Anti-Pecking Spray for Chickens, do you need it? Which is best


Animals and birds are such creatures that keep us amazed with their living habits. But, some of their living habits can cause harm to them if they do it in a cruel way. For example, the pecking habits of birds. Pecking is a habit in which bird peck their body or the body of their fellows. However, pecking is normal among birds like chickens if it is done at an average level. But sometimes, chickens start pecking wildly that can cause harm to them as well as the other chickens. And to stop them, we have to use anti-pecking spray for chickens.

Anti-pecking sprays are commercially available in the market for chickens. And these sprays help to control the pecking habits of chickens as well as act as antibacterial sprays. However, I’m going to discuss all the anti-pecking sprays for chickens.

And if you are curious to know, then navigate this article, as this article will serve you all the information about the anti-pecking sprays of chickens.

However, there are several anti-pecking sprays in the market, including nettex, blu-kote, etc. These sprays are anti-pecking feathers sprays that help to stop chickens from pecking feathers of their and the other chickens as well.

Anti-Pecking Sprays for Chickens?

To control the pecking behavior of chickens, several anti-pecking sprays are available. Let’s discuss which are the best for your chickens.

Nettex Anti Feather Pecking Spray:

This spray is one of the best choices for your birds to stop their anti-pecking behavior. However, the working material of this spray is its strong taste and odor. And both these things help to prevent the chickens from pecking the feathers of other chickens.

Not only this spray helps to stop chickens from pecking, but it also acts as an antibacterial substance. As, severe pecking cause wounds and bleeding in chickens. And in such circumstances, this spray helps keep the wound clean by increasing the healing process of wounds.

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This is also the best pecking spray for chickens and also the best antibacterial spray as well. However, the best thing about this spray is its blue color as well. As chickens attracted towards the red color and can cause severe damage to their wound with pecking.

But the blue color of this spray keeps them away from the wound and provides antifungal and antiseptic properties to the injury. And all of this, this spray helps to stop feather pecking in chickens.

Purina Flock Block:

Purina Flock Block

However, this is not an anti-pecking spray, but it can also stop their pecking behavior or let them avoid pecking on their fellows. As this is made from whole grains, and if you place it in their coop, then chickens pecking on it rather than their feathers or the feathers of their fellows.

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And this is an effective way to stop chickens from feather pecking. Moreover, as these blocks are made of whole grains that’s why they are nutritional to chickens as well. Furthermore, pecking on these blocks relieve the boredom and stress of chickens.

Bumper Bit:

This is not a spray but an effective method to stop chickens from pecking themselves as well as the other chickens. However, it is a tool that you have to put on the beaks of your chickens, and this bumper bit stops chickens from pecking feathers.

But the remarkable fact about this tool is that it doesn’t affect their other beak activities like eating and foraging. Moreover, this tool gives you instant results by stopping chickens from pecking. However, no other tool or spray is more and instantly effective than this bumper bit.

Why Are My Chickens Pecking Each Other To Death?

However, pecking is of two types which chickens are used to doing. Firstly, the natural pecking which chickens do. This natural pecking is their habit and also motivates them to forage for food. Moreover, this natural pecking is not harmful to chickens.

Secondly, there is another pecking which chickens do is the severe harmful pecking type. As this pecking causes severe harm to them and their fellows as well. That’s why this pecking is known as severe pecking.

And this type of pecking chickens does because of several health and mental issues. So let’s dig into all kinds of problems.

Intensive Indoor Flock:

Chickens are social animals and used to live in flocks, a flock consists of hens and roosters as well. But if there are too many chickens with small living places, then it affects the behavior of all chickens.

Moreover, the food and water resource would also be effective with the high population of chickens. And these are the reasons because of which chickens become aggressive and start pecking at their fellows. And if it happens for a long time, then the pecking can be fatal.

Ill Health:

This is also a big cause for chickens to peck their fellows. When a chicken is not well or has any mineral or nutritional deficiency causes a change in its behavior towards other chickens.

However, chickens not only start pecking due to their ill health, but their ill mental health can cause pecking feathers of other chickens. A chickens under stress also start pecking, while they can start pecking to their fellows in the period of laying eggs.


However, change in environment is also a factor that affects their pecking habits. And a minor change in the environment can cause a change in their pecking habits.

Can You Make an Anti-Pecking Ointment at Home?

Yes, we can make an anti-pecking ointment for chickens at home. However, for it there are certain product will require. As you have to prepare, honey, blue food color, and lemon essential oil.

However, honey is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic for wounds, and blue food color is because chickens attract towards red color so the blue food color in the ointment will protect the wound from further pecking, and the lemon essential oil helps in healing as it also has the antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

After taking the ingredients, mix them well, and then apply the mixture to the wounds of the chicken.

A Final Thought:

However, pecking feathers is a natural act which chickens and other birds do. But due to certain reasons, chickens and the other birds start pecking severely at their fellows. However, there is a certain anti-pecking spray for chickens are available in the market.

But the best anti-pecking sprays are nettex and blu-kote. However, not only sprays but there are also other ways to control the pecking of chickens as the use of Purina flock block and bumper bit.