When Do Pigeons Lay Eggs ? | Pigeons Laying Eggs and Hatching

Pigeons Lay Eggs

Pigeons are those aesthetic white birds that you can find around you easily. Sometimes you will see them fly high in the sky, while sometimes, you might also see them on your roof. However, many people like to keep pigeons as pet birds while many have them to sell out. And also, there are different racing games of pigeons that people conduct, and also the winner pigeon and its owner get money rewards in this game. That’s why many people want to know about pigeon broods. As, when do pigeons lay eggs? And for how many times pigeons lay eggs in a year? How many broods can we get at the end of the year and so many other such questions.

If you are also interesting to know the answer to these questions, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to explain all the facts of pigeons laying eggs. Their time period of laying eggs and many more.

However, a female pigeon gets mature at the age of six months. And thus, female pigeons lay eggs after getting six months old. However, after laying eggs the incubation and hatching period of pigeons eggs is 17-18 days.

Moreover, a female pigeon can lay eggs every month and the quantity of eggs depends upon species. As, some pigeon species can lay one egg per month, and there are also such species available that can lay three eggs per month.

When Do Pigeons Lay Eggs?

Pigeons belong to the family of Aves, and this family contains such birds which lay eggs, and then after incubation, they will hatch. Since pigeons also fall in this category, then pigeons also lay eggs when female pigeons become six months old.

After six months from their birth, female pigeons become mature enough to lay eggs. However, male and female pigeons can mate before getting six months old. But they start laying eggs at the age of 6 months.

Moreover, a female pigeon can lay eggs every month, and the average quantity of laying eggs is 2. As, some pigeon species can lay eggs three every month, while some can lay only one egg per month. However, you will get 24 eggs on average per year.

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After laying eggs the next target is to incubate these eggs. And this task was done by both pigeon parents. But, female pigeon incubates eggs for most of the time. And the male pigeon takes care of the food of the female pigeon during the incubation period. However, the eggs hatch after 17 to 19 days of incubation.

How Often and How Many Eggs Do a Pigeon Lay?

A precise answer to this question is that pigeons can lay 12 times a year. It means that a pigeon can lay an egg every month.

However, pigeons can often lay eggs in the summer season but fewer eggs in the winter season. Moreover, pigeon’s breeding season is often effective in spring and fall, and they also mostly breed in that seasons.


However, the quantity of laying eggs of a pigeon depends upon their species type. AAs some species lay one egg per month, and some can lay three eggs per month.

But most of the species lay two eggs at a time. However, pigeon’s eggs can be infertile as well. And it means that you might not expect baby pigeons from all the eggs under incubation.

Moreover, it will also be a reason that why pigeons keep laying eggs frequently. As sometimes, pigeons start mating and laying eggs even the first squab leaves the nest.

When Do Pigeons Lay Eggs After Matting:

Female pigeons start laying eggs within 10-12 days after mating. However, you might be surprised after knowing that mating is not compulsory for a pigeon to lay eggs. As pigeons start mating even after the age of 3-4 months, they begin laying eggs after fully sexually mature.

However, mating is necessary for pigeons to increase the egg fertility rate. As, without mating, a female pigeon can lay eggs but not a fertile one.


A male and female pigeon pair is necessary if you want to get a successful pigeons squab. But if you wish to pigeon eggs for eating then mating is not necessary. As, female pigeons start laying eggs after the age of 6 months without any mating.

How To Know If a Pigeon Is About To Lay Eggs:

A common observation about pigeons laying eggs is their gaining weight. As, female pigeon become heavier when the laying eggs time come closer. However, spending more time in the nest is the second observation that a female pigeon is about to lay eggs.

Moreover, all birds become aggressive during the breeding period as they have to protect their eggs and young ones. Thus, female pigeon behavior also changes during the period of laying eggs. And they become aggressive and more protective towards their nests.

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However, eating and drinking more to fulfil their needs is also one of the essential things that female pigeons start doing. Furthermore, as the time of laying eggs come closer, their droppings become smellier than usual.

Why Do Pigeons Abandon Their Eggs?

Abandon their eggs or not sitting on eggs is seems quite unusual behavior of pigeon parents. But pigeons abandon their eggs due to specific reasons. If you ever see pigeons laying eggs and leaving them, then the following reasons will be its cause.

  • As pigeons use to laying eggs 12 times a year on average. But it doesn’t mean that every egg will be fertilized. Moreover, if a female pigeon doesn’t have any mate the eggs are surly unfertilized and unable to hatch. So, it will be a reason that why female pigeon in the wild may abandon their eggs. And start looking for a mate to lay eggs with as mating is necessary for successful hatching and fertilizing an egg.
  • Secondly, the reason to abandon the eggs is a threat from predators. If a predator attacks pigeon in their nests, pigeons have to fly to save their lives. However, even the presence of predators in the areas of pigeons causes them to leave their nests. And this thing makes their eggs abandon.

Pigeons Eggs Disappeared from Nest:

However, it is a matter of grave concern if pigeons’ eggs start disappearing from the nest. But there are specific reasons behind this fact. So, let’s have a look at all these possibilities which can cause the disappearance of an egg.

Firstly, it is possible that pigeons can eat their eggs when starving or when they don’t meet their calcium and other nutritional deficiencies. Not only pigeons but many birds do the same when there is nothing to eat.

Secondly, the disappearance of eggs from pigeon’s nests also shows predators around the nest or in the area. As, snakes can eat pigeon’s eggs without leaving a clue about it. And many other predators also do the same thing.


When do pigeons lay eggs? Pigeons start laying eggs at the age of 6 months. However, they can lay eggs 12 times a year, and on average, a female pigeon can lay two white eggs. However, such pigeon species can lay three eggs and such species that can lay one egg at a time.

Moreover, for a female pigeon, mating is not compulsory to lay eggs. They can lay eggs without mating but for an egg to fertilize and successfully hatch, mating is necessary. As male pigeon sperm helps the egg to hatch successfully.

However, female pigeons lay eggs within 10-12 days after mating and these eggs hatch after 17-19 days of incubation.