Operating System MCQs With Answers Pdf And Online Quizzes

Operating System MCQs

Here get a comprehensive collection of basic operating system MCQs pdf with answers. As this collection cover all the basic as well as the advance topics of operating system, so it would be helpful for you. After practicing these solved MCQs of operating system, you can crack your final competitive tests like NTS, CSS, PPSC, BPSC, GAT, and NAT. Besides this, you can also take an advantage of this guide for the sake of obtaining higher marks in the IT exams or interviews. In addition, one can also revise his knowledge about history, types, and installation process of operating systems. You can learn these multiple-choice questions easily as we mention a correct answer to each question. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to enhance your knowledge and concepts for free. In addition to these basic solved MCQs of operating system, we have also designed a quiz series for your further knowledge and practice. All the practice tests or quizzes comprise important questions of operating system from the final exam point of view. In addition, we also include the frequently asked questions from model papers, original books, and past year papers. So, there’s no need to buy expensive study notes to prepare for final upcoming exams. Simply download the given pdf files and learn them fully. Practice them again and again to remember the facts and concepts. After that, test your knowledge by taking online quizzes. And this way, you can perform better in your final exams.

Operating System MCQs With Answers Pdf Free Download

Operating system also known as OS is a system software, performing a wide range of functions. For instance, operating system manages and control computer hardware, software programs, and provide services. There are various different types of operating system among which single and multi-tasking, embedded, templated, and distributed are more common. Their history and installation processes also vary. So, it is important to have a better idea about this system software to perform tasks with ease.

Moreover, the examiners also ask basic MCQs of operating system in the computer entrance exams and interviews. So, if you are a student of computer science and passionate about making your career in this field, this guide will help you a lot. In the given collection of MCQs pdf files, we include all the important and essential questions of operating systems. We got all these questions from books, model papers, and past year exams. So, in this way, you can get an idea about the final paper pattern. In addition, these operating system MCQs pdf files contain correct answer to each question. So, click the given segments to download MCQs pdf files for free.

History Of Operating System MCQs

Operating systems have been completely transformed from the day of their release to today. They performed very simple functions earlier, but now has become more advanced and quicker. And, the history of operating systems is very important from the exam point of view, mostly examiners ask some questions from the previous versions of operating systems. Therefore, one must have enough knowledge about its history.

Here, we collect all the multiple-choice question of the history of operating systems from past papers and books. This knowledge will definitely enhance your understandings and general information about system software. Below are the links for solved operating system MCQs pdf that you can download for free.

Types Of Operating System MCQs

There are a lot more different kinds and forms of operating system having different functions and components. For instance, library OS, real-time OS, single or multi-user OS, and single or multi-tasking OS are the most important types. Learn about the history, functions, components, and installation methods of these types to crack your final exam.

Here, we are providing you with all the basic and important MCQs about the most common types of operating system. In addition, we also include the MCQs of operating system from past year final papers. After that, we mark their correct answers and compile them in pdf files. Click the given relevant segments to download respective pdf files. So, practice hard and learn more and more about operating systems to take your computer knowledge to another level.

MCQs of components of operating systems

The components of operating system are responsible for the proper functioning and connection between the internal components of computer. There are different components of OS performing different functions. One must have a proper understanding about the various components of operating systems to perform tasks.

In addition, the MCQs of these components are also important from the exam point of view. So, learn all about its components and their functions. And, to facilitate you, here we provide you with relevant MCQs pdf files that you can download for free.

MCQs Of Installation of operating systems

Every type of OS has its different installation mode. Therefore, you must have a proper understanding and concept about the basic and common installation process to avoid interruptions. Sometimes, examiners also ask questions about the installation process or method of a particular OS version or type.

Thus, you have to learn all about it to secure good grades in the final upcoming papers. Below are the links for solved MCQs of operating system pdf files comprising questions of installation modes. So, download them and learn to enhance your knowledge.

Past year papers MCQs

The exceptional feature of this post is that you can find solved basic, advanced, and past year paper MCQs of OS in a single post. And, there’s no need to search for all these questions separately. So, we make the preparation of final exams so easy.

We collect the important multiple-choice questions from the past year papers and provide you here. So, download the given pdf files to access all these questions. The practice of these files will enhance your learning and understanding.

Online Operating System Quizzes And Practice Tests

No one can deny the importance of tests in the regard of proper exam preparation. As we can check our learnings and concepts by taking quizzes and tests. So, keeping this fact in mind, we have designed a series of online OS MCQs quizzes. All these quizzes comprise basic as well as advance multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge. In addition, we follow the final paper pattern to design these tests, so everyone can take them easily. After taking these tests, you will be able to manage time during solving final paper as these are time-based tests.

Click the “Online Quiz 1” button and then on the “Start” button to take a quiz. The basic MCQs of operating system will appear one by one. Every question comprises 6 to 7 relevant options, and you have to select the one. And, as you click on any option, the correct answer to that question will pop up. So, choose the right option after understanding the question fully. After that, click “Next” button to solve another question. Similarly, take the whole quiz and get your final result at the end. So, take the whole series of online quizzes. As this online practice will enhance your basic understanding.

Final Thought

Concept360 is an educational platform striving for your betterment. Here, we continuously uploaded and updated the educational guides and study notes to provide you with the latest knowledge. In order to facilitate you, we combine all the important questions from books, model papers, and past papers in separate pdf files. Besides this, we also mention a correct answer to each question to save your precious time.

As in this post, you get an access to the most essential and basic solved operating system MCQs pdf. Here, we uploaded links to download pdf files so you can learn them offline at any time. Interestingly, all these pdf files are free to download. Besides this, there is also an opportunity to test your previous knowledge or understanding about operating system. This complete study guide is helpful to secure good grades in NTS, CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NAT, and GAT. You can also follow this guide for the sake of revision of your previous computer knowledge.

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