Why Is Pomegranate Juice So Expensive ? Here’s 5 Reasons

Pomegranate Juice So Expensive

If you are a fan of pomegranates and love their products, you may also taste the pomegranate juice. Their juice tastes so refreshing and tropical with little tart hints. But you have to pay a high amount to enjoy this tropical fruit juice. As, when you go to the market and take a glance at the price tags of fruit juices, the price of pomegranate juice is comparatively high. At that time, you think why is pomegranate juice so expensive?

So, in this article, I am going to tell you several reasons about why pomegranate juice is so costly. Thus, let’s move on.

Why Is Pomegranate Juice So Expensive?

Pomegranate juice is so expensive because of several reasons. Mainly, it costs high due to the fact that too many pomegranates produce too little juice. As, it is quite difficult to get all their seeds for making juice.

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Usually, pomegranates are in season in the late summer months from October to January. Therefore, they are imported and stored as super food, which requires intensive labor. And, this fact also makes it a pricey product.

Pomegranate trees produce fruit after 3 to 4 years of their planting. Moreover, fruit also takes up to 6 months to ripe after blossom.

Each tree produces almost 20 to 30 fruits every year, which is too little. And thus, their low productivity is also a reason for their novelty.

Now, let’s discuss these facts more deeply.

Too Many Pomegranates Produce a Gallon of Juice

Produce a Gallon of Juice
Produce a Gallon of Juice

As we all know, when we open a pomegranate, it is full of seeds and only seeds. Its outer skin and white inner pith are not edible, and thus, you have to waste them. And, there’s remain only seeds to produce juice that raises its cost.

It is also a labor-intensive work to take out all the pomegranate seeds to make one serving of juice. And, it is really a tedious work to get and save all seeds.

The worst part is that seeds produce juice as well as crushed seed fibers, which are useless. And, it also reduces the overall quantity of pomegranate juice.

Low Productivity of Pomegranate Tree

There are several varieties of pomegranates trees that have high productivity. However, most trees yield too little fruit per year, and so they are too expensive.

Low productivity is due to achieve flavorful fruits. More clearly, if a tree produces a lot of fruits, they tend to be less flavorful. Therefore, in order to achieve better taste, pomegranate trees are pruned every year to gain a controlled yield.

Thus, 20 to 30 fruits are produced by one pomegranate tree yearly, which really reduces the overall yield. That’s why, pomegranate drinks are too costly.

Pomegranates Have to Be Imported or Shipped

To meet the demand of fruit in a country, stocks of pomegranates are imported. As, their production within a country is not enough to meet all the demands.

Besides shipping and importing, the storage of pomegranates under optimal conditions is also a big challenge. In addition, taxes, shipping charges, and all other markups make pomegranates expensive.

Pomegranates As Superfood

Pomegranates are a superfood as they are rich in nutrients. And, pomegranate juices and drinks are also nutritious and luscious. Moreover, there are also several health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice.

For instance, their juice is rich in vitamin C, so it boosts immunity. Moreover, it is a good source of minerals and dietary fibers.

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Besides this, pomegranates are also quite common in savory food dishes. Surprisingly, pomegranate juice is itself a refreshing drink. And, it also goes great in cocktails, smoothies, and savory sauces.

That’s why, the demand for pomegranates is increasing dramatically. And, it is also a reason behind the high costs of pomegranate juice and drinks.

Short Fruit Peak Season

The pomegranates are in season in the late summer months, probably from October to January. While, these fruits take almost 6 months to ripe after blossom. So, their availability period is short.

So, in order to make sure their availability round the year, they are exported from other countries. And obviously, this import is quite pricey and tedious. After their import, they are stored under suitable conditions.

Overall, it is a costly procedure that makes them pricey items. Therefore, you have to pay more for pomegranate juice and their other products.

Final Words

Why is pomegranate juice so expensive? By the way, it is not expensive due to one or two reasons. There are several reasons for there you have to pay more to enjoy this exotic drink.

Firstly, pomegranates comprise seeds that produce less juice than you expect. As, too many seeds produce a single serving of juice.

Secondly, it is a frustrating and tedious work to get all the pomegranate seeds. Moreover, their shipping or importing is also a costly procedure. Therefore, pomegranate juice costs much higher than any other fruit juice.

I hope this article helps you in understanding the fact that why your favorite drink is so expensive.