How Did a Bird Get in My House? | How To Get a Bird Out of The House?


Generally, birds are too shy and afraid of humans that they don’t prefer to come near them. As they keep moving away from you if you try to come close to them. Not only this, but birds prefer to make their nests away from humans. But sometimes, we all face the situation of getting birds into our homes. And most of the time, they make their living into your home even when it seems that there is no way to enter birds into the house. So then, how did a bird get into my home? However, it is the question that people asked when birds create a mess in their places.

This article explores the answer to this question and explains how you can handle this situation and get rid of a bird in your house. So if you are interested to know about it, then navigate his article. As this article will serve you like a book about all the queries of getting birds into your home.

However, birds can get into your house through a chimney, which is the most common entrance into your home for birds. Not only this, but birds can also enter your house through open doors, open windows, or any hole in the window door can be the entrance of birds into your home.

How Did a Bird Get in My House?

However, if a bird seeks to enter your home, there will be many possible places for it to enter your house. Not only this, but sometimes birds can get into your home accidentally, and sometimes they can get into your home if they see food sources there.

However, the typical way of entrance birds into your home are chimneys, open doors, windows, etc. Not only this, but any hole in the window doors will be their entrance into the house. However, they can also enter through ventilation pipes.

Moreover, birds can enter your house or room through the spaces in between exhaust fan wings. As they are wide enough to accommodate a bird through it. Furthermore, birds can enter your home through pet house doors as well.

However, sometimes a bird can enter your home accidentally. Like sometimes, your pet cat and dog bring birds into your home with the intent of eating them. And if birds are lucky enough to escape from it, then they will start flying into your home.

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Why Do Birds Fly into Houses?


However, birds can fly into your house due to several reasons. For example, birds try to get into your home for the sake of shelter. During the extremity of winter and summer, survival for birds becomes difficult if they don’t have proper shelter.

That’s why they start looking to get a warm shelter during the winter and also a shelter where there is not much heat in summers. And if they can access a way into your house during these circumstances, then they will never hesitate to enter your house.

Moreover, a common reason to enter into your place is the food source. So yes, if birds can find your place as a good food source, they will surely try to live there.

Not only this, but birds being shy creatures, want to make their nests away from humans and predators. That’s why sometimes they prefer to make nests in those places which are close for a while.

For example, you experienced that if you close your hose for a while due to some reasons then at the end you will surely find birds nests at your place. However, it is a common act by birds to make nests at close places for a while.

As, recently, when we go back to our school after almost one and half months’ summer vacations, birds’ nests were present in each room. That’s why if you are closing your house, then make sure that you also block all the entrances for birds into your house.

Is A Wild Bird Living in The House Dangerous?

According to my experience, if any bird living in your home then it is dangerous and uncomfortable for you and your family. As, if there is a wild bird in your home, then it is dangerous that it can attack you in fear of catching. And give you injury with their claws.

But if the birds are not wild and living in your home, they can also create an uncomfortable environment. And sometimes, to go away from you, they can harm themselves after hitting with fans, etc. As I face this situation many times in my life.

Not only this, but birds also carry diseases, and they are also the host of many parasites. That’s why their presence may transfer these diseases to you and your family. Moreover, birds can also create insect manifestations in your home.

So to avoid all such situations, you can ask for help from wildlife to remove a bird from your place. And if you want to remove a bird by yourself, you can place a bait with their favorite food and if they trap in that bait, then leave them in a safe place.

Do Birds Bring Good Luck?

There are several superstitions related to birds that many birds can bring good luck to you. But, at the same time, according to the superstitions many birds can also bring bad luck to you. As the speaking of owls in any area consider the sign of upcoming bad luck.

Moreover, one of the bird’s superstitions in my area is that speaking of crows in your yard indicates of incoming guests.

However, many people relate bird’s presence with the baby’s gender, romance, success, renewal of good times, good luck, good health, etc.

However, there is no proof of all these superstitions but just a belief that many people worldwide have about the presence of birds around there.

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Wrap Up:

To enter into your home, birds can get through many ways. As, a small hole can be their way to enter into your home. And commonly enter through the chimney, open doors, doors of windows, pet house, ventilation pipes, etc.

However, birds try to make their living where they can avoid weather conditions or find a food source. Not only this, but birds try to make nests in empty houses also. Where they find the absence of humans for many days.

However, you can avoid the entrance of birds into your house by blocking all the possible paths. And ask the help of wildlife to remove a bird from your home.