Why Insulation Blowing Up Through Vents – Here’s Reasons and Solutions

Why Insulation Blowing Up Through Vents

Insulation of the house is compulsory if you want to save yourself from weather conditions. However, insulation of a house helps you to not lose the heat and cold of your room and also not allow to enter the extra heat and cold from the outside. And for insulation of houses, several options are available in the market. As the insulation of a house plays a good role to protect us but at the same time inhaling it can be dangerous. So what to do if insulation blowing up through vents of your house?
Air conditions vents and residential ducts in a house are used to move air from one part of the house to the other. And if these ducts and vents get insulation chunks then they will transfer them to the other parts of the house.

Insulation Blowing Up Through Vents

Insulation uses to keep the house temperature normal and thus not supposed to have its chunks all around the floor and other parts of the house. But sometimes, due to several following issues, insulation starts blowing up through vents and duct pipes of your house.

Poor Insulation Installation

This can be the main cause of insulation blowing up through the vents or duct pipes. And because of insulation blowing up not only your place will affect but also the risk of several issues rising due to the insulation inhaling.

Aged Insulation

As we know that every material is sustainable up to a certain limit of time and the same goes for houses insulation material. No matter how expensive and good the material is but it can last up to a certain time. So the aged insulation of the house can also be the reason for it blowing up through vents.

Presence Of Pests

This can also be the reason that you are getting insulation blowing up through vents. For example, if some pests or insects make their nests in the insulated area and use ducts or vents as their pavements to go out and in. Then it is possible that they are the reason for transferring insulation chunks there.

How You Can Stop Insulation Blowing Up Through Vents?

Insulation chunks will add into the air of your home when it started blowing through vents. And as we inhale in this air so it can be dangerous for us in many ways. For example, fiberglass insulation can cause skin itching and respiratory issues.

Not only, different health issues arise due to the insulation blowing up in your but several structural issues also arose. As rusting of your household materials, ice dams, molding, etc.

That’s why it is necessary to solve the issue of blowing up insulation. And you can do this in the following ways:

  • Call professionals to replace the insulation if it is poorly installed or the insulation is aged.
  • Ask help from professionals to clean the insulation if you think that pests are living there.

A Final Thought

Insulation of the house helps us in numerous ways but sometimes due to improper installation, it started blowing up through vents. That’s why this article explores the reasons and solutions of insulations blowing up through vents.