Here’s What to Love About Living in Vancouver


Picking where to move next can be stressful if you aren’t sure what every city offers, but Vancouver is always king regardless of where you’re considering.  From the great job market to the incredible real estate, and breathtaking views, it’s a city with no rivals.

These are the top things that will make you fall in love with Vancouver and why it’s such a dream come true for the average person!

This City Births Stars

If you want to truly feel starstruck, look up what celebrities have called this city home or were born here!  Vancouver is often called Hollywood-North because of the countless productions and incredible works of art that come out of this city.  Studios from Marvel to Universal have filmed here, and numerous indie works have emerged from this amazing city over the last fifty years.

Anyone who’s intrigued and would love to be in the background of a blockbuster should consider moving to this fantastic city.

You Have Career Options Everywhere

The best part of Vancouver is how many job options there are here.  Even if you don’t want to join show business, this is the technology and communications capital of Canada.  Here you can work on startups that might make millions in their first five years, or you could work for major studios in animation and CGI.

This city also offers high pay, so although homes for sale in Vancouver are more expensive than the national average, you’ll be able to more easily afford it without sweating!  There’s a lot of room for growth here.

Close to the Ski Capital of Canada

When you’re tired of work and need some time away from the office, you’re in for a treat!  Less than two hours away is Whistler, the skiing and ice sports capital of Canada.  In the winter, you can go skiing, skating, winter hiking, and more, and in the summer, this entire area turns into an idyllic summer camp feeling area.

Property here is even more expensive than anything you could find in Vancouver, so living in the city can even save some money while you’re still enjoying the perks that come with living so close to Whistler.

Mountain and Water Views

Mountain views and open water are something that people often feel like they have to decide between, but Vancouver gives you a chance to get both.  From the endless beautiful water that’s cool year-round to the incredible mountains that seem to loom over the city, you get to fully enjoy a large range of terrain.

Vancouver is also a couple of hours away from Canada’s only rainforest, which means you can get any weather and views you’re craving!

Vancouver is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re moving here for a tech job or you want to chase your dream of seeing your name in the stars, there are countless reasons to fall in love with this beautiful city.  When you’re unsure where to move but you’re ready for a change, consider these reasons why Vancouver is one of a kind.