Are Secret Lab Chairs Good? – Are Secret Lab Chairs Worth It?

Secret Lab Chairs

In this technology era, our working hours in front of computers either for office work or for gaming, increase. Sometimes we have to spend 6-8 hours per day in front of computers. And this arises the need for comfortable, productive, and affordable chair. However, numerous brands offer several gaming chairs based on the ergonomic approach. One such brand, Secretlab, is also known for providing gaming chairs. But are secret lab chairs good? Let’s explore Secretlab gaming chairs.

Secretlab Gaming chairs come into three kinds and are all worth it according to their price. So secret lab chairs are good for gaming, as they come with a minimum 3-years warranty. But you can enhance this warranty period up to 5-years by taking part in Secretlab’s extended warranty program.

Are Secret Lab Chairs Good?

Secretlab chairs are gaming chairs that come in three different variants named as Secretlab Titan, Secretlab Omega, and the Elite series. However, Secretlab company is well known for providing quality-based gaming chairs for full-day working hours as well.

Not only this but Secretlab chairs are specially designed ergonomically, to enhance the user working experience. And to avoid anybody’s pain after a full day sitting for gaming or office working these Secretlab chairs provide you with the following qualities.

Good Construction:

Secretlab chairs come with good construction along with the aluminum frame and PU leather. The aluminum frame provides you with the best sturdiness and stability. At the same time, the PU leather of Secretlab chairs provides you no sign of wear and tear even after the warranty expiration.

So you can get the maximum of your investment due to the qualitative and good construction of Secretlab chairs.


This is the most important construction element of the gaming chairs. As ergonomic construction means that you are designing the chair by keeping in mind the body positions. Because we cannot sit on a chair for continuously 6-8 hours without any support.

That’s why Secretlab designed their chairs according to support our bodies. This helps not to put any stress on our lower backbone. To support our spine, Secretlab chairs come with external pillows as well.


Secretlab chairs are rich in adjustability features. As you can adjust your backrest in both upward and backward positions. You can adjust your backrest seat up to the angle of 165 degrees and inward up to the angle of 85 degrees.

Like backrest adjustability, you can also adjust the height of your Secretlab chairs. Not only this you can adjust the built-in lumbar position of these chairs according to your need. Furthermore, Secretlab chairs also provide you with the feature of adjustability of the 4D armrests. You can adjust these armrests in any direction you want.

Useable As Office Chairs:

Secretlab chairs are also well known due to their aesthetic themes for gaming chairs. Several gaming chairs manufacturers prefer to choose brighter colors for them. But Secretlab chairs don’t include any bright color for their gaming chairs. And this can make them useable as office chairs also.

Are Secret Lab Chairs Worth It?

This is the most important question as we all need to know about the value of Secretlab chairs. So are these chairs worth it? Let’s have a look.

However, a precise answer to this question is yes, Secretlab chairs worth it. As these chairs are made of good material, with strong and hard foam, PU leather, too many adjustability features, and their aesthetics.

Not only this, but the Secretlab chairs are still less expensive as compared to several other gaming chairs companies. So combining all these qualities we can say that Secretlab chairs are worth it.

A Final Verdict:

If you are looking for Secretlab chairs for your full-time gaming, then ever you think that are these chairs good? This article explores this as Secretlab chairs are not only good due to their several qualities. But at the same time, Secretlab chairs are worth it.

However, as a gaming chair, Secretlab chairs have rigid foam which gets soft with the passage of time. But you will get inward and backward backrest options with a built-in adjustable lumber position.