How Long for A Bird Stuck in Chimney to Die?


However, birds stuck in the chimney is not a common act. But in winters such incidents become common because birds try to find a warm place for themselves. However, they can get there because for two reasons. Firstly, they can get into the chimney if they see any food there. Secondly, it is possible that a bird may fall accidentally there and get stick there. However, as we know, that stuck into a chimney is not safe for birds. And it will be fatal for them. So, this article will explore the question of how long for a bird stuck in the chimney to die?

If you are interested in knowing about it, then navigate this article as I’m going to explore all about this question. Not only this, but I will also discuss how you can save a bird stuck into the chimney. And also how can you avoid a bird falling into a chimney.

However, the death of a bird in a chimney depends upon many factors. For example, if there are insects in the chimney, birds can easily survive for a few days there. But if there is no food source available, then the survival of birds becomes tough. However, birds can survive in a chimney from three to seven days.

How Long Does It Take for A Bird Stuck in A Chimney to Die?

There are several factors that affect the bird’s life if it gets stuck in the chimney. Let’s discuss all these facts one by one in detail.

Firstly, if a bird is stuck in the chimney, the biggest challenge for it is food and water. As birds can live without food for a maximum of three days but not without water. Because they need water after regular intervals of time due to their high metabolic rates.

However, the death of birds in chimneys due to hunger and thirst is the primary factor.

Secondly, when a bird is stuck in the chimney, it constantly struggles to escape from it. And this struggle is also sometimes fatal for birds. Because, during this struggle, they can become quickly hungry and thirsty, which will be disastrous for them.

However, the survival period of a bird in a chimney depends upon the bird. But as mentioned above, a bird can survive for three to seven days in a chimney without food.

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Why Do Birds Fly Into Chimneys?


However, it is an important question why birds fly into chimneys, as we know that there will be no possible food sources. And the danger of being stick there and lost their life is not ignorable.

Then the answer to this question is that birds fly into chimneys to get warm heat or save themselves from the cold weather. As sometimes there are insects inside the chimneys, and because of it, birds fly into the chimneys to eat them.

Moreover, sometimes birds fly into the chimneys to make their nests. As, birds prefer to make their nests where no predator can catch them. However, sometimes they lay eggs there, but sometimes they can stick there and could die also.

What Should You Do If There’s a Bird in Your Chimney?

However, the best way to remove a bird from the chimney is to call an expert to remove it from the chimney. As, experts can do it better because they have proper tools and methods to remove birds from the chimney.

Moreover, it is safe if experts remove birds from the chimney. As because of fear, birds might be panic and can attack your face. And experts used to wear safety dresses during the removal of birds from the chimney. So it will be safe for them if they remove birds from the chimney.

However, if you want to remove a bird by yourself, you have to follow some instructions, which I discussed below.

Firstly, please don’t turn on any fire under the chimney as it is dangerous for bird in the chimney and you. Because if a bird falls on the fire, then it can injure severely. And if there is a nest of birds that fall on fire, it can easily catch fire as all nests materials are highly flammable.

Secondly, turn off all the lights except one so that birds in the chimney can see the path to move out from the chimney. And after that, gently knock the walls of the chimney to remove the bird from the chimney.

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How Long Does It Take for A Dead Bird to Smell?

As we know that any dead body cause smell in the environment. Similarly, a dead bird in your chimney can cause an odor in the chimney. But it depends upon the size of the bird as a small bird doesn’t cause any strong odor which you have to bother.

However, a bird large in size can cause a strong smell in the chimney. And in this case, remove the bird from the chimney as a dead bird not only cause smell but also can attract a lot of insects.

Wrap Up:

Birds can fly into the chimney for several reasons, like finding any food source there. And they can also fly into the chimney in the winter season. To avoid cold and to get warmth, flying birds into the chimney are common.

However, every time flying into the chimney is not safe for birds. Because they can stick into the chimney, and sometimes they could die there. However, if a bird is stuck into the chimney, it can survive a minimum of two days and a maximum of seven days.

Moreover, to remove a bird from your chimney, the best way is to call an expert, as they can draw a bird with more care than us.