Can Baby Birds Eat Bread ? | What To Feed a Baby Bird?

Baby Birds Eat Bread

Bread is a staple food that is widely used across the world. Moreover, the use of breads in our daily food continuously increases as it is not a food but also helps cure many conditions. As in the case of diarrhea, the use of bread is helpful. However, the common thinking is that can bird eat bread? Can baby birds eat bread? If you are also curious about such questions, then navigate this article to explore such questions.

However, bread may be a soothing ingredient to consume for birds if it is offer in tiny pieces. As well as bread is a good source of carbohydrates for birds.

But we don’t have to offer bread to birds. And similarly for baby birds. As baby birds cannot digest such food, bread also doesn’t offer any fundamental nutrients to birds.

That’s why we don’t have to provide bread to baby birds and also we have to avoid giving too much bread to adult birds.

Can Baby Birds Eat Bread?

However, eating bread for baby birds and adult bread is not a big deal, as birds can eat bread at any age. But the point is that we don’t have to offer bread to baby birds due to the following specific reasons. So let’s have a look at all these possible reasons.

  • Firstly, baby birds cannot digest food rather than crop milk during early days of their lives. However, crop milk is a secretion secreted from parent birds crops to feed their young ones. And this crop milk is the only food with some other partially chewing food from their parents, which baby birds take during their initial days of living. Moreover, for baby birds drinking water is also harmful, so if you have a baby bird, then avoid giving it water during its initial days.
  • Secondly, we don’t have to offer bread to young birds, but we can only once in a blue moon. However, the reason is that too much bread in bird’s food can be fatal for them. Let me explain this. As bread don’t have enough nutritional value for birds. And it just acts as a stomach filling and causes many stomach issues as diarrhea. Moreover, due to less amount of nutritional value birds can develop severe nutrition’s deficiency. And this will be at last fatal for them.
  • Thirdly, bread crumbs in a bird’s nest can attract other pests like ants. Not only this, but they can attract bird’s predators in their nests as mice. And they can harm baby birds severely and even eat them as baby birds are easy prey.

Can Wild Birds Eat Bread?


A precise answer to this question is-yes. Yes, wild birds can eat bread but we don’t have to offer them. As wild birds have to consume more energy, and at the same time bread doesn’t provide them with any significant nutrients.

So, if you use to feed wild birds, try not to give them too much bread. However, a moderate amount will be okay.

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Moreover, if you have nothing to feed your backyard birds but just bread, you can make it healthier with peanut butter, etc.

However, you can use organic whole-meal, or multigrain bread will be better for birds. But try not to use stale bread to feed birds.

As it will become harder in texture which can lead stomach blocking and eventually choking in birds. And this thing will be fatal for birds.

What Do Baby Birds Eat from Humans?

baby bird eating
baby bird eating

Baby birds use to eat food that their parents give. As this food is regurgitating from baby bird’s parents before feeding them.

And this is the best healthy food for baby birds. However, many birds feed their young one’s crop milk like pigeons. As this is a secretion from the bird’s crop. But what to do if you found a baby bird. Which food you think will be best for baby birds.

However, if you find any baby bird, then at first, try to find that either there is any nest around you or not. As it is possible that the baby bird might fall from the perch.

But if there is no nest, the other best thing you can do is give that baby bird to the rehabilitation center. However, if you want to feed a baby bird by yourself, you can provide it the following food.

You can feed dog food to your baby bird after soaking it into water. However, you can feed them small insects also. Moreover, you can feed them fruits and vegetables after finally chopping them.

Do Baby Birds Drink Water and Milk?

If you have an abandoned baby bird, it is vital to keep in mind not to feed them water and milk. As they are unable to handle it.

The reason is that if you give them water and milk, then it can go down their windpipe. And cause trouble for them to breathe, and this will cause their death.

However, it doesn’t mean that baby birds can’t drink milk, but birds feed their young one’s special milk known as crop milk.

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But the reason is that bird parents know how to provide their child properly instead of humans. That’s why if you have any baby bird, then avoid it by giving water and milk.

Final Thoughts:

Can baby birds eat bread? Yes-a baby bird can eat bread, but we shouldn’t have to offer them. As, baby birds eat regurgitating food from their parents which is also healthy for them.

However, as we all know that bread will not offer them any nutritional value but act as a stomach filler. And this thing leads nutritional deficiency in baby birds.

However, adults and wild birds can eat bread but don’t make a large part of their food consist of bread as it can never offer them significant nutrients.