°F. However, the smoke point of vegetable oil is 400-450°F.

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As the smoke points of both these oils are also compatible, so you can mix canola and vegetable oil for deep frying.

One more thing you must consider is the final flavor of the mixture of two oils. Because if you mix two oils with the opposite flavor, it will ruin your whole recipe.

But flavor doesn’t matter in the case of canola and vegetable oil. As both these oils are neutral and don’t have any distinct flavor. Therefore, mixing these oils for deep frying doesn’t pose any problem.

As in this article, you find that it is not a big deal to mix the vegetable and canola oil for deep frying.

Instead, it is quite beneficial to mix these oils for deep frying. So, now you can mix oils when you want to enhance the nutrition of your dish.