How To Protect Wood Floors from Rolling Chairs? – 6 Helpful Ways

Protect Wood Floors from Rolling Chairs

Rolling casters of all office and working chairs come with rolling casters. These rolling casters help the chair to move in all directions you want. And this feature of working chairs helps us to be more productive towards our tasks. But at the same time, these casters can be a rough combination with wood floors. Because casters of the chairs scratch the floor and give it an unpleasant look. If you are also facing this problem and want a solution for it, then you are at the right place. Because here I’m going to explain that how to protect wood floors from rolling chairs?

There are several ways with those you cannot only protect your wood floor but you can also protect any other kind of floor. As you can use a woven rug, chairs mat, soft wheels, etc. All these methods will help you to save your wood floor from getting scratched.

How To Protect Wood Floors from Rolling Chairs?

Rolling chairs come with hard plastic casters which provide them motion in all directions. However, moveable chairs are helpful for us in several ways. For example, you can transport things easily in any direction. This helps you to save your time and energy from getting up again and again.

But at the same time casters of hard plastic cannot go smooth with wood floors. Because, during motion, these casters cause damage to the floor finishing, which nobody wants. As renewing the finishing could be expensive and time-consuming which is also not acceptable.

So what are the other ways which we can use to save our wood floor from scratching without affecting our productivity? However, the following are the possible and affordable solutions to the issue.

1. Use of Soft Wheels:

Soft Wheels

This is the best solution that you can adapt to save your wood floor from the damage of rolling chairs casters. As I already mentioned that the rolling chair casters are made of hard plastic which is not suitable for wood floors.

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These casters can be of Urethane, polyethylene, and rubber. The casters of chairs with these materials will help to provide less friction with wood floors. And thus help in minimizing the scratching on the floor. Not only these soft chair casters are useful with wood floors, but you can use these casters for the laminate floor, vinyl floor, and hardwood floor.

2. Use of Casters Cover:

Casters Cover

This is also the best solution for the protection of your wood floor any other type of hardwood floor. In this solution, you can use the caster covers of rubber material. These covers are not expensive and easily available in the market. Or you can buy it online via Amazon.

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This rubber caster covers work similar to soft wheels but in this case, you don’t have to change the complete wheels. As just cover your hard wheels and enjoy smooth motions without any worry.

3. Use of Duct Tape:

Duct Tape

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You can use duct tape to reduce the friction between both casters of chairs and the floor. If you have casters with hard plastic and of small diameter, then the use of duct tape is also good to remove friction. However, this is not a long-lasting method and also this method cannot give you a hundred percent result. Because duct tape cannot survive for a long time when casters move with weight on them.

4. Use of Chair Mat or Woven Rug:

Chair Mat

This is another good and effective way to remove the friction between the chair and floor. As you can use a chair mat of reasonable size. These mats are helpful when you don’t want to change your casters.

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However, these mats can restrict your moveable area as you cannot move your chair outer the mat area. At the same time don’t use plastic mats as they can also damage your floor. Because, when casters move on plastic mats, any dust particles, grit, etc., will damage your floor.

Moreover, if you have a sunny room then also avoid using any chair mat because a color change will happen among the cover and uncover area.

At the same time, you can use a rug to remove the interaction of the chair’s casters and floor. But try to use only the woven rug instead of any other material.

5. Use of Cardboard:


However, this is not an authentic solution to keep apart wood floor and chair’s casters. But still, you can use this as a temporary solution.

6. Regular Cleanliness:

Wood Floor Cleaning

This is also a big factor that can keep away wood floor scratching because of rolling chair casters. However, the reason is that the dust particles when rubbed with the casters to the floor cause more damage than the cleaned casters.

That’s why try to clean your floor and casters regularly to minimize the floor scratching.

What Are the Differences Between Hard Casters and Soft Casters?

Commonly rolling chairs come with hard casters means that their casters are made of hard plastic like polyolefin, steel, nylon, iron, etc. These casters are also known as carpet casters because they are easily moveable on them.

But these casters are not suitable for wood floors, laminate floors, hardwood floors, etc. So for that, we have to use soft casters to prevent any damage to the floor. These soft casters are made of polyurethane, polyethylene, or soft rubber, etc.

Moreover, these soft casters can easily be used without any carpet without any fear of damage. However, you can also name them hardwood casters because they are useable on floors made with hardwood material.

Furthermore, if you are worried to spend an extra amount on these casters then don’t worry soft casters are not expensive. And you can get them at an affordable price with equal work efficiency like hard casters.

However, with the wood floor, these casters don’t cause any noises and give you a smooth moving experience.

A Final Verdict:

If you have a hardwood floor, then it is necessary for you to prevent the floor from scratching. But how you can protect the wood floor from rolling chairs? However, you can do this in several ways like by the use of soft wheels, covers of hard wheels made of rubber, using chairs mat, woven rug, duct tape, regular cleanliness, and you can also use cardboard as a temporary use.