Should I Buy a House with Vermiculite Insulation? – Here’s Full Guide

Vermiculite Insulation

Buying a house is the loveliest thing ever in someone’s life. As everyone wants to have their own sweet home with their loved ones. However, having a house is not enough without its proper insulation. Because the absence of insulation can cause the loss of your house air and allow you to enter more heat and cold at the same time. To stop all this proper insulation of your attic is necessary. But what about vermiculite insulation, should I buy a house with vermiculite insulation? 

Currently, vermiculite insulation is actually banned in the US. But as in the 1920s, vermiculite was considered good for insulation, that’s why millions of houses installed it in their attics. Later on, it is found that vermiculite insulation contains asbestos, which is not safe for us.

That’s why buying vermiculite insulating houses is not recommended. However, if you already bought a house with vermiculite insulation in attics then don’t disturb it. Because undisturbed vermiculite insulation is less harmful.

Should I Buy a House with Vermiculite Insulation?

Vermiculite insulation is a natural mineral, which is alike to mica’s appearance. However, vermiculite insulation is not toxic. But later it is found that the vermiculite insulation contains the asbestos concentration. However, this concentration is not high but can be dangerous when exposed to you for a long time.

Because asbestos can cause dangerous diseases like lungs cancer. The reason is that asbestos is a mineral consisting of flexible fiber. And when you inhaled this fiber then it can trap into the lungs, which eventually causes damage to genetics, scarring, and inflammation.

Sometimes the asbestos diseases don’t show any sign until it becomes severe. So, the US government took action about vermiculite insulation and banned its use for houses construction. That’s why it is not recommended to buy a house with vermiculite insulation.

As I already discussed that, vermiculite insulation is not too harmful if stays untouched or undisturbed. So if you think that you are not going to have too much contact with your attics’ vermiculite insulation then you can go for vermiculite insulation.

But if you think that you cannot avoid contact with your attics insulation then don’t go for it. As precaution is the best than cure.

What To Do If You Already Have Vermiculite Insulation?

Vermiculite insulation was banned in the 1990s, and millions of houses already installed it due to its good insulation abilities. That’s why it is possible that you already get a house with vermiculite insulation in your attics. But as we know that no vermiculite insulation is free from asbestos. So now having precautions is necessary.

So let’s have a look at all those ways with which you can get rid of the danger of asbestos.

1. Seal The Insulated Area:

However, this is an effective way to stay away from vermiculite insulation. Not you will keep yourself safe but you are also going to keep your family safe with this method. Because sealing the area with an impenetrable barrier keep you away from insulation. And the risk of inhaling asbestos will vanish with this.

2. Leave The Insulation Undisturbed:

This also helps you to not come in contact with the vermiculite insulation. That’s why try not to disturb it. And for that try not to sore anything in your attics, don’t allow children to play near the insulation, etc. Less contact with the insulation minimize asbestos inhaling and reduce any risk of lungs disease.

3. Call Professionals to Remove It:

However, removing vermiculite insulation can be dangerous and expensive. So if you don’t want to spend on its removing then you can follow the above two methods. But if you want to get rid of this vermiculite insulation and money doesn’t matter to you then call professionals to handle this.

As inhaling asbestos from vermiculite insulation could really be dangerous to you that’s why it is recommended that don’t try to come in contact with vermiculite insulation directly.

If Not Vermiculite Insulation, Then Which Insulation Is Good?

As it is recommended not to buy a house with vermiculite insulation. And if you already have it then you can take the above-mentioned safety measures. Now let’s have a look at all the safest and healthiest insulation options.

1. Cork:

Cork flooring installation

Insulation of your house with cork is considered the healthiest option as it is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal. Not only this but there is no chemical binding involved in cork making that’s why it is chemical-free insulation as well. And thus you will not have any health and quality issues with this insulation.

2. Fiberglass:

Insulating Wall with Fiberglass

Insulation made of fiberglass is also considered the healthiest option. Because the manufacturers are not using formaldehyde anymore in the formation of fiberglass insulation. Due to which it is also a healthy option to have fiberglass insulation.

3. Cellulose:

Eco-friendly cellulose insulation

Made with recycled newspapers, this insulation also doesn’t have any toxicity issues. Not only this, but this insulation is also cost-effective, which increases its value in the market.

4. Sheep’s Wool:

Sheep’s Wool insulation

However, this insulation is also one of the healthiest options to insulate your house. But the price of this insulation is quite high.

A Final Thought:

Having insulation in your attic is necessary to avoid the weather extremities. But many people get confused that should they have to buy a house with vermiculite insulation or not? However, it is recommended that don’t buy a house with vermiculite insulation.

But if you already bought it then you can adapt some safety measures like sealing the area, try not to come in contact with the insulation, calling professionals to remove it, etc.