Pros and Cons of Hiring a Magician for Your Next Event


Entertainment is an important piece of the event organizing puzzle. It’s what keeps folks engaged and talking long after the event is over.

Live music is often thought of as the go-to entertainment, but you should think outside the box the next time you’re putting a party together.

Look into hiring someone like Adam Wylie, a talented magician, to keep folks entertained at your next event.

Here are the pros and cons of adding a little magic to your next get together:

Pro: It keeps people engaged.

Magicians are made to draw audiences in with intrigue. They are crowd pleasers because they keep people guessing and invested in what’s going in the present moment.

A magician is a great way to get folks to pay attention and stay enthralled.

Con: It ay not be the right audience.

Having a magician at an event requires a certain type of group in attendance for it to work well. You don’t want an audience who is shy or not prone to getting involved in things.

For a magic act to work, it has to have a group of people willing to buy in to what they’re seeing and possibly become a part of it.

You’re setting a magician up for failure by putting them in front of people who want to do nothing but be a passive crowd.

Pro: It provides a unique experience.

Even though a magician will come into an event with a planned act, the way in which they interact with the crowd will make for moments you can’t get anywhere else.

Not every show is the same, and things can happen that will have people talking about it for a long time.

It’s also an entertainment experience that’s out of the norm and one not often thought of when putting an event together. It can give your event an edge over others.

Con: You could end up with the wrong type of magic.

Be sure to do thorough research before hiring a magician to make sure you’re getting talent that fits your needs.

There are many types of magicians out there, from mind readers and comedic ones to those who do close-up magic or those who perform street magic.

Keep your audience in mind when booking a magician. You don’t want to hire someone who does elementary tricks for a crowd who doesn’t consist of kindergartners. You also don’t want a magician who has an edgier act for a conservative group of people.

Pro: You can make the magic happen any way you like.

As just mentioned, magicians come in all shapes and sizes, so you get to choose who is best for your audience and will make the most impact.

Even the most niche of events in theme or crowd can find a magician that is well-suited to them.

You can hire someone who will do a main stage act as the top draw for the day, or a person who can walk among the guests and make personal magic on a toned-down level.

It’s truly up to you and what you feel is best for those in attendance.