Best Possible Substitute for Egg in Lasagna | Vegetarian Lasagna

substitute for egg in lasagna

Lasagna is a wide and flat version of pasta that firstly originated in Italy. Probably, lasagna is one of the oldest version of pasta. It is an Italian dish having alternating layers of thin flat pasta and delicious filling.

Usually, the ingredients of filling are meat, vegetables, sauce, and cheese. Traditional pasta recipe also includes egg that acts as a binder. Sometimes, people consider that there is no lasagna without eggs. Yet, this attitude is totally wrong.

One can also replace eggs in the lasagna recipe. Are you wondering about those egg substitutes in lasagna? Luckily, I am here with all the possible substitutes for egg in lasagna.

Can You Make Lasagna without Eggs?

Usually, eggs are mixed with ricotta to bake flavour-rich lasagna. The mixing of ricotta with eggs provides firmness to ricotta to bind with pasta sheets perfectly. So, the usage of eggs gives a fine texture to lasagna.

Many of the people assume that the usage of eggs in lasagna enhances its flavour. Although, there’s no logical reason behind this assumption

But, what if there’s no eggs or one want to bake lasagna without eggs? In case you are vegetarian and want to enjoy lasagna. And, what should be the alternatives that one can use in place of eggs?

Amazingly, one can also make lasagna without eggs. There are several substitute for egg in lasagna that you can try while making lasagna.

Here, I am going to describe all the possible substitute for egg in lasagna in detail. However, you can also use your imaginations and preferences in this regard.

Traditional Lasagna

substitute for egg in lasagna
substitute for egg in lasagna

There’s no doubt that lasagna is one of the nutritious savoury staple of kitchens in Italy. However, this Italian version of pasta has now become popular around the world.

You may have various questions in your mind while making your first lasagna. These questions may be regarding the essential ingredients of lasagna, layers of lasagna, or assembling of layers.

If we talk about its prime ingredients, then these are flat sheets of pasta and meatballs. Traditional lasagna recipe includes layers of pasta having delicious filling inside. One can prepare filling for lasagna either of meat or vegetables.

After that, the meat or vegetables are mixed with sausages, cheese, eggs, seasoning or spices. Italian lasagna at least has three layers of pasta sheets.

But, one can make it with more than three layers. And, these layers are assembled in a stacking pattern on one another.

Possible Substitute For Egg In Lasagna

The binding of ingredients is the primary objective for which we use eggs in lasagna. Eggs also provide moisture, leaven, and fine texture to ricotta in lasagna.

However, one can also achieve these egg properties from other sources. And, these sources are well-known as egg substitutes or egg replacers.

These egg substitutes may have starch or soy powder that can bind ingredients in lasagna together, just like eggs.

As these alternatives are flavorless, so their usage would not affect the taste or texture of lasagna. Let’s take a look at all the possible egg substitutes in lasagna.

Mashed Potatoes:

mashed-potatoes for substitute
mashed-potatoes for substitute

In my opinion, potato paste is the best binder for the ingredients of lasagna. It not only binds but also provide enough moisture to lasagna. One can also use potatoes as a delicious filling.

Potato paste with added seasoning and spices enhances the flavour of lasagna. It is a great option for all those guys who are searching for gluten-free egg substitutes.

In addition, the natural thickness of potato paste provides a fine texture to lasagna.

If you are vegetarian, then it is a great way to add veggies to your lasagna. Next time, mix ricotta cheese with potato paste and go for a luscious lasagna you ever taste.

Potato paste as an egg substitute gives you an option to skip even ricotta cheese. You can also prepare vegan lasagna using potatoes without eggs and cheese.

And, it will definitely go well. Besides the lasagna, one can also use mashed potatoes in many food recipes as an egg substitute.

Chickpea Flour with Water

Chickpea Flour
Chickpea Flour

Another substitute for egg in lasagna is a paste of chickpea flour with water. It is also a gluten-free substitute, and you can also use it in savoury or sweet food recipes.

You have to mix it with water and prepare a thick paste. It goes well in lasagna as a binding agent without affecting the original taste.

A thick and creamy paste of 3 tablespoons of chickpea flour with water can replace one egg. It also binds ricotta cheese firmly and gives a sturdy finish to lasagna.

Typically, it is light yellow, just like an egg and also has nutritious proteins. Moreover, the paste of chickpea flour provides sufficient moisture to lasagna.

Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds

chia-seeds for substitute
chia-seeds for substitute

A thick jelly paste of flax seeds is the best binder you can use in lasagna. If you want nutrition and binding properties in one pack, then this option is for you. It is a great option for vegetarian guys.

As flaxseed flour is rich in micro-nutrients, you can use it in your food recipes. Simply, you have to grind the one tbsp. of flax seeds with some water. So, an egg substitute in lasagna is ready for use.

Just like flax seeds, one can also use chia seeds as a binder. The preparation of a chia seeds paste is the same as the flax seeds. They differ only in regard to taste.

If one doesn’t like the mild nutty flavour of flax seeds in lasagna then there is another option for chia seeds. Because the chia seeds have a mild taste and don’t affect the overall taste of lasagna.

Potato Starch

Potato Starch for Egg Substitute
Potato Starch for Egg Substitute

Instead of using potato paste, one also has an option to use potato starch. It is an allergen-free binding agent that binds with ricotta firmly.

As potato starch is flavorless, so it doesn’t affect the final taste of lasagna. To prepare a thick paste, mix 2 tbsp. of potato starch with some water. And, it will substitute one egg in lasagna.

In addition to potato starch, you can also use corn starch. Corn starch also has binding properties similar to potato starch.

Avocado Paste

Avocado would be a great substitute for an egg in lasagna. ¼ cup of mashed avocado will substitute one egg in lasagna. Its smooth buttery taste will really delight you.

Moreover, it goes great with ricotta and gives a delicious twist to lasagna. Avocado also gives enough moisture to other ingredients. So, add avocado to lasagna next time, and you will observe the difference.

Silken Tofu with non-dairy yoghurt

A smooth paste of silken tofu with yoghurt also binds the lasagna ingredients very well. If you want to replace egg in lasagna and don’t want to compromise its taste, then use it.

This smooth and soft mixture has no flavour. Thus, you can replace eggs smartly with silken tofu. Not only this, but it also provides a soft texture to lasagna.

Bechamel or Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce

Traditionally, every lasagna is incomplete without bechamel or white sauce. Bechamel sauce not only substitutes eggs but also replaces ricotta.

Now, you have no need to use ricotta. Instead of ricotta, use vegan or semi-soft cheese in lasagna. And, it will give you fine texture with better taste.

In addition to white sauce, one also has an option to use applesauce as an egg substitute in lasagna. About ¼ cup of applesauce binds the filling ingredients similar to eggs.

To avoid the sweet or tangy taste of applesauce, use unsweetened applesauce. So, your lasagna will have a fine texture and appearance.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is another substitute for egg in lasagna. It is a grain-free starch along with thickening and binding properties. Just mix ricotta with fine arrowroot powder, and it will go well.

To prepare the paste, mix 2tbsp. arrowroot powder with some water. And, it will simply replace one egg in lasagna. Additionally, it is gluten-free starch. It is flavorless and doesn’t affect the taste of lasagna. Also, it provides a firm appearance to lasagna.


Typically, eggs are used in lasagna for their moisture and binding properties. What if you are vegetarian or want to replace eggs in lasagna?

Don’t worry. You can use a number of egg substitute in lasagna. These substitutes may be mashed potatoes or avocado, corn or potato starch, flax or chia seeds, and bechamel or white sauce.

However, you can also use many other substitutes according to your taste and preferences.