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In this modern era, the computer has become part and parcel of our daily life. And, a majority of people tend to go in the computer field. But, for this purpose, one has to clear the test or entrance exam to join this dynamic field. And, computer Science MCQs are crucial in this regard. If you are trying to clear these exams, then you must learn the basic computer Science MCQs. Basic computer MCQs are essential for students who are interested in this subject. They have to practice them to achieve success in the competitive exams.


MCQs of computer are not only important for students but also for job seekers who are passionate to prove them eligible for a specific job. But, the main problem that we face sometimes is the availability of authentic knowledge or guide regarding this subject. And, if you are also suffering from this problem, then don’t worry. We are here with a solution to your problem. Here, you got solved basic computer science MCQs pdf that we provide you. All these pdf files of basic computer Science  MCQs are really going to help you a lot with the preparation of test exams. These pdf files cover all the important topics related to entry exams. And, we also mention the correct answer to each and every multiple choice question. So that you can learn them with ease. You can download these files free and practice them offline as well. In addition, we also provide you with an opportunity to analyze your basic knowledge of computer. For that purpose, we arrange a series of online computer Science  quizzes for your practice. Thus, it will assist you in your education. So, if you practice these MCQs, then the preparation of competitive exams is no more difficult for you.

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MCQs Of Computer Science Pdf with Answers

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Computer science is a knowledge of computers and computational systems. In computer science, scientists’ study algorithmic processes, computation, and computational machines. It is a vast knowledge including researches, discoveries, theories, and models.

Now a days, computer science has become a well-developed field. It has a wide scope and therefore, many students are interested in this subject. A lot of candidates are also applying for computer science jobs.

There are numerous sub-fields of computer science. Therefore, we have categorized the basic MCQs under specific sections. So, let’s take a look.

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Online Basic Computer MCQs Quizzes & Practice Tests

After practicing the solved basic computer MCQs from the above pdf files, you should practice them and test your knowledge about computer. But, how to test your basic computer science knowledge? It is a basic question that many students have in their minds. However, we also have the answer to this question In the following section, we arrange a series of online basic computer science MCQs quizzes and practice tests for you. So, you can check and analyze your knowledge simply by attempting these quizzes and practice tests. Testing your knowledge is a very important step towards the complete preparation of any competitive exam. And thus, for this purpose, we provide you with a comprehensive guide of MCQs of computer as well online quizzes.

These two steps will surely help the students who are going to take admission in the famous universities of Pakistan. Besides, this guide is also very helpful for job seekers who are passionate to start their career in the field of computer science. Thus, prove yourself eligible for a certain job vacancy by practicing basic computer MCQs. After attempting and clearing the series of online computer MCQs quizzes or practice tests, you will be able to join the computer field in any of the educational universities of Pakistan. So, keep practicing, and no matter whether you are a student or job seeker, your success is guaranteed.

Computer Communication and Security MCQs

Here are multiple choice questions related to computer communication and security. By learning such questions, one will be able to fix the computer errors. Moreover, this knowledge is helpful for a secure and reliable connection digitally.

And, you can learn how to make your computer network more secure. So, here, we compile a set of solved basic computer science MCQs pdf files that you can download for free. Thus, you will be able to practice them offline as well.

Computer Operating Systems MCQs

Operating systems are the managing software that perform tasks on your hardware. If you are interested in obtaining knowledge about operating systems, download the given pdf files comprising MCQs.

In these pdf files, we try our best to cover all the important topics related to basic computer and computer science from the exam point of view.

Computer MCQs Of Networking

As we all know, an entrance exam is conducted every time to select the eligible candidates for a certain job.

And, a particular section of such type of competitive exams comprises the basic computer Science  MCQs of networking. So, one can clear these exams by only practicing the MCQs of computer thoroughly. If you are looking for guidance that assists you in your education, then you are at the right place.

Here, you can download the related pdf files by clicking the given segments.

Computer Graphics MCQs

Computer graphics include the knowledge of image processing, informative visualization, and managing visual content. You can learn all these topics by practicing the given files comprising multiple choice questions.

So, keep learning and exploring to achieve your future goals.

MCQs Of Computer Programming Languages

This section enlisted the files containing basic computer MCQs of programming languages. The important topics are type theory, compiler theory, language pragmatics, and formal semantics.

We collect this educational knowledge of computer science after doing enormous research from reliable sources. And then, we compile it in one place for your preparation.

In addition, we also mention the correct answers to every multiple choice question in the pdf files. Thus, you can rely on this knowledge entirely for your test exams.

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Final Words

Concept 360 is a site that provides you with authentic and original knowledge of multiple choice questions of computer Science to assist your education. We are struggling to provide you with study MCQs of every subject that you want and searching for it. And in this post, we collect a group of solved computer science mcqs pdf as well as the basic computer Science  MCQs pdf files. You can download them for free for your preparation. We try to include every basic topic of computer which is important from the exam point of view. Besides, you can also analyze and check your basic computer knowledge by attempting online computer quizzes and practice tests. This test section is specially designed for those candidates who want to observe and analyze their learning ability.

So, if you want to clear your competitive exam or test, then you must download these pdf files and practice them fully. After learning them, you must attempt the online quiz because it will help you to enhance your knowledge and learning capacity. And thus, the preparation for entrance exams is no more difficult now. And, if you want to learn MCQs of any other subject, then explore the education category of concept360. Because, here we continuously uploaded the study guide of every subject about which you are searching.