How Long Do DXRacer Chairs Last? – Gaming Chairs Life-Span

DXRacer Chairs

All we want is a comfortable, productive, and durable gaming chair at an affordable price. For this DXRacer chairs is a good branded option under the budget of $300. DXRacer company is well known for making a budget and comfortable gaming chairs. However, along with the productive and comfortable experience of these chairs, we also require durability. But how long do DXRacer chairs last?Let’s explore the life span of a DXRacer chair and what warranty offers by the company?

However, the DXRacer chairs have a lifetime warranty of their steel frame with a 2-year warranty for all moving parts. This warranty you will get for your newly buying DXRacer chair. However, we can enhance the average life span of the chair with proper careful use.

How Long Do DXRacer Chairs Last?

DXRacer company was first known as the luxury seat-making company for racing cars. Then after that, they start making gaming chairs as well. In these chairs, they try their best to provide you with a comfortable and productive working experience.

Not only this, but DXRacer chairs come with a reasonable warranty which depends on the use of chairs as well. However, the DXRacer company offers gaming chairs with a minimum 2-year warranty for all connected parts. And at the same time, this company provides you with a lifetime warranty for the steel frame of the chairs.

As we know that the warranty for chairs depends on the fact that how we use them. For example, if we spend fewer hours per day on our gaming chair then it will not show any sign of wear and tear even after the warranty expiration.

But if someone spends at least 8-hours per day then the seat might start degrading before the warranty expiration. And at the same time, if you don’t allow any animal or child scratch on the cover of the DXRacer chairs then also their material will last longer than the actual warranty.

Moreover, the durability of the chairs depends upon the manufacturers as well. For example, if the manufacturers use quality material or non-flimsy material then the product will last longer. And if the making process is authentic then also the chairs will last longer than the actual warranty.

However, according to a survey following are the results that how long do DXRacer gaming chairs could last,

Full-Time Use:

This means that you are using your chair for 8-hours a day. At this rate, the chair starts degrading before completing the warranty.

Part-Time Use:

If you are using your gaming chair for 4-hours per day, then it will last double the warranty length.

How Do DXRacer Chairs Support Gaming Postures?

To give you the best customer experience DXRacer supports your gaming posture and ergonomics in the following ways.

Seat Cushions:

To avoid slouching, DXRacer provides you with chairs with firm seat cushions. In many of their chairs, DXRacer uses V-shaped cushions to support cross-legged posture. In this way, DXRacer supports the lumbar spine, pelvis, and muscles of these regions.

Adjustable Backrest:

DXRacer provides gaming chairs with an adjustable backrest feature. You can use this feature at any comfortable spot for you. This feature helps not to put too much weight on your lower-backbone disc.

Moreover, the back of DXRacer chairs is designed like bucket seats. This is another excellent feature to support your gaming feature. As this feature prevents the sideways leaning of your body and thus saves your trunk muscles and spine from any extra stress.

Adjustable Arm Seats:

This is another excellent feature of the gaming chairs of DXRacer. As you can adjust the height of the arms of the chair and also you can adjust them inward and outward. Moreover, you can adjust the height of arms up to six levels. And this will help you to find your comfortable spot.

How To Take Care of Your DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

Taking care of your DXRacer gaming chairs is necessary as it can double the life of these chairs. But you can do this by following the below-mentioned ways.


When you will buy your DXRacer chair then it would come in unassembled form with a user guide to assemble. So it is compulsory that you have to study the user guide properly and then attempt assembling.

As proper assembling will help to move each part smoothly according to your choice. And if there is not proper assembling then you might end up with broken parts before the warranty expiration.

No Scratching:

DXRacer chairs are made of quality material to enhance the user experience. But like any other materials, the DXRacer chair’s material will wear and tear off soon if it frequently goes through accidental trauma including cutting, scratching, etc.

That’s why try to discourage your animals and children to scratch your DXRacer chair so you can get the maximum of your investment.


Regular cleaning of your chair is compulsory and for that, you can use a cleaning vacuum. And if you get any liquid stain on your chair then try to clean it as soon as possible. For it, the vinyl conditioner would be better if you have PU leather on your DXRacer chair.

A Final Thought:

When it comes to gaming either part-time or full time all we want is a comfortable and productive chair. And you can find such qualities in DXRacer gaming chairs. But for how long do these chairs last? However, these chairs come with a minimum 2-year warranty with full working hours.

But you can double this warranty time with proper care of these chairs. Moreover, the steel frame of these chairs comes with a full lifetime warranty.