Do Raccoons Eat Grasshoppers? What Types of Insects Do Raccoons Eat?


Grasshoppers are a group of locusts that contains some short-horned grasshoppers. However, grasshoppers belong to the family of Acrididae. These insects usually feed on cotton, clover, wheat, corn, oats, alfalfa, rye, and barley. However, as we know that in an ecosystem, each insect is the prey of other several animals and has different predators. So let’s have a look at the fact that what are the predators of grasshoppers? Do raccoons eat grasshoppers? As they are used to eating a variety of food.

So let’s dig into it. And if you are curious about it, then navigate this article. As this article will serve you all the information about raccoon’s eating habits of grasshoppers.

However, raccoons can eat grasshoppers as they are a good source of proteins and other beneficial minerals to raccoons. Not only grasshoppers but several other insects are also the food of raccoons.

Do Raccoons Eat Grasshoppers?

Raccoons are omnivores animals and can eat both plant and animal base matter. But their food is not only limited to plant and animal base matter. As they can eat human base food and also the food from your trash bin.

As they are able to eat all the types of foods get their paws on. However, their eating habits are also the cause of their unique behavior towards food. Because they are opportunistic feeders as well. It means that they always look for food that is freely available or available with little effort.
That’s why insects make their food’s primary part, including grasshoppers. However, there are several reasons because of which raccoons prefer to eat grasshoppers when available.

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For example, grasshoppers contain more amount of proteins than their weight and size. And as raccoons need proteins for their body’s good health. Not only this, raccoons need proteins to fulfill their bodies ‘ needs so that they can perform their daily tasks.

Moreover, raccoons are nocturnal animals which means that they forage for food at night. But the grasshoppers are not active at night.

As they are not used to sleep as their sleep in not like other animals. Rather than that, they are used to sleeping for a short while, but still, they are not active at night.

That’s why grasshoppers can be a good meal for raccoons at night when their guards are down. However, grasshoppers are quick insects and can give tough time to raccoons while catching them.

And also, raccoons always look for the meal with less effort, that’s why they only prefer to eat grasshoppers when they are readily available to them.

What Animals Eat Grasshoppers?

However, not only raccoons but there are several other animals that can eat grasshoppers. So let’s have a detailed look at all the predators of raccoons.


As, grasshoppers are extraordinarily rich in proteins, that’s why they can be a good source of proteins for us. And this is also the reason because of which humans are on the top of the grasshopper’s predators list.

However, you can eat them in several ways. For example, you can cook them and toast them in oil with garlic, lemon, and salt.



A large number of birds are used to catch and eat grasshoppers. As the primary part of a bird’s food is insects. That’s why birds are also the grasshopper’s predators. And the birds, including are chickens, crested flycatchers, blue jays, bluebirds, blackbirds, hawks, etc.

Other Insects:


Not only humans, birds, and animals but other insects are also the predators of grasshoppers. For example, the dragonflies, centipedes, Chinese mantis, etc. However, these insects eat grasshoppers when they are readily available to them. As grasshoppers are quick and use their catapult technique to avoid their predators.

 Reptiles And Amphibians:

Grasshoppers can also be the food of several reptiles and amphibians whenever they are available to them. For example, near water bodies, they serve a meal to the toads, turtles, largemouth bass, etc.

However, snacks, lizards, etc., can also eat grasshoppers whenever available to them.



These critters are also on the list of grasshopper’s predators. However, not only grasshoppers but also the several other types of insects bats can eat, for example, they can eat mosquitoes, beetles, crickets, sphynx, corn worm, etc. As they are primarily feeding on insects.

What Types of Insects Do Raccoons Eat?

As raccoon’s food is primarily consisting of insects that why they can eat several other types of insects including grasshoppers. So let’s have a complete look at all the kinds of insects that raccoons can eat.

However, raccoons can eat hornets, worms, roaches, praying mantis, dragonflies, ladybugs, etc.

A Final Thought:

As raccoons are not picky eaters, that’s why they can eat all kinds of available food. For example, they can eat from your garden, the food of your pets, and also they can scavenge their food from your trash bin.

But still, insects, including grasshoppers, make the bulk part of their food. As grasshoppers are a good source of energy for them, that’s why raccoons prefer to eat grasshoppers.

Moreover, not only for raccoons but for humans, grasshoppers are a good source of proteins, that’s why humans are on the list of grasshopper’s predators. And you can eat them in different ways, for example, after cooking or toasting them.