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Birds are cute and fragile creatures which are living with us for millennia. However, humans always use birds to fulfil their different needs. As, we use birds to eat and to send messages from one place to another. However, pigeons are those birds who deliver messages to humans for a long time. And still, they are known as a sign of peace. But ever you think that what do birds think of humans?

However, it will be fascinating to know about the thinking of birds about humans. So if you are also interesting to know about it, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to explore this question.

However, unfortunately, birds think of humans as their predators. As you ever notice that birds always want to stay away from humans. And that’s why they also use to make their nests away from us. Not only this, but birds still consider humans as their predators even they live with us for thousands of years.

Moreover, birds like hawks, owls, eagles, etc., are all fear from humans as humans used to hunt them in the past.

What Do Birds Think of Humans?

However, this question seems funny for most people because we rarely bother about what birds can think about us. As sometimes, we don’t feel that our actions can harm birds around us. For example, we keep cutting trees which is the direct destruction of bird’s nests.

However, we use birds for different purposes such as eating them, delivering messages, and entertainment. That’s why naturally, birds think of humans as their predators. And they always want to stay away from humans.

Moreover, if humans try to approach their nests or nestlings, then they can attack them. And give them severe injury with their claws.

However, for specific birds, this relation might not be the same as most birds consider. For example, our pet birds. As they will not be afraid of us after some days of living with us. However, we have to develop this relationship with birds and realizes them that we don’t harm them.

Do Birds Recognize Humans?

Do Birds Recognize Humans
Do Birds Recognize Humans

If you wonder that do birds recognize humans, then the answer is-yes. As birds can surely recognize humans. Not only this, but birds like pigeons, parrots etc., can recognize humans with their faces.

However, many cases show that birds can remember the faces that used to feed them. Not only this, but birds can also remember the places as pigeons are the best example of the birds that can remember places.

As in earlier days, people use pigeons to deliver messages from one place to another. And birds also remember the places with some food sources for them, and they keep coming back there.

Furthermore, many studies also show that birds can recognize people with their faces. As they train pigeons for some faces to recognize them. And after that when they test pigeons, they quickly choose the known person’s picture. Which proves that birds can remember faces of humans.

Not only this, but birds can also remember the faces of people who try to harm them. And there are many examples available on the internet when birds attack those persons who try to harm them in the past.

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Do Birds Bond with Their Owners?

However, it is understood that if we feed and take care of any bird, they indeed love us in return. And also care about us. However, there is no scientific proof that birds also have emotions, but birds prove that they also have feelings and care about their owners in many ways.

And not only this, but birds can also make a strong bond with their owners and show it off in different ways. Moreover, birds also miss their owners and show it off with other actions. For example, they start behaving depressively, sadly, and sometimes they start acting aggressively towards the new owners.

However, there is no formal scientific proof available that birds behave differently towards their new owners. But many incidents that people face and share on the internet prove that birds can miss their owners.

Why Do Birds Stare at Me?


Birds will stare at you because of two reasons. Firstly, many birds staring at you to show off their affection. As, may birds owners verify this act as a part of birds to show their love towards their owners.

Secondly, if a wild bird or the bird who is not your pet stare at you, then it means that things between them are different. Because they might consider you as a threat for them and their nestlings, that’s why they keep staring at you to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Not only this, but by staring to incoming people they try to show that they are ready to fight if you try to approach their nests. That’s why they keep staring at you until you change your mind and start walking away from the nest.

How Do You Tell If Your Bird’s Love You?

Birds can also show affection and love towards their owners with different actions. As they start chirping when they see their owners. Not only this, but they also begin flapping their wings to show love and affection towards their owners.

Moreover, birds show their love towards their owners by climbing around their bodies. And birds like to play with your accessories to show their love. Not only this, but birds kiss you by placing their beaks against your cheeks. All these actions are signs of showing bird’s affection and love towards their owners.

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Wrap Up:

What do birds think of humans? This article is all about exploring this question. As, naturally, birds think of humans as their predators, and after thousands of living together, birds still think of humans as their predators.

And the reason for this is that humans used to hunt birds for their meals. So not only this, but still cutting trees by humans directly affects their living space.

However, the behavior of pet birds can be change within few days of living with humans. But the rest of the birds still think the humans as their predators.