What exactly are Nendoroids, and why do we collect them?


Nendoroids are a very famous line of figures, but due to their import from Japan, many people don’t know the statistics. This article aims to define the basics of what Nendoroids are, provide the essential information that new collectors need to know and describe the attraction of these figures.

Good Smile Company manufactures and while many major retailers like Amazon have them in stock more than previously, Nendoroids are more commonly sold by shops specializing in Manga/Anime/and similar merchandise made in Japan. Nendoroids are comparatively small figures with heads that are large and aren’t scaled. They are also a bit between an action figure and a statue, in the sense that while Nendoroids features articulation and an impressive amount of pose-ability, they don’t have the same flexibility as most action figures have. In contrast, Nendoroids have been designed to be a part of the intention of showing them in mind, and in my opinion, they come with unique accessories available as a figurine. Of course, Nendoroids possess a distinct charming and adorable appearance due to their Chibi-style.

Good Smile has made over 500 different Nendoroids, covering quite a few other licensing/properties. Many Nendoroids have been crafted based upon the Manga/Anime series, but in recent years, Good Smile has been producing superhero Nendoroids such as Batman, Iron Man, and even Darth Vader. Similar attention appears to be focused on video game characters, with several Metal Gear Solid figures already available. For more information, click to that would be the right place for you.

In general, Nendoroids are priced between $40 and $50 and feature top-quality paint and plastic. Some might be uncomfortable with the cost, but Nendoroids provide a better product than other Nintendo figures on the market, such as Amiibo, World of Nintendo action figures, and the Bandai series, which is a reason to justify this price, in my view. The Nendoroids include many unique accessories, but they also offer fantastic flexibility. For instance, there are already two Isabelle Nendoroids that may seem over the top until you consider how Good Smile has designed them to make use of the same components and allow you to personalize the way you want your characters to look. Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby, Mega Man, Isabelle, a couple of Pokemon characters, and Marth are all out or in the process of being released. This is the perfect moment for Nintendo enthusiasts to start collecting Nendoroids. For more, click to that would be the right place for you.

Another aspect of Nendoroids to be aware of is that they’re popular enough that fake figures are manufactured in China and sold on eBay sites. Looking at an actual Nendoroid box or figurine to the counterfeit version, it’s evident it is lower. The counterfeits are often missing the correct stickers, such as that of the Nintendo Seal of Approval, or may have minor discoloration compared to a real Nendoroid. Be very cautious when purchasing a Nendoroid with a price lower than $30 for a brand new model. They’re probably fake. Amazon offers a large assortment of Nendoroids, and a few of the biggest online toy stores also carry Nendoroids, but not always at a bargain cost if you’re not worried about buying and then waiting for it to be shipped from Japan.