How To Reheat Tuna Steak? Here’s 6 Ways To Use Leftover Tuna!


Tuna steak being a more delicious and palatable dinner makes everyone feel excited. It’s the most popular comfort food one can enjoy at any time. But what if you have refrigerated tuna steaks leftover after a thanksgiving meal, you may think of how to reheat tuna steak?

There are several options to go with when it comes to use leftover cooked tuna steak. Moreover, you can also use cold tuna in some dishes making your food delicious and extra special.

So, which are the methods by which you can reheat tuna steaks? Can you microwave the cooked tuna steaks? And, what goes best with reheated tuna? All this and much more about your star meaty food come right ahead. So, let’s know them in depth.

How To Reheat Tuna Steak?

Reheating tuna steak could be challenging as it can dry out easily or get a fishy smell. Therefore, you must be tricky while treating refrigerated tuna steak until you get an amazingly mouth-watering dish on your hand.

Reheating tuna by cooking it in a non-stick pan is the easiest way to use leftovers. For that purpose, bring the cold tuna steaks up to normal temperature and then add them to the pan. Drizzle some cooking oil if needed. However, don’t use a very hot pan as it will make tuna dry out completely.

Try to avoid microwave oven, air fryer, and toaster to reheat. These three options can ruin the flavor or juiciness of steak and could be challenging to handle.

In addition, there are also a couple of other options of using cold tuna steak that we’ll discuss later. But it depends on your planning what you really want to do with your beloved leftover.

Heat It Thoroughly On Both Sides

Simply put your cold tuna steak at room temperature and leave it as-is for about 2 hours. After that, add it to a cooking pan and cook it at medium flame. Remember here, don’t use too hot cooking pan as it can sear up tuna, making it so dry.

Using a lid on the top of the pan could be optional. Placing a lid above the steak can distribute heat evenly and thus cook it properly but with no more crisp edges. But again, it’s up to you whether you use a lid for cooking or not. Cook every steak side for 2 minutes, and that’s all.

Poach In Cooking Oil

Poaching your favorite leftover meal is another option to get the delicious goodness of tuna. It’s a process of cooking meat in a liquid that may be olive oil or any cooking oil in this case.

This way, you can get completely cooked, flavorful, and tender steak without making much hassle.

Besides olive oil, you can also use fish broth to reheat tuna steak, and it goes unbelievably tasty. Use this resulting product as-is or add it to a salad for extra meaty flavor.

Make A New Tuna Meal

Leftover tuna would be best to prepare some other food recipe using the umami flavor of tuna. For instance, thinly sliced tuna in a cheesy sandwich goes amazingly mouth-watering.

Sometimes, you can make fish pizza or burgers by using leftover cooked tuna. Moreover, preparing stews and casseroles is another way of using tuna steaks.

However, it’s not a bad idea to go with tuna wraps, noodles, and savory pies. So, be creative with your recipes and explore new flavors and tastes.

Prepare Sashimi Using Cold Tuna

Forget about reheating and make a plan to prepare delicious sashimi using cold steaks. Traditionally, sashimi uses thinly sliced meat pieces, but here, you can replace meat with cooked tuna.

As the whole sashimi ingredient profile consists of meat and some other toppings, so your medium-rare cooked tuna goes incredibly great this way.

Here you can use cold tuna but make sure to bring it up to normal temperature before incorporating it in sashimi.

Make Sushi Rolls

If you really have enough time for prepping recipe ingredients, you can opt for sushi rolls. Prepare rice and other essential ingredients for a yummy treat. Use thinly sliced tuna long stripes in sushi.

Here you have a couple of options, you can roll it professionally or make a hand roll. As there’s no hard rules for preparing a dish so try to add ingredients of your choice and make your food exceptional.

Add To A Salad

Another way of enjoying cold tuna steak is to add it to a vegetable salad. Use equally chopped tuna steak with some cheese, lettuce leaves, and other vegetables to notch higher the flavor punch.

This way, you can avoid the hassle of reheating tuna steak and enjoy your leftover smartly.

Can You Reheat Cooked Tuna Steak In A Microwave?

Reheating tuna in a microwave could be challenging as it can ruin your whole planning. The high temperature of a microwave quickly dehydrates the steaks making them totally dry and tastes chewy.

Besides this, the microwave can leave your food undercooked from inside with a fully cooked exterior. This way, you’ll get inconsistent and uneven results.

Microwave is best for reheating stew and dips that require continuous stirring but not for meat pieces. So, try to avoid using microwave or toaster to reheat steaks.

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How To Store Leftover Tuna Steak?

You can store leftover tuna steak by either wrapping it tightly in aluminum or plastic foil. Moreover, storing tuna in air-tight containers is also the best way to retain the tuna goodness.

This way, you can retain its flavor, texture, and quality well. If properly stored, leftover tuna steak remains fresh and flavorful for the next couple of days. However, this storage period greatly depends on the storage conditions and the way of storing.

So, always keep an eye on your beloved leftover and its storage temperature and other conditions. As tuna is seafood, so try to use it within 24 hours to enjoy its real flavor and meaty texture because it can go bad quickly like other seafood.

Can You Freeze Cooked Tuna Steak?

Yes, you can freeze cooked tuna steak, but it may lose its texture when you reheat it. But if the texture isn’t a big deal for you, you can go ahead for freezing tuna steak.

Freezing extends the shelf life of tuna, and it lasts for 2 to 3 months. For freezing, put your cooked tuna steaks into freezer bags or air-tight containers. Label every produce and keep it in the freezer.

Such kind of frozen tuna goes best in cold salads, casseroles, sushi, or tuna rolls. Besides this, tuna goes too delicious in rice, vegetable casseroles, and stews.

So, How To Reheat Tuna Steak?

Reheating of tuna steaks can be done in a number of different ways. For instance, you can go with simple frying pan cooking, poaching, and incorporating it into savory soups and stews.

Besides this, you can also use cold tuna steaks to make sashimi, sushi, and a new meal to enjoy natural flavor and goodness of tuna. So, don’t limit yourself, go with your mindset and the taste preferences that ultimately make you feel happy and excited.