Fire Force Season 3: Release Date and Studio Update


In this video, we discuss the highly anticipated Fire Force Season 3. After a long wait since Season 2 concluded in 2020, fans have been eager to know about the next installment of the anime. Join us as we dive into the current status of Fire Force Season 3 and the latest updates.

Long Wait for Season 3 Announcement

After the release and conclusion of Fire Force Season 2 in 2020, fans had to wait for two years until an official announcement was made about Season 3 in 2022. However, the release date still remains uncertain.

Release Date Uncertainty

Although Fire Force Season 3 is confirmed and in production, no specific details about the release date have been revealed. Initially, it was speculated that the anime would air in the summer of 2023, but with no official updates, it is likely to be postponed to 2024.

Studio Change: Studio Shaft Takes Over

Leaked information suggests that Studio Shaft will be taking over the production of Fire Force Season 3, replacing David Production, which animated the previous seasons. This studio change could be a contributing factor to the delay in production.

Possible Final Season

Given that the Fire Force manga has already concluded, Season 3 may potentially be the final season of the anime adaptation. However, this depends on factors such as profitability and the studio’s decision.


As we await further updates on Fire Force Season 3, including the confirmed release date and additional information, we will keep you informed. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated anime.