Substitute For Egg in Fried Chicken

Substitute For Egg in Fried Chicken

For thousands of years’ eggs serve as a staple food in a number of recipes. However, you can use eggs in different recipes while eggs serve their best in coating different foods like chicken fries. As, eggs have the tendency to lock the moisture as well as to bind the other ingredients. And as a result, you will get a juicy and tasty fried chicken for your meal. But what to do if you are runout of eggs. And what to do if you want to replace eggs coating for chicken with another ingredient? So, what will be the best substitute for egg in fried chicken?

If you want to know about it or taste another fried chicken recipe with another ingredient, this article is for you. As in this article I’m going to explain all the best egg substitutes in fried chickens.

Substitute For Egg in Fried Chicken:

However, several egg substitutes are available in the market that you can try for your fried chicken recipe.

But one thing I want to clarify is that it is not possible to get an egg substitute with alike taste and texture. As each and every ingredient has its own taste and texture.

However, the best egg substitute for your fried chicken recipe will be milk, yoghurt, corns starch, flour, cornflakes, breadcrumbs, etc.

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Not only this, but you can also use tomato paste to coat your chicken pieces. Now let’s have a look at how all these ingredients to use.


However, milk will also be the best substitute for your chicken pieces. As it can also provide good taste by locking the moisture so that you can get a juicy piece.


Moreover, yoghurt can also provide a good consistency to chicken pieces. And allow them to cook softly and full of taste.

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Mixture of flour with water is also the best egg substitute in fried chicken. As, it provides consistency with a crispiness to chicken. However, don’t use thicker pate of flour and water.


breadcrumbs for replacement
breadcrumbs for replacement

I like to use breadcrumbs for my chicken coating. As breadcrumbs not only give a better taste but also provide a crispy texture to chicken.

So, if you want to substitute eggs ten, I recommend using breadcrumbs, and they will never disappoint you.

Not only this, but if you are vegan, then breadcrumbs as chicken coatings will also be a good alternate.